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Pet Fish Care : How to Change the Water in Our Fish Tank

Pet Fish Care : How to Change the Water in Our Fish Tank

Hi, my name is Ryan Wells. I’m the owner of
a local fish store located in Lindon, Utah and I’m going to show you how to do a general
water change on your saltwater tank. Basically what I’m going to do is take out five gallons
of my water, which is polluted in essence, and replace it with five gallons of clean
water. First thing I’m going to do is I have my hose here, create a siphon I have a five
gallon bucket that I’m just going to drain that five gallons into. Here you can see,
this is the water that I’ve just taken out of the fish tank. If you notice how it has
kind of a yellow or greenish tint to it, that’s the organic pollutants in it. This is why
it’s important to do regular water changes. The tank on the other side is brand new, clean,
fresh water, salt, freshly made salt water. But the idea is when you’re doing a water
change, is you’re removing polluted water and adding clean, fresh water to the system.
Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to replace the water I just took out with five gallons
of clean, brand new salt water. The way I do this is by dumping this into my sump located
directly underneath my tank.

46 comments on “Pet Fish Care : How to Change the Water in Our Fish Tank

  1. I know nothing about fish tanks but, I looked up this video because I was wondering where you put the fish when draining the water ?

  2. clean water is a limited resource. I think aquarists need better filtration methods if we feel we must do a 10% water change every week.

  3. thanks for sharing the video ! i guess 10 % of water change is good for saltwater fishes cause they are small and are not dirty like Goldfish ! have a 55 gallon tank with goldfish and i have to change a least a 30 % water change once week to keep good quality water in tank

  4. Erm, no it's not. No it's not at all. Water recycles itself and any chemicals(almost all natural) in a fish tank aren't going to effect anything

  5. under the Tank thats good I know a kid who has a 150 Gallon tank & he has to step on something to Dump the fresh water in.

  6. Its funny how this video is made for people who know nothing of cleaning fish tanks.
    But he starts off by tells us to remove 5 gallons of water.
    Then he explains why water changes are a must and the differences between freshly made saltwater and polluted water.
    And finally he will add "clean freshwater in the system"(1:00) into his sump.

  7. Hmm so i have a 10 gallon or less tank. I remove 5 gallons(50% – 100%)
    Oh gosh but wait how did he get the water out?

    -Takes a hose with copper nozzle and fills a bucket-
    5 gallons! great!(no conditioners added)

    Hmm dump into sump?
    Wtf is a sump…

    I think the title should be, "Difference of clean water and polluted water"
    I mean seriously, if someone had a sump for their aquarium, obviously know a think or two about maintaining water qualities.

  8. guess what youtube?? i just bought a mudsucker and a goldfish the mudsuckers name is well i call him muddybuddy my goldfishes name is pancake!!! lol i was hungry tht day

  9. @BIGPOND400 it ads more volume to the sytem, and allows for better biological filtration. You can also put your protein skimmer and heater in the sump so it doesnt clutter your aquarium

  10. hi, whats the different between putting salt water in a fish tank or sweet water (filtered) ? does t depends on the kind of fish ? cause i actually dont know the names of mines

  11. People never use your mouth to start a siphon. Fix carry salmonella which can get you very sick. Just keep the tip of the hose in the water and quickly bob the hose up and down until water starts shooting out the other end.

  12. @2424Anthony You make the water by filling a bucket with tap water. Then you mix in dechlorinator and salt.

  13. i carnt do that i only have a 14 litre and a 15 litre look at my videos and plz tell me wat i could do

  14. how do you get the water to flow through the water like you did. I don't know how and would like to so that changing my water for my fish tank will be easier.

  15. Thanks for sharing people need to see this type stuff cause I ear people telling me this and that of stuff and have no ideal ware the info could of possible came from so to see it done correctly is awesome.

  16. The info below the video is wrong. you should never do a 50% water swap EVER it will mini-cycle your nitrate levels and u may have fish loss. What u should do is do about 20- 25% every 3 days or 7-9% everyday or if u have to 30% on a single day and if u left for vacation for a week do 25% every day for 3 days NEVER DO 50% u will stress your fish possibly to death

  17. I thought it was 10 percent a week??? I'v been doing this for quite a while in all of my 4 tanks and all is just fine!

  18. I really feal that none of the comment posters before me know what they're doing including the poster of this vid!

  19. Great tank, you must know what you are doing, but this video is pinting out the obvious. What% of water do we take out, and how often. Well seeing as you don't want to tell us, It's 10% every week, or 20% every 2 weeks. Are you useing r.o water, how do you achive the right salinity!!!. Tell us please this is what people want to know. All you have done if waste peoples *@*@* time!!!.

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