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Pattern Fishing – Detroit River Walleye

Pattern Fishing – Detroit River Walleye

As a charter and a guide service, you really
want to have the best fishing we possibly can for our customers. We really try and find patterns within patterns
where we find fish that haven’t been touched yet. We’re on this stained mudline – we’re not
in the really muddy water and we’re not in the really clean water. We’ve got pockets of mud and dirty water mixing in with
that cleaner water. Those walleyes are sitting, and it’s a great
ambush point for them. I’m never looking for the really, really clear
water – I want a little bit of color to that water. Those walleyes feel secure down there, they
feed well – they’re a low-light feeder anyway. It has been red-hot fishing. A lot of times, when you’re on a really hot
bite, you’ll narrow it down on a drift. It’s kind of the pattern within the pattern. You’ll realize – hey, we caught all our fish
in a 100 yard stretch or a 150 yard stretch. Sometimes it really pays to either keep
going if you’re not getting bites or if they’re kind of staggered, but if you realize there’s
a lot of hot action in one stretch just pull up the trolling motor, run up and make that
short drift again. Keep refining that pattern and shortening
and shortening the drift to really stay on top of those fish. We found an area, probably about 150 yards
long, where we caught 8 fish in a matter of maybe 5 minutes. So, you know there’s definitely a lot of fish
there. So, we’re going to run back up and hit that
pod again. If you’re looking for a Captain or a Guide
in the State of Michigan, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the
web at

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