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Perfektes Lachsfilet – How to cook fresh salmon – Wie bereitet man frischen Lachs zu

Hey, welcome, it’s always been hard for me to cook the perfect salmon, and some of you might have the same problem. Hence, today’s video is about HOW TO cook the perfect salmon! Of course we are speaking of salmon filet, because everytime I see someone eating fried fish something dies deep inside of me! Heat a pan on a medium heat and add vegetable oil Then add the salmon, skin is facing up! Meanwhile, pestle salt, pepper and thyme When the salmon’s getting some color on the bottom you can flip it over. Then season with our fresh spices from the mortar. Squash the entire garlic clove and add it to the pan with the lemon and thyme leaves. If your salmon looks like this, you can now add the butter into the pan. Melt the butter, push gently on the lemon and mix all of it together. Now, drizzle the sauce over and over again on top of the salmon. Depending on how tender you prefer your salmon let it cook for 3-5 minutes. The butter will add the flavours of our spices to the salmon and will make it super tender. Finishing of, take the lemon (HOT!) and squeeze the juice just a little bit over the salmon. Now the salmon can be served with potatoes, veggies or whatever you like! If the salmon is glassily inside, you did it just right!
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