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PANEN KERAPU…!!! Casting Ultralight umpan Softlure

PANEN KERAPU…!!! Casting Ultralight umpan Softlure

Fishing again? Where are you going fishing today? You will go fishing with Mr. Adi and Mr. Nurohman Still on the beach Cipta Get ready first Come on sir That Nurohman is already in front, in front of the waves But today the water is rather murky Poor progress gi Wow … great boss Mas Nurohman went on strike early Not bad … decent consumption bro Great soul Adi, it’s the same, join in Fall in love But after that Until the streets, north south east west There is no strike bro Tasteless Until you try various lures Still … nothing Until finally For the sake of a few strikes on a pufferfish’s spot bro Use a spinner Great bro … strike bro … grouper bro Finally no boncos bro But small After using a reliable bait in the spot here bro Not bad … getting a small grouper Mas Nurohman doesn’t want to lose either Bro too small fish Arrogant … isn’t that boncos like that? Little bro Fill bait on the spot here bro Still your spinner? The fish is indeed quiet I pulled over first Sir, I’ll pull over first You are here first Finally you decided to take a break first Just take shelter under a shady tree Friends are not satisfied Still there fishing all the time But I just pulled over The important thing is not boncos Drink water first, to quench your thirst If this is to start smoking Fishing again Gas bro After your friends break Finally decided to fish again Because seeing the opportunity the water has begun to change bro Still, Nurohman used to strike Great bro Strike, boss Very good, bro Softlure Mas Adi does not want to lose Great bro Great soul Green Softlure bro Throw it Strike again Little bro Steady When do you strike? The real fish doesn’t More grouper bro Softlure The rope model is great Uh … for extra, safekeeping What is important is not recorded later You are trying to replace the bait Well … Mr. Adi has gone on strike again Softlure is great boss I boned alone Strike again, bro All of the fish were bought by Nurohman Great sir Tompel small Wow … great bro Wow … great soul bro Indeed … the fish was completely cut down by Mas Nurohman I didn’t strike myself yet I got a curse of boncos Do you have white soft cloth or not? This is the last, the existence of pink Where is pink I don’t have one Great bro … You really are great Still just strike Great soul The only one who didn’t strike was me, bro I’m just recording I’m just recording? Don’t strike alone I waited until I got it Eee … his friend was stoned The boncos effect seems like this Finally I strike bro, finally I strike I’m not boncos Alhamdulillah Oh God … not boncos Little bro Is it released or not? Take off or carry? Brought for extra yes Actually it will be released bro, but there are friends, how else Just carry it The softlure was steady, until it was ripped to shreds It’s gone home already Finally you are not boncos huh The star is Nurohman today You … well … just take a photo But don’t give up fishing again A tree that is not shady Ready to be a silent witness And ready to wait for you to take shelter Under the heat of the sun

45 comments on “PANEN KERAPU…!!! Casting Ultralight umpan Softlure

  1. kwi mas nurohman sui gowo banget pak rak ngrasake tarik.ane kerapau..onone mung nambal talang bocor neng bwk..,🀣🀣🀣

  2. Mantaaap mas bro UL nya,yg strike taman nya yg 1 td aj tiap sebentar..salam tempel ud permanen ng bs d hapus lgi mas bro,ikut nyimak saya.. Saya tunggu salam tempel nya mas bro…

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