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11 comments on “Philips Respironics Dream station Vs Fisher and Paykel Sleepstyle – A real life review you can hear.

  1. My 461P SystemOne or whatever they call it is noisy as hell compared to our old Sullivan S5 Elite and our Resmed S8 I used to use but went to the mrs. Louder perhaps than BOTH the S5 and S8 together.

    I've had some reasonable support form them and whilst I my current machine is gov support so I get no choice I'd certainly NEVER buy one myself. We'e tried S5, S8 and S9 with no issues through various tests (I liked the S9, the S8+humi is good with a heated hose).

  2. Hi, mate so glad someone told me to watch this I was about to go buy the Philips machine but now I am thinking the F&P for sure sounds like a better option really surprised by the noise test too! but really good review thank you cheers Mat.

  3. Thanks so much for the great review on these machines. My current machine is 8+ years old and I don't have money to throw around, so this was very helpful indeed, great job, thank you!

  4. what about the drop test, my old Respironics machine was dropped it several times a year over the 17 years it worked for me.
    Cough test is only an issue for full face/mouth breathers, Nose pillows don't need need to worry about it.

  5. It was difficult enough for me to get all these new machines let alone start dropping them to see what percentage break. No CPAP machine is meant to be dropped. However.. saying this, I am sure you are on the facebook cpap forums and you read about people dropping different machines. Most survive… some do not and it is not brand specific from what I can see. Would you drop your laptop or your smart phone ? Then why would you drop a cpap machine worth even more ? Velcro the machine to your bedside table using picture hook adhesive velco strips. That is the best tip I have ever seen on the forums for protecting the CPAP from falling off onto the floor.

  6. Thankyou, I need a sleep apnea machine and your review helped me to decide what to buy. Have a great day , Nelly.

  7. Thanks for the review. I'm replacing my Resperonics System. The F&P seems to be the clear choice from your review. Question: is the F&P the only model? I don't want to buy the wrong machine.

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