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Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart’s Fish Tales

Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart’s Fish Tales

Hi FoodTube! I’m Bart of Bart’s fishtales
and look at this beautiful beautiful scenery. I’m in the north part of Norway,
the Lofoten. It’s a group of islands where the catch may be the most
delicious cod in the world in these months, the winter months. We’re going to
make pan fried Cray which is Norwegian cod and ratatouille. Okay, so we kick off
we’re going to make this recipe for four persons. So, step number one: pepper. So I
cut all these ingredients in more or less the same size – which is like
squared one centimeter and actually I’m standing right here in a port of Nusfjord. Which is really on the top of Norway. So, I’m using a red and a yellow one. Okay, so the next step I add a bit of
olive oil into the pan and I’m going to simmer, I’m going to pan fry it without
caramelizing these red and yellow pepper. So, I give this a little stir
every now and then and meanwhile I start cutting zucchini in the same size cubes.
So, keep these aside and now it’s time to grab the eggplant. So, the pepper has cooked now for eight
minutes has been soft now. If I keep these aside I’m using the same thing
again a little bit of olive oil to cook, to simmer the eggplant and the zucchini
and this time it will not be 8 minutes but maybe 5-6 minutes until
they have reached the same texture. The eggplant and actually I’m not
seasoning the ingredients right now. This is what I will do at the very end of the
ratatouille. Okay, so this is ready and I add this to the paprika. So, I here bring some water to boil. Why?
Because I want to de-skin these tomatoes. So, I score the tomato here as a
cross then I take out this part by cutting it around.
So, I’ll wait until the water is boiling. Meanwhile, I take another pan
here and I fill it with it with some snow but at home you will use some cold
running water. So, add these to the boiling water maybe for 10-15 seconds.
Actually, when you see at the cross of the tomato, it’s like a bit pulling out
starting to pull out, it’s time to take them out and to cool them down.
Immediately, take them out cool them down Take the skin off. So, next step I’m going
to take out the seeds of the tomato Start cubing the tomatoes – ok so the
last cutting part of making the ratatouille is 1 onion. So, start with a bit of olive
oil. I’m going to start simmering the onions. You don’t want to caramelize, you
want to have them soften. Ok, so now it’s time to add the pepper, the eggplant and
the zucchini. Look at these colors really really beautiful. Next step, adding their
tomato cubes. So, I have some fresh thyme leaves add them to the ratatouille. So,
add some salt and some black pepper. So, now I put the lid on top and I keep it
there for 10 minutes on low heat. So, now all these beautiful flavors have infused
but you want to give it a bit of evaporation. Then it’s time for the
hero. So, I remove the pin I keep it warm aside and now it’s time for the hero
that’s skrei. This piece of cod is not only stunningly delicious, but very importantly,
it’s sustainably caught it’s certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.
Ok, so first step is I dry the skin of the fish you want to have it really dry
you want to create the crunchy crispy skin. I add a bit of salt so I’ve got my
frying pan on high heat I add a bit of vegetable oil.
So, I start been flying the fish and actually the recipes for four persons
but I am starting with two loins. What’s really important not to move to fish too
much because the we created crispy skin and but there’s a bit of juice coming
out of this cod and as soon as the skin touches this juice goes a bit
rubbery. So, now it’s time to flip them over I’ve got a spatula which is really
important because the fish is easily breaks. There we go, beautifully crispy skin.
So, if we kind of find them like 3-4 minutes on one side. Beautifully
caramelized, crispy. I’ve turned them around and we get them up maybe it’s
quite a thick fillet. So we give them two- three minutes more but there’s an easy
trick to see if your cod, your piece of fish is properly cooked. So if you
press your finger on these layers and they fall apart quite easy and it’s
properly cooked. So this one is almost done. So now it’s time to plate this dish
up, so I’ve got the ratatouille right here. So I’ve placed the cod on top and I just
add a bit of extra olive oil. Nice thyme leaf. Tiny bit of rock salt and this dish is
ready. It’s ratatouille with a local cod. Beautiful piece of Skrei. This is
such a pleasure, this is such a treat. It’s the true taste of the ocean, it’s
maybe the best piece of cod I ever had. And a combination with the fresh veggies,
purely made with a bit of olive oil, is just stunning.
If you want to see more delicious seafood recipes please head over to my
channel Bart’s Fish Tales, where I travel the world, to fish cook and live together
with the most amazing, sustainable fishing communities. Don’t forget to
subscribe! See you soon! you

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