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Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Hi my name is Chris from aquatic central here
in San Francisco and on the web at aquatic hyphen central dot com. And I like to tell
you how to choose a fish for a freshwater aquarium. Research is the primary step in
beginning an aquarium. Try to think through exactly what kind of aquarium you wish to
have, then you can determine what you need and what you’ll have to do to maintain a healthy
and happy aquarium. One example is this species of cichlid it’s called a flower horn, the
one most notable requirement of this fish is that you do keep it by itself. They are
not compatible with other fish. Other then that they are quite hardy, they don’t need
a lot of lighting or filtration. It’s quite simple, they do enjoy a ph a little bit higher
then neutral, approximately seven point four. And a temperature a little bit higher then
standard tropical, maybe up to eighty four, eighty six degrees Fahrenheit. Fish like this
also doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance, one to two water changes per month, of approximately
fifty percent will suffice. Feeding once daily is also plenty. So in general this fish is
not very hard to care for and if it’s something that appeals to you and you have the time
then it would be a great choice. Another example is this marine reef system. Now it’s not a
fresh water system but it’s not unlike fresh water systems in that this requires extreme
care. There are numerous water parameters that we have to monitor for example, calcium,
salinity, alkalinity, magnesium. This system can easily run into the tens of thousands
of dollars and require almost daily maintenance. So remember when you are choosing your aquarium
to really consider what will be required in maintaining that aquarium. So again consider
the needs of the animal, the investment of time and money that will be required of you
and that is how you choose a fish for a fresh or a marine aquarium. My name is Chris from
aquatic central here in San Francisco and on the web at aquatic hyphen central dot com.

36 comments on “Pet Fish & Aquarium Care Tips : How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

  1. why does my goldfish keep on gulping at the water surface everytime, the tank has enough oxygen for them to breath, and i do frequent water change about 2~3 times a week, and alot of people said it becuz high ammonia lvl burns their gills, some said it the temp. ANYONE ANYONE!!! has any advice please tell me, appreciated!!

  2. well see i have goldfish in the pond and in a tank for the winter and when i come to feed them they do that all the time and even in the tank!

  3. i got ropefish, needlefish, round goby, shovel nose catfish, and red tail catfish i love all the weird lookin fish

  4. @D12DetroitD12 i love my rope fish well i did until i went to a camp and my mom forgot to feed it for me so it died but it was cool

  5. @rattqueen6969
    changing your water every 2 months isnt good for anyfish , and its recomended that you dont change all your water at the same time anyways because its not good for the fish .. you should change about 10-20% of the water a week …if its dirty then 50% but it is better to change 10-20% a week

  6. I have two flowerhorns. They share a tank with a silver arowana, blue lobster, bichir, and a redtail catfish. How has this rule persisted — that flowerhorns must be housed solo?

  7. i have a question,,,,,, i had a big male and female flowerhorn together for 1 month right after the female layed the eggs the male tried to kill her, i took her out,, now the male is firtilizing the eggs,, what do i do next>? should i take the eggs out?

  8. @fishhobby1984 he was talking about caring for the tank. And if you have coral, anemones, or crustaceans that require special care it can cost 10,000 dollars to care for it for a few years.

  9. @piranha712 , The reason your Flowerhorn spits at you depends all on what you feed him & combination with temperature. Feeding live foods causes aggression & brings them back to their "Wild" side. Higher temperatures in combination to feeding live foods also adds more aggression because higher temperatures helps produce more testosterone in male fish & more hormones they release in the water. Temperature makes all animals metabolism much quicker which obviously leads to them being more hungry.

  10. @piranha712 , It's also why most people in a " Professional " field of this hobby don't put Gravel in with large naturally aggressive fish, because it makes them more territorial more then they already are in allowing them to show off by having such materials in an aquarium. Spitting gravel around & digging craters is allowing males become more & more dominate in that domain. Taking gravel away deprives them of more aggression since they can't show off & produce more testosterone.

  11. @piranha712 totally agree with everything you said, they need feeding several times daily, heavy filtration and lots water changes. I would definitely remove the gravel from your tank though.

  12. I came here to ask someone if you have fish or crustaceonsthat needs cold water what can you buy that keeps the water cold because i have a crawfosh and they require somewhat cold water

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