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Pesky Fish buys fish a rail ticket

Pesky Fish buys fish a rail ticket

Pesky Fish SFX seagulls
From Plymouth to London is 242 miles you go from Plymouth straight to London
So lets say you were a van and you have to do this each day
Instead there are 8 or 10 trains going there anyway
You are simply using what was already there And you don’t have to fill a whole van
You can send smaller more manageable amounts No one has been able to do what Intercity
Rail Freight has done It opens up the country to be able to distribute
to markets in smaller consignments My name is Ben King and I am the skipper and
owner of Pesky Fish Our vision is to make the best seafood available fish can land in the morning at £3:50 a kilo
and might be in a fish monger the next day in London at £22 a kilo
Restaurants are seeing huge fluctuations in price everyday and that’s not sustainable
You can’t operate a business like that We will deliver the best quality consistently
We will deliver consistently It’s a fly 😉
And we can stabilise prices that has never been heard of before in this industry
And so that is simply what we are here for We are not here to make a huge amount of money
We are not a wholesaler We are here to make distribution of seafood
more accessible so people can have great quality fish
and sustain and industry that has been flagging Join us in our mission

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