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Pasta with Fresh Salmon, Ginger, and Dill | Step by Step Recipe

Pasta with Fresh Salmon, Ginger, and Dill | Step by Step Recipe

Mom has been working hard on Christmas decorations, letting the fridge stock drop to an emergency level. To make matters worse dad called in, asking to arrange a quick dinner for his guests. Mom still tired from all the Christmas arrangements, looked into the fridge and she came up with this delicious recipe. Just using leftovers! Pasta with fresh salmon with spicy flavours of dill and ginger. If you want to try it, get ready with the ingredients. Ciao a tutti. Today’s dish is made from leftovers in my fridge: farfalle with fresh salmon and a little touch of Asian cuisine. Follow the steps. Step number one. I don’t have cream in my fridge so I’ll make bechamel with a little ginger. Let’s start with the infusion of ginger in milk. With a pan set on medium heat pour milk and steep a piece of ginger and peppercorns. Do not let the milk reach the boiling point. When you see little bubbles along the edges of the pan turn off the burner and let the infusion rest for at least fifteen minutes. Now we move on to making the roux. In a pan I’ll put some butter. Turn on the fire at low temperature. When the butter is all melted I need to add the flour. I stir until the flour has become incorporated with the butter and a little gold. When all the flour is incorporated with the butter turn off the fire. This is roux. Warm up the milk infusion again. Slowly add the milk infusion into the roux. Never mind if the peppercorns fall into the mix, it’s all flavour for the final dish. Mix vigorously. Completely incorporate the milk. Here is your bechamel. If you see that the bechamel is too thin keep cooking on low heat and the bechamel will become thicker. But remember that the bechamel does not get to the boiling point. The besciamella is ready. Step number two. In a pan I put oil, and butter, dill stems, and leek Fry it gently on low heat until it’s soft. In Italian, this is called ‘appassire’. Don’t let the leek turn brown or else the taste will be too strong. I want to also add some ginger. You can add a bit of water to delay the browning. Put the Salmon. Turn it over a few times. We don’t want to cook it completely. But a gentle searing will make cleaning it very easy. Turn off the burner, take the salmon out, clean it and cut it into smaller pieces. I turn on the burner. I put in my pan salmon and I stir. When the oil sizzles I add brandy. Wait until all the alcohol is evaporated. Some tomato. We need just a bit of tomato sauce. We use the sauce for the color, not for the taste. The pasta will take a light pink color just like the salmon flesh. Turn off the fire. Dill leaves and a little salt. Yes, perfect! Add Bechamel. Step number three. The water is boiling, I add the salt. It’s boiling again, I add the pasta. If you do not know how long it should cook refer to the cooking time written on the packaging Of course this works only if you use a good Italian brand of pasta. Non Italian brands will become too soft early. We will stop cooking around three minutes before the referred time because we need to finish cooking the pasta in the pan. Yes. Now, the farfalle fly in the sauce. I add some water. Buono, buono … e’ buonissimo. Delicious, and this is just a test. I think that my husband’s guests will love it. If you don’t have ginger or you don’t like it, what would you use? Let me know in the comments below. Ciao ciao. If you like this video give us a like and subscribe for more Italian recipes. See you in the next episodes of Toni’s home where every day is a sunny day.

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  1. When I figured out my fridge was almost empty, I made a virtue out of necessity and came up with this recipe. Despite being just a test, everyone enjoyed this dish. Any suggestions of different ingredients?

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