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Picture All This in Every Fisher Control Valve

Some people say valves are just valves. Don’t believe it! It takes more than metal to manufacture
a great valve. It takes smart thinking, hard work, and much more. When it comes to
valves and instruments, Fisher products have all the right stuff. To start they
are designed with your needs in mind. They’re widely respected for accuracy,
ease-of-use, and broad flexibility. Their full breadth of advanced engineering
features coupled with real-world experience
mean a quality product is delivered every time. It’s been done that way for
over six generations and knowledge is built and passed down as we grow.
There have been more than 400 Fisher technologies since 1960 that were so
unique and innovative that they were awarded US patents. Proven reliability is
largely attributed to extensive, full-scale testing. This attention to
detail combined with a disciplined approach allows the testing of products
to their extreme. You can be confident that Fisher products will excel in your
facility where and when it really counts. Quality is paramount, always. The goal is
a safe work environment where accurate communications and zero defect
manufacturing equate to on-time deliveries, high performance, and
satisfaction, but it doesn’t stop there. The breadth of the portfolio includes
offerings for the toughest industry applications, remote monitoring,
diagnostics, wireless, and highly specialized solutions. Go-ahead,
challenge us. In operation, where it matters most,
Fisher products are thoroughly dependable. Backed by more than 135 years
of experience in their designs and workmanship they offer immediate
benefits and the greatest lifecycle value. Each and every control valve since
1927 is fully documented so it can be accurately repaired to its original
condition. When needed there are more than 600,000 unique parts available dedicated
solely to meeting your commissioning, startup, and spare support needs 24/7.
More than 500 sales offices and service centers worldwide provide the industry’s
broadest local representation. Specialists take the time to understand
your process and offer their knowledge, application experience, and technical
support. So maybe a valve isn’t just a valve. There is a difference a measurable,
important difference. Fisher valves are better because at Emerson we believe in
engineering full-on.

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