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Paul Fisher, MD – Stanford Children’s Health

Paul Fisher, MD – Stanford Children’s Health

[ Music ] When I look at doctors around the
hospital or when I go to a doctor, what doctor inspires me, someone who is lively. Someone who is comforting. Someone who’s warm and humid. Those are huge inspirations to me. You can see it in the face of the patient. Everybody brings a different
style to seeing patients. I think, for me, the unique thing is I’m
going to spend more time talking directly to your child than to anyone else in the room. I want the child to be part of the process
at a level that’s appropriate for them. And the kids are able to give
so much of the information. And so I want the child in
charge so they don’t feel scared. And that they feel happy or at least
as happy as they can be in the moment. [ Music ]

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