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PAPUAN BLACK BASS & GIANT TREVALLY FISHING | vissen op roofvissen | roofvis film #1 van 2

PAPUAN BLACK BASS & GIANT TREVALLY FISHING | vissen op roofvissen | roofvis film #1 van 2

After the wind laid down we head off for a new adventure. Our goal is a river mouth where we put up our first camp of this trip. The trip is breathtakingly beautiful but it’s very long. After six hours driving the river is in sight.
We drive up stream, towards a small town. Here is a lot of activity going on and people are building new houses from local hard wood. First we have to ask the mayor’s permission to fish the river. Its clear that we are arrived in a whole new world. After visiting the village, we build our first camp, close to the river mouth. This place is on a beach, that according to Olivier, offers good opportunities for Barramundi and Papuan Black Bass. A very strong mangrove snapper that only occur in this part of the world. No Papuan Bass? Only palms! That afternoon we are driving up the river and heading for a side creek. According to our guide this is a good spot for Papuan Bass who love places with obstacles and fallen trees and mangrove roots. At the end of creek there is a big tree just across the water and here I hook,
after Lex already caught a Bass of around 4 kilo, a clearly better one, with the greatest effort I take it from the branches. Everything seemed to go well until the fish finds a few more branches on the bottom just right under the boat. I feel how the line is dangerous scouring. There is some confusion with the guide and he does not realize what is going on. But then I can bring the fish, together with a bunch off branches, into the fishing net. A beautiful fish of nearly nine kilos. He has a big fish on the line. Back on the main river we also see
Dennis fighting his first Papuan Bass. Its not a monster but it shows how strong these fish are. At exact the same spot he hooks
a fish species thats high up his wish list. Its a Barramundi and definitly
not a little one. Here we came for… Dennis and Evert both lost that afternoon some big fish in the branches. But after a hopeful start the fishing is not easy. The next day we catch a few smaller species but then it starts to rain… heavy rain. The river colors deep brown with hardly up to 10 centimeters of visibility. The weather forecast is not good and it isn’t getting better. Time for plan B. Therefore we decide to break up the camp and focus on sea fishing. On popping fishing for Giant Trevally and Mackerel. From a previous trip to West Papua
I know how incredibly spectacular and addictive this can be. Fortunately this morning, after breaking up the camp, its dry and it promises to be a nice day with little wind. The plan is to warm up already and we all prepare a popper rod. You never know… After one hour driving we arrive at some steep rocks with deep water. According to Olivier the right place for GT. Now, that seems to be right. And he is right. After the second cast it’s direct a hit. In the blink of an eye a saw a shadow. He is really fit. This is what we came for… GT. And there are even bigger ones. Quick release now. And let him swim. In advance Olivier mentioned that we can expect GT up to 20 until 25 kilo. But in the next cast I hook a fish what is a lot bigger is…… a whole lot bigger!! Unstoppable… Yes… Oh, it missed… do it again… again all lost… Just “BOOM” on it… and yeah…. Was he big? Just unstoppable … Now the fish won. Just before this we won three times. New Poppers, new opportunities! New Poppers, new opportunities, new rounds! We just hooked 4 fish overhere.

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