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Pet Fish Care : How to Maintain a Saltwater Tank

Pet Fish Care : How to Maintain a Saltwater Tank

Hi my name is Ryan Wells. I’m the owner of
a local fish store located in Lindon, Utah. Maintenance on a saltwater fish tank is actually
very generally easy. The most important thing to do is not to over-pollute your tank. The
way you do this is by not over crowding it with livestock and by not over feeding the
livestock that you currently have. You can reduce the pollution in your tank through
different types of filtration. Some of your common filtration is mechanical, usually through
some sort of a filter sock or filter media. Another type of filtration is biological.
This is accomplished through different types of media, usually live rock or other bio balls
or other bio medias. You also have chemical filtration. This is usually accomplished through
protein skimming, use of activated carbons or other chemical filtrations. The most important
thing to remember in maintaining a saltwater tank is to keep the water as clean and pristine
as possible and remember that in the ocean your reefs are in pristine water. To be able
to keep a reef tank or even just a fish holding tank for that matter it is extremely important
that we keep our pollutions down and that we keep our water as clean as possible.

16 comments on “Pet Fish Care : How to Maintain a Saltwater Tank

  1. how do you keep pristine water for fish only soon to be reef, like do you add supplement for topping the water or change it? thanks?

  2. protien skimming is the process in which bubbles are attracted to the device and since bubbles carry polution the protein skimmer takes out these pollutants

  3. just bought deltec 702 skimmer, and thinking to get ecosystem filtration but they said i don't need skimmer if i have these filtration. isn't refugium and ecosystem the same but better. is my skimmer big enough or do i still need refugium with it
    ? please advise. thanks!

  4. What are you talking about! salt water is not easy to take care of! look at my video (ryans reef video) It was not easy to get to w2here I am!

  5. he did not say it is easy to get to the point where it becomes easy he said it is easy to MAINTAIN not set up and get it started.

  6. Wow! I never thought of that, all tanks are easy to maintain, at least for me anyway. Just the logistics are sometimes complicated, especially when you want things from all different stores and you don't have a car and you need to ask your friends to drive you,haha….:)

  7. @BlaqueKnowledge1 you could buy a chiller although those are very expensive. The only other thing I can think of that you could do would be to buy a strong fan to skim the top (its cheaper but not very effective) or you could get a heater that is lower rating than your water size so like you could have a 200-300 watt heater. Also, why do you have a 125 gallon tank in your garage?

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