Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

People Try Sushi Tacos

(crunching) (whooshing, squeaking) (jazzy music) – We have rice, there’s salmon, and then there’s like
onions and, I think, mango. It smells like sushi and
it looks like a taco. – Have you ever seen
anything more beautiful? It’s a taco combined with
sushi, two of my favorite foods. And then this is like a
crunchy tempura seaweed. – I think anything shaped
like a taco is a win. (crunching) – Mmm It kind of tastes like
something with tempura on it. – I like it a lot. So many different textures, flavors. Crunchy, soft. – I think it could use more
of a vegetable element. Like, in the cross-section
it’s pretty much just raw fish and then rice underneath, so it’s kind of soft on soft. I wish there was like raw cucumber or like an avocado layer
or something like that. (crunching) – I feel like there could be more flavor. They’re slightly bland. I do like bland foods, though. (crunching, laughing) – I like the crunch. The rice is just like filler, fish tastes fresh, I love mangoes. – I don’t like mangoes, but I
liked it which is interesting. – You don’t like mangoes? What’s wrong with you? – I don’t really like mangoes. I don’t know. – It really just feels like raw fish inside something crunchy. – Wow! You would not think that
this would work out. It’s like super crispy,
and like I love seaweed, and there’s rice and I love rice. – The tempura seaweed as
a shell, stroke of genius. This is a symphony of flavor. Follow-up question, where do I get this? Who makes this? – I don’t even know if you
could consider it sushi, but it’s like a sushi-inspired taco. It has a really good flavor, though. I really like it. – It’s good, I would
eat this again for sure. – Can we keep this? – 10 out of 10 would eat again. – You wanna try it? Mmm. Yes, camera, eat the taco. (jazzy music) (whooshing, squeaking)

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