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PART 2  Baits for Ice Fishing – Thomas Ice Fishing School – (English Subtitles)

PART 2 Baits for Ice Fishing – Thomas Ice Fishing School – (English Subtitles)

Hi! I’m Thomas and today we are ice fishing perch. Come! Now we are going to have a look at some ice fishing baits for perch. Here we have, maybe the most used bait. And perhaps the bait most people are familiare with, maggot. It comes i many different colours. I have a personal preference for red and blue colours for perch fishing. One of the advantages of maggot is that you can use the same bait multiples times before changing bait. This bait is called pinkis, it looks very much like the regulare maggot, but is smaller. Pinkis’s excel when fishing for smaller fish. Because then a maggot may
actually be to big. But with pinkis you will more likely catch more of the smaller one’s. The next bait, earthworm. Earthworm is a allround bait that you can use for perch the whole winter. Especially for big perch. Prefferably on a 4-5 mm mormyska. When you use earthworm, you should always cut of one of the tips. So that the scent lures the fish inn. Now we have the bait above all other baits; bloodworms Bloodworms are have the advantage of being a natural source of food for the perch. And is common in most waters. You can use them on a mormyska, spoon and jig or spoon and treblehook. When fishing with bloodworms it is a good idea to use 2-3 worms at a time. In that way you don’t need to change bait that often.

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