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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Hi there folks welcome to my virgin kitchen
today we’re going to be making pasta bake. If you want to write the recipe (ingredients!!!!)
write them down hit pause now write them down so we have mixed herbs tuna cheese and yellow
peppers and carrots cut up (grated) and pepper and salt (and passata she didn’t mention that
sorry). We also got some pasta that my Daddy put on
to boil while the pasta is cooking we can put the rest of the ingredients in pour in
your passata first now add in your carrots just grab a handful of cheese now we’re gonna
add in yellow peppers because I don’t like sweetcorn this is tuna it comes from the sea
these are nice herbs they smell nice this is salt this is pepper now all we do is mix
it together don’t mix it fast otherwise it will get all over your nice t-shirt the pasta
is drained off so Daddy is gonna pour it in for me it looks like fire is in front of me
oh i’m hot what are you doing? i’m cold! hmmmm it smells like Daddy’s aftershave.
All you need to do is spoon your mixture in the dish, you might have a big mountain so
push it down with your spoon. Cheese please all you have to do is sprinkle
your cheese on. Wow that looks amazing i’m gonna put it in the grill for 8 minutes.
It’s in the grill now, it smells lovely I had to get changed because i’m going to the
beach. It smells amazing. Daddy took it out now and it looks amazing.
Hmmm it tastes delicious I hope you have a go, don’t forget if you like this video thumbs
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