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[Panasonic Cubie Oven] Dried Sole Fish | 蒸氣焗爐烤扁鱼干

[Panasonic Cubie Oven] Dried Sole Fish | 蒸氣焗爐烤扁鱼干

I have a packet of dried sole fish today! These are the small sole fishes, not so good for eating but great for chinese cooking such as soups or congees. They are usually defleshed, sundried and bony. I have a packet of dried sole fish powder here which is very fine and powdery. I will save some of the sole fish I grill today for pounding into powder like this! Please do wash them before u begin! Run the pieces under a running tap. Wipe dry with paper towel Place the pieces on baking tray, you can dab on some cooking oil or sesame oil if you want. But I didn’t use any for a cleaner flavour. Put it into your airfryer or oven. My oven has an airfrying function so I will use that. The preset Healthy Fry settings in Panasonic Cubie is sufficient. No preheating necessary, just put the tray into the cold oven. The “smoke” is actually steam from the moisture when I washed the fishes. It is super crispy now and breaks apart at the slightest pressure! You can use these directly to flavour soups or congee! The grounded ones are grainy and not powdery like store bought ones. I prefer them this way! That’s all from me today. Bye Bye~!

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