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Peixe lutador destruiu-me o anzol (4K ULTRA HD)

he is out of the herbs guess I will take this fish well I already got one, but maybe I will get this one too let me be quiet he is big hi guys and welcome to another fishing video first of all, I ask you to like and subscribe, the like is free today I am trying my new Lowrance HDS Live my new kayak from Galaxy is a day of new stuff let´s see how it goes, my goal is not the fishing but where I will put the cables, where do I put the fish finder so soon we will start fishing more serious in better places with more fish, so follow me fish on in the herbs, just look he has all this space to go out and he runs to the herbs let´s see if he is there look how my hook is starts bad but this is not how it starts, is how it ends first fish on this kayak maybe? got him we got our first fish in our new kayak with our new fish finder was great now that we put that camera recording, the battery was over when we got the fish, is always that way let’s release our fish let me show you beautiful colors, is a male now we will remove the hook and release here he is let´s see if we fish one more, soon I will use my Savage Gear Nails because the water is warm is really warm fish on he is out of the herbs maybe I will get another fish let me be quiet he is big need to open my drag… not so much not so much is good, is good, is a good fish is a good fish great what a take you saw him taking the lure so good, so good… I need to take a photo, he is too beautiful to release without a photo where do we go? I think I can go there I will end this now and see you in a minute look at this monster look at this what a fish take a photo and release guess my new kayak know how to fish I already got a fish, only record from the middle of the fight already lost two, I was discouraged but finally a good fish an incredible fight what a fish look well at this what a fish I will show you what he did to my lure love the colors now let´s release there he goes very alive as we want and now let me show you my lure this time I have … … my drag closed because I was losing lot´s of fish running to the weeds so I think is better to break the line instead of letting him go to the herbs look look the hook this is Barbel power impressive no? I am so happy need to change my hook, this is gone one more run and he would escape but I got him and was a great day I am trying to get used to my new kayak I have advantages in some things and disadvantages in others the motor would help me a lot there but we can´t have all so my fishing morning is over, as you can see I have a new kayak is the Galaxy Supernova with this kayak I can do more sea fishing very stable with a shield at the bottom who allow me to put a transducer without one single hole I take like 2 minutes to mount the fish finder and that takes us to my next novelty, my Lowrance HDS Live this is a fish this can you see? two fish, one, two so this took us to my next novelty, Lowrance HDS Live why? because is the best this coast has much as a kayak look a fish here in 3 meters and I sell fish finders so if you need a fish finder talk with me, usually, I sell Lowrance and why Lowrance? because I want you to talk with me about fishing and now about fish finders I want you when you use this on your kayak, floater or boat don´t call me with doubts I want you to look to the fish finder and see where is the fish, the structures the water temperature, I want this to be simple, more simple than using a phone the lure I used today was the nails has you saw, Okuma RTX reel and my Black Savage 5-20 is one of the rods I use for most technics my Nails is with a single hook because I am in a big river and the water temperature rises 1.3 degrees enough to activate Barbel for sure so I changed the treble hook for a single hook to try bigger fish glad I did that because I got a great fish I lost two or three fish on the weeds without a chance, was tangled on the weeds anyway was a great morning and for the first time I use this kayak was great, the first day using it and no skunk let´s go home, see you in the next video

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