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PART 1 Ice Safety – Thomas Ice Fishing School  (English Subtitles)

PART 1 Ice Safety – Thomas Ice Fishing School (English Subtitles)

Hi! I’m Thomas and today we are ice fishing perch. Come! Thomas Ice Fishing School – Part 1 Safety Hi! My name is Thomas Ødegård. I have been ice fishing since I was 5-6 years old. And been competing regularly since I was 16. In addition, I run my own business We sell fishing equipment for ice fishing and much more. Today we are going to immerse our self in to perch fishing. We are going to look at different kinds of techniques and tactics. We are going to list the equipment you need when ice fishing. And we are going to talk about safety on ice. When you go onto the ice you should always take som precautions. You should always be carrying ice spikes. In addition the ice auger is a must have when determining how safe the ice is. You will see how thick it is. In addition you will be able to determine the consistency of the ice. In the autumn when the first ice settles on the lakes, you want at least 10cm thickness to be sure it will hold. In the spring the ice deteriorate and we want at least 30-40cm of thickness to be on the safe side. In the next episode: Live Bait

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