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Pesca aos Lucioperca de margem e de kayak (4K ULTRA HD)

Pesca aos Lucioperca de margem e de kayak (4K ULTRA HD)

hi guys and welcome to another fishing video, please like and subscribe and follow me on my fishing trips, today I am in the Douro my goal today is the Zanders, I am with two fishermen they come to meet me I know one of them from jogging but we never fish together so we decided today to fish together on a rainy day, was a terrible week but we will get something, let´s go fish on fish here he is It is not big but… is the first time I use this lure 4d herring shad small fish but is the first the first fish the first for me, he already got one no, him you don´t get one too? in my mind each one of you got one seems only José got one so what I do is cast then I wait the fish got the lure in the mouth and then I pull usually works you can´t pull before the lure is ina a fish mouth or you don´t fish nothing any moment you got the biggest another small one he liked my 4d herring shad a small one but is another one third fish very hard we are 3 fishermen and we got only 4 fish let´s continue, maybe this change and we got a good fish that is our hope, that why we fish sometimes it rains but no problem is official, we all got fish he got a Bass is small but he got a fish with what you got him? beautiful color there he goes is official, we all got fish well this is very complicated till the moment we fish 5 fish, I got 3 each one of my friends got one they got an attack there but only that and I can´t understand, the weather is so good, is raining in the past few days there are clouds it is what it is half of the time the cameras are off and with those bags because it has been raining and I only turn the camera on when I get a fish at this moment we already surrender is late they are using a new technic singing so let´s end our fishing day, I only got three fish with 4d herring shad they got a Bass with a jerkbait and in the begin of the day, they got a Zander with a grub was nothing special but is better than stay at home and we enjoy all this sun you should be seeing all wet but is not my fault is raining fish don´t nothing with me, is late is more than 1pm let´s see how it goes next time, we are talking about new fishing trips in March or April we will fish in the Douro but to Seabass let´s see how it goes so now I will prepare my fishing gear tomorrow I got my parents here so no kayak fishing for me let me show you some of my pets nothing there cat look one can you see him? come here move hedgehog got lot´s of them he is running now he is there they are always here eating my cats food one two three four five six seven eight nine? already? so is 9 o’clock I will do some casts but for a short amount of time, my parents went to visit me well they are coming to visit my daughter her birthday was this Wednesday is Saturday but I will not go fishing in theory this is not a fishing rod and this is not a lure and I will not go fishing I am only relaxing in ly last kayak video I caught three or four fish, don´t know, but I lost the record of one of them the second was the size of the first but was raining a lot and the camera bugged so I lost that clip and is always when I got a fish so today I will try to fish some Zanders from shore only need one or two to make a better video this is not rocket science, is Zanders I will try to fish here catch some air I have been sick my fault because I got wet so let´s see if I can catch some fish, let´s go fish on is small but is the first fish, finally let´s release what speed my god don´t wait for a proper release so we got one fish fish on another Zander is small but is another one another fish so we got the second fish captured with the new 4d herring shad a bit bigger but still a small fish let´s release there he goes to the bottom another one maybe is almost 10 hours, I am fishing for less than one hour but is time to go, my goal today was just to finish my last video and I did it, so I am doing just some casts and at 10o´clock I will go home, was enough to catch two fish was neither bad or good at least we got fish and we got some more rain that is great for my sickness will help a lot

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  1. Don´t understand Portuguese? Don´t worry, all my videos got English subtitles (bottom right corner of your youtube window)

    Ne comprend pas le portugais? Ne vous inquiétez pas, toutes mes vidéos ont des sous-titres en français (coin inférieur droit de votre fenêtre youtube)

    ¿No entiendes portugués? No te preocupes, todos mis videos tienen subtítulos en español (esquina inferior derecha de la ventana de youtube

  2. Precisamos de um lugar assim pra testar o pedal do caiaque. Deve ser bem mais pratico. Belo lugar e peixes. 👏👏🎣

  3. Como eu queria ter uma grana sobrando pra poder pescar nesse lugar.👍👍👍👏👏👏 muito bom amigo !!

  4. Bonito vídeo amigo, pescas en unos sitios muy lindos. A finales de septiembre estuve unos días en Lisboa y me gustó mucho. Felices fiestas y próspero año nuevo, un saludo y que siga la pesca compañero.

  5. Always fun to fish with friends, John! Those herring swimbaits were very good. Looks like you installed stabilizers on your new kayak, too. Very nice. Keep fishing! Cold and snow here today..15 degrees F. Best wishes, Don

  6. Cenário fantástico este o nosso Douro, pescas difíceis e por isso mais saborosas!! Ps. os teus (wild) pets são lindos, pena que a maioria do pessoal não ache o o mesmo, são super lindos, Abraço.

  7. Bom dia meu amigo. Passei pelo Canal para ver as novidades e
    aproveito para lhe deixar um abraço e os Votos de Santas Festas para o
    meu amigo e Família! Relativamente ao vídeo….belos cenários, gostei do kayac…e dos ouriços cacheiros que também já tive. Abraço

  8. Bom dia meu amigo. Passei pelo Canal para ver as novidades e
    aproveito para lhe deixar um abraço e os Votos de Santas Festas para o
    meu amigo e Família! Relativamente ao vídeo….belos cenários, gostei do kayac…e dos ouriços cacheiros que também já tive. Abraço

  9. Oi amigo estou aqui novamente é tantos vídeos para marcar presença que algumas vezes não conseguimos ver todos. Olha a pesca é maravilhosa faz você ficar laite e deixa um ar mas jovial alegre é tudo de bom. E o peixe é bem grande.

  10. João mais uma bela pescaria , agora o caiaque com pedal facilita muito, não é não? achei legal demais. Grande abraço João

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