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Photoshoot lighting falls on us!!!! x Madison Fisher

Photoshoot lighting falls on us!!!! x Madison Fisher

he’s coming money money you got our makeup it looks pretty we just put on this cool choker all these getting Lindsay ha pride – Fisher you got none of you know her at all no and then I’m sorry what’s your photography your whole thing Michael Reyes Michael Reyes Michael Reyes taking our pictures all right we ran away we have an hour before the sign ladies have to bleed so we’re gonna go run into pictures all right I think four shooters coming shoot out where are you we’re bellies from the front you can tell very much from the side break Nick I really the same size I think so we I think we kind of are whoa it’s so funny look at our babies kiss each other if mine’s a boy then well I like making out already friends I am so scared in this pit should tell bring this pig like it’s no big deal and it’s like wheeling and walking all over I get so scared I told her I was like this is equivalent to literally having like a dinosaur in here that’s what’s gonna this pick jobbing is put into my baby what do I do with him funny snow is dripping stroll you’re such a baby I can’t move him right now bite me oh my gosh she’ll live with it okay nice earlier I left my bag out on the floor and he went through it and pulled everything out of it and ate like oh my god trash he’s not happening look at shouldn’t shell just acts like it’s all easy she’s my little baby it’s not the safest way to drive an idiot like in net so that he stays in the back yeah alright well we’ll see you eyes you’ll see the shoot I survived the car ride by it’s fun doing cousin picture it’s so fun pregnant cousin pictures it’s not in our giant heels we’re just hopefully what our belly can do Chaudhary as we first approached yeah okay okay we’re gonna try to walk and not fall okay so this is where we’re shooting yeah but look how cool that path is so the reason we’re doing this shoot is because we’re trying to take sexy pictures for our husbands of us with our kid their babies in our stomachs totally that was the purpose of this for sure right hey javi want us to wear all white again with our bumps yeah that’s what it is we’re really trying to show off how beautiful the dresses are from hot right Lindsay this beautiful girl over there modeling modeling over there she owns a bridal boutique and then Moni you guys know from makeup blogs did our hair makeup yes yeah where’s hazmat crew over here give them some pictures and we figured we’re both pregnant and it’s kind of a fun like bridled pregnancy yeah we’re gonna definitely make some pictures like with our bellies yeah I live in his best cake there we go so sad money took off the Carlin’s packing up but we’re staying we’re so here ya go mad all the lights that lighting is really pretty oh yeah come in the shade over prosciutto isn’t him what are you using their shoots huh would you find AJ so yummy do you love it here the first video is seriously so close to my house oh you don’t know why I don’t come here more often digging the dogs always love it I mean he’s clearly in heaven let’s check out Madison she looks very pretty look at her over there call me your majesty I am I feel like you look like the snow princess and I look like the ice queen we’re kind of like elephant yes actually I’m kind of a snow princess you’re like ice cream yeah yeah snow glows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen beautiful next next next next yes that’s the one there it is there it is a wrap we’re gonna show you guys a bunch of the pictures now from the shoot because they’re gorgeous Michael did a great job we’re gonna put everyone down below spray Moni and Michael Reyes and of course Madison and addresses the beautiful dresses thanks Amy Paige so fun I like my favorite one it’s the one of us going buddy you’re hilarious can I see it you can kind of just see me so it’s pretty good love you guys love you guys that’s so cool fight you mad if it just absolutely spilled the treats all over the ground for heaven for shudos in heaven there’s just millions of his little treat right it’s like getting like a huge cake for your birthday hazing it we’re not gonna leave here uh-huh is that good shoot oh good boy

100 comments on “Photoshoot lighting falls on us!!!! x Madison Fisher

  1. You guys look beautiful in the photoshot love u guys so much Chantelle and Madison love your channel and your videos those dresses are just gorgeous #Pregnant Cousins u guys are just amazing

  2. Chantelle
    you look just like your sister! I can’t wait for the newborn baby to be here, PS please tell Savannah to real her baby name.

  3. Hi.
    My name is Myah and I live in New Zealand. I love watching your clogs and videos cause you guys are so pretty. Sav, Chantelle and Madison are all so pretty
    Live you guys❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hi Chantelle!I just wanted to say you inspire me to be who I am I love you so much!💖 PS:Can I have a shoutout it would mean sooo much!💖

  5. Ilysm!!! I just made a fan account for you guys on Instagram!! It’s called labrant.foley.fisher.fam!!
    Plzz go follow me ilysm!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I love this photo shoot and prosciutto just made it so much better,this looks like professional modeling I love you so much chantelle 💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕
    I u replied I would have a heart attack omg xxxx

  7. Y'all were stressing me out, not wearing seat belts, especially when you're both pregnant! Looking gorgeous as always though. <3


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