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Pet Fish Care : How Do I Clean a Fish Aquarium?

Pet Fish Care : How Do I Clean a Fish Aquarium?

Hi, I’m Hunter from the Austin Aqua-Dome.
Keeping your aquarium clean is the most important part of owning a fish tank. The two most important
tools for doing this are a siphon hose and a bucket. To clean the aquarium, put the end
of the hose in the bucket, dip the bell of the siphon into the water and lift it out,
let the water drain down and drop it back in, this will start the siphon. What you want
to do is go along the bottom of the tank sucking debris out of the gravel. The siphon is only
strong enough to pull the dirt up out of the gravel, leaving the gravel in place. The goal
is to go over the entire bottom of the tank before the water level drains more than a
third to a half way. After that, you want to dechlorinate the tank and fill it back
up with fresh water. The other important thing to remember when doing aquarium maintenance
is to either rinse or replace the filter pads in your mechanical filter.

73 comments on “Pet Fish Care : How Do I Clean a Fish Aquarium?

  1. hey great video,i just got a tank today it's a 5F wallmounted tank but its only 4ince's wide.could you tell me how many African Cichlids i can put into it…thank you 🙂

  2. buy a siphon at the fish store, put the small end in a bucket to hold the water, dip the big end in with the open end up lift to let it drain, tilt it towards the bottom of the tank and let it suck

  3. I have a new aquarium. How long is it acceptable for my chemical levels to be high? I have a gravel vacuum thing that hooks up to the tap. I am getting ready to clean it for the first time and I tested it first and all my levels are maxed out. It's 30 gallon tank with about 12 little fish in it

  4. Driftwood WILL yellow your water. Its best to take it out, put it in a bucket for a week and let it soak. Change the water every day and put your normal water conditioner in. It'll lessen the effect. ^__^ Hope I helped, lemme know how it goes.

  5. The guy forgot to mention that the dechlorinated water should be exactly the same temperature as the fish tank's water.

  6. @BurningPureLight they are pretty cheap around $10 for a small one and $15 or $20 for the large one in the video and walmart does sell them

  7. i got a siphon house but i can make it suck like that i always have to lift it for the water to go thru….

    what am i doing wrong?!?!

  8. @LucRavenwing Yep, your right. You shouldn't add dechlorinator directly in your tank then add water. You should dechlorinate the water that your gonna have to put in your tank first, let it sit for an hour or so, in a large/small bucket, then add the dechlorinated water directly in your tank. And plus, check out hunter's facial expression ==> 1:00, hes kinda like showing everybody his disgust & laziness of his tank cleaning demonstration.

  9. @kitttylove I know, I bought more already. Now it works great. 😀 but they need to say "FOR BIG GRAVEL ONLY" on the box or something.

  10. @234Spotman Lol yeah they totally should. Oh expertvillage, you fail epicly 😀 Anyways, hope your fishies are happy with their new gravel! <3

  11. @arcjustice so it requires letting the water sit until the temperatures are equal? Or have you adjusted your water using hot and cold tap water? I read to NEVER use hot water from the tap, but a petsmart guy told me to use hot water to get the temps as close to compatible as possible.

  12. @CRYST2SHELL I'm not sure about hot water, but it should only be warm depending on the temp of your tank. adjust the temp adding cold or hot as needed, then decholrinate it with the right amount of conditioner. I've been doing it this for six years already and never had problems with my fish. i've only had ich twice and that was in my earlier years. Eventually, you'll know the right temp as soon as you feel the water.

  13. hey my name is justin i had a couple question's for you i recently bought a 90 gallon tank from a a guy on craigslist i noticed there is white stuff all over the tank especially around the top n down from there about 6 inches i read i could clean the outside of the tank with 1/2 cup of ordinary vinegar in 1/2 of distilled water but what would be safe to use in the tank as a cleaner could u help me with what can i buy to clean the inside of tank to remove all the white marks in crud build

  14. @jacksonjones402 i think this is the wrong guy to ask man u was doing good asking the other guy but like i responded in the other vid best thing to clean the glass off is with a single edge razor blade lil bit of water to rinse out the excess dirt and build up ……theres nothing easier then that make sure u have plenty of razor blades they tend to loose the sharpnes making it a lil harder to clean but you should be okaii with that thanx and let me knoe how it went !!!

  15. @jacksonjones402 n one more thing i forgot to mention was becareful with the silicone edge inside the tank do not cut that off wen wiping down with the blade make sure you go in same direction back and forth … to keep track of what u have done if not u will get tired

  16. @t4z3rz i say clean the gravel 2 clean the glass with a razor blade to take out the alggy and clean ur decorations removing the alggy and refill with more water making sure of tempeture and conditioner is added then replace filter

  17. @JimmyBagODonuts before you go preaching the english language, make sure you can use your and you're correctly…DBagODonuts.

  18. @LucRavenwing i think the guy knows what hes talking about, use common sense, he owns an aquarium shop. by the way, when i do water changes, i take 40% out, then put prime (dechlorinator) in the tank, then refil it, because the prime in the tank will declorinate the fresh water as it is being added. been doing this since i got fish, and they are doing great. the main thing is to keep the water temperature the same.

  19. @LucRavenwing: wrong. It depends on the dechlorinator you use. Products like Prime or Amquel+ can be added to the tank and will dechlorinate the new tap water on contact. I have been doing this for years.
    Know what you are talking about, before you cuss people out.

  20. @emmanuel921000 ha, didn't see your comment until I posted mine. I can only agree with you. Prime and Amquel+ dechlorinate on contact. 🙂

  21. my blue lobster been on his back for 2 days without moving.
    the first day, he was on his back, he turn him self over in the night and moved around, but the next day he was on his back again and no moving what soever.
    i tought it was moulting, but isn't this too long?
    (No ,there is no smell coming from tank)

    can anybody help me with the information needed.

  22. @number20121 lol its true tho, my fish are growing so fast and i dont bucket in water into my tank, it will take way too long.

  23. @Toshiro4619
    its okay to siphon the gravel and clean the filter as long as you're using the old water from the fish tank you siphoned out because rinsing the filter with tap water can kill the beneficial bacteria so yes I agree with you

  24. expert villager… chlorinate the tank first, dechlorinate it and then add fresh water… wat a mother fucking moron

  25. hey,can any1 help me?my fish isnt eating right and hasnt been eating since this sunday,it usually swims in the bottom now and sometimes freezes,it has nothing wrong with its fins or gills or scales.i havent taken care of fish for a while(like 3 years)and when i asked the clerk she said i should try using distilled water for my first time with the fish.can any1 help me?

  26. @arcjustice Not neccesarily, but close to else the fish gets a shock and dies. It also depends on how much water you remove.

  27. @ippie888 Your fish swimming to the bottom it probably has something to do with the water not being warm enough Your fish not eating well bettas are very picky try feeding it different food

  28. yes you can clean it this way just regulate the waterflow by squeezing the tube of the gravel vac and watch the sand in the vac if it gets near the top squeeze the hose and the sand will fall back down while the waste goes up

  29. If only you knew how many frustrating minutes, hours, days I have spent trying to get the suction working . . . to see it done so simply and without excessive pumping was such a relief to me. Thank you so much for this instructional video! My son's tank will be much cleaner, and his axalotals much happier as a result.

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