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Pier Fishing using Glowing Fish Kryptonite

Pier Fishing using Glowing Fish Kryptonite

Woah!!! [indistinct talking] What happened? [Alright, just leave it there and–] [more indistinct talking] What’s going on? I got a few bites already. So it’s pretty rainy and cold but, um, the fish are popping everywhere, all over the place. [Erin:] I was not prepared for this… I think i’m Just gonna have to accept that I’m going to get soaked and so are all of us. So, our buddy here has made this huge, green LED light [Erin;} Oh!
[Daniel:] Wow
Woahhh!! [Daniel:] Okay.
Ohh!!! [Alright.] [laughing]
[Let’s go, fish!] [Where are the fish at?] This dude! Oh my god! Ha ha ha! I’m so happy you guys Invited me out! Supposedly this Green Light attracts a bunch of plankton or like microscopic creatures, which attracts bait fish, which attracts predator fish! And we’re here to see if that’s true or not. It was about a $40 build, right? [Like, $60?] $60 build? The only– the only other green light on the market that we have seen is a $400 one so this one he homemade. [There’s little minnows there!] [I saw it.] [That’s good, it’s a good sign.] It’s supposed to take, like, a pretty long time, so that’s why I wanted to get here and out, um…] There’s little stuff… … starting to swim around in there… Oh, there it is… [One big fish, I’m done, I’m done!] [It’s working!]
It- it did work!
[It did work, right there!] [They’re over here!] There are fish over there? [Yeah dude, uh latest perch.] You got one? [Oh yeah, it’s pretty big]
Oh! That’s a nice one! [Yeah.]
Okay. so we should move over? [Erin: Oh!]
[Daniel:] Well, we could leave our stuff there and just fish over there.
Okay. Yeah, I caught a crab on that! [excited shouting] It worked. Ooh! Look at that!
[Erin:] Wait, are you using the Dock Demon? Yeah, I’m using the Dock Demon! This is actually what I think it’s meant for… Ha ha ha! [Erin:] Pretty big perch… That’s a nice sized one, look at that.
[Erin:] I’m trying to adjust… There we go. We just doubled up on a– Oh, that’s a nice one too!
[Daniel:] Yeah. [Erin:] Oh ho ho!
Dinner- sized perch. [Daniel:] They’re uh–
Oh they’re– they’re bustin’
[Daniel:] They’re poppin’, yeah, we gotta go! Ha ha ha ha! [Erin:] Say what you’re using again? I’m using a little jig head, 1/4 ounce jig head, And I had worms on there but right now they’re in a feeding frenzy mode and they’re eating anything! Putting a Gulp Minnow on here. Throwing it out… And, man, this Dock Demon works pretty well for this. Woah! [What is–?]
That’s a striper!
[Woah! A striper!] [Oh wow, yeah.] Ooh.
[Oh, you’ve got something, there he goes!] Nice! [Nice!]
What is that, a big perch?
[Perch.] Save that. [I’ve had like– oh, here we go!] Woah! It’s on! What is that, perch?
[Perch.] [Erin:] Wow, that’s a big perch!
[Daniel: Yeah.
We should have left the– the light here! [Erin;] It’s as big as Brendon’s striper… Perch, although they’re small, they’re a lot of fun, they put up a big fight, especially on this little Dock Demon, I’ve got five pound test on here. It’s a lot of fun. Whoo! Oh, that’s a perch! That’s a perch! Oh, Grandma, you better cook this up for me.
[Erin laughing] So it’s been storming on and off and there’s been a lot of debate, is–does a storm bring fish in or does it repel them? For us, tonight, it seems like the fish are going crazy. They’re–they’re feeding very hard um, I’m wondering, what is your experience with fishing during a storm? Comment below! [Oi, I think I’m bad luck…] A tiny little flounder! Ha, look at that! That’s so funny! Look at that. Look how camouflaged that is. Wow. Cool fish. So, the Green light contraption that, uh, our buddy has made It was not fully waterproof, and water started leaking so we’re calling that off, but we did learn that it did attract a good amount of bait fish!
[Erin: Yeah] Whoo, and fish are busting so… Fish are busting so we gotta go.

100 comments on “Pier Fishing using Glowing Fish Kryptonite

  1. My experience with fishing during a storm is that it brings them in. For example, a trout honeyhole that I fish does awesome in spring and fall, because the water temps are cooler at the surface than in summer time (supposedly the trout like ~52 F). Flies work great there, because they are not bottom feeders. Anyways, during a rain storm in summer, Im able to catch those trout with flies because they come up to the surface when the rain cools off the higher temp waters.

    Again, I can't really prove this scientifically speaking, but it's what I've experienced with fishing during a storm.

  2. I live in Maine and in my experience storms kick up water run off that often provide food fish as well as blocking out some of the sun light to provide more cover for predatory fish.

  3. Proven science.I use two off the shelf weatherproof green flood lights,(60 L.E.D.s each), waterproofed with silicon sealer and floated lens down like a mini catamaran. Works great, so does painting your lures in fluorescent paint. I get funny looks at the 1,2 & 3 $ shop when checking out the nail polish with my blacklight torch! Fish see in the ultraviolet.
    P.S. Don't fish in rain, don't you know fish don't like to get wet?

  4. I fish with Dock Demons and Uglystik dock runner they fit perfect in the low side of gun rack in my truck awesome lil rods .

  5. I have been building and using these for a while and let me tell you they work absolutely wonderful and have many videos and photos to prove it

  6. Fascinating… The first few dives with my prototype lander I had ziptied some green glow sticks to it, later models had their own lights so I never used the glow sticks again… I might have to revisit this, esp during any night dives…

  7. This absolutely works. When I fish from the pier at night I hang my lantern a few inches above the water and tear em up. We also use lights on our boat. I have flood lights all around it.

  8. Look on Amazon all kinds of green led fishing lights for way cheaper. By in love you vids and your face book channel. Keep up the good work.

  9. I've watched alot of other fishing channels and I have to say I love your yours. I spend alot of time in my day watching your videos.

  10. The storm stirs up the bottom. The sea worms and shellfish start moving. The bottom dwellers feed on them and inturn the predator fish feed on the bottom dwellers. The light does work. I have had one for about 12 years that I use for crappie, white perch and stripped bass on Kerr and Gaston Lakes. Too much fun.

  11. We had one we hooked up to a car battery and it had like a million shad. My friend caught his limit on specled trout and i just got robbed all night by them damn specs lol

  12. I bought a set of light tubes for my boat for 40$ ish. green Blu white plastic tubes with halagen bulb. hooked up to 12v trolling battery.

  13. Yeah I bought some light online too , under $20, and the biggest issues with these cheaper lights is , the seal is not always good , so right away when I got mine , I went back and silicone the end caps and where the cord goes in .

    Had mine in water 2 weeks straight , no issues

    Of course I think you're suppose to have it on a timer for at lest 3-4 days to gradually attract baits , before the bigger fish will show up . Unless it's a establish fish area already

  14. I was about an hour from home and 30 minutes from shore when a popup thunderstorm hit. I made it to the bank to wait it out so i was bored waiting on the storm to pass. I dropped a line and it didnt even settle before i had a fish on. this continued as long as the storm did and as soon as the sun popped out, the bites stopped. I went home with a wet butt and a ton of fish. good times.

  15. I use a green light head torch/lamp when I'm sea fishing off the coast of Antigua W.I. and it's highly effective.

  16. Predator fish get really active right before storms, I'm not sure why but that's my experience. Big catfish really move around a lot also.

  17. always better in stormy whether because of barometric pressure on the move effects fish check out them facts

  18. Hey I want to know have you ever fish with a Japanese fishing reel called OKUMA I the state of Florida & Florida keys ?

  19. 400.00 green light? Bro where you shopping!? I have 4 of them from different sizes all rated for salt water… <40.00 each.

  20. 1 Storms makes fish go deeper in water they don't like the noise. 2 you used a light to get the fish.

  21. both your at the right place at right time or your not and this one's got me puzzle I have live bait cannot catch a fish switch to artificial Bay and start catching fish always puzzled me

  22. We used to hang a coleman lantern just above the water at the Grande Isle fishing bridge worked like a champ for white trout and specs! Good times 🙂

  23. On a falling barometer the fish feel the pressure change – and they think the world is going to end! Not really, but there is some truth in that. Fish need to eat. They burn all this energy swimming around – just being fish doing what fish do. When a good blow comes in, and the pressure drops, their world turns into chaos. Scatters bait, muddies up the water, if they get too shallow they can be injured; it makes for a rough time for them to feed which they need to do continuously. Outside of that, you just get wet and fish don't care….

  24. I’ve had nothing but bad luck in storms/rain days and nights. Ocean and fresh water. I thought if I was out there when know one else would that I would do great. I tried for years, 10, maybe 12 years and I won’t say nothing but never good. Night fishing usually better than day fishing. I’m in Cali

  25. I bet instead of buying a 40 $ light and possibly losing it you could hit the dollar store and tie maybe 6 glows ticks together and get the same effect.
    I've actually considered doing the same
    To answer your question about storms
    I have caught fish in storms before I've noticed when a front is moving in or the weather changes quick like right before a summer thunderstorm I've caught fish

  26. People have been using lights for night fishing long before the green LED. Just use a flaming torch. I don't think green is a miracle colour.
    Well have been off the Or, We coast thing a hurricane so………

  27. I know when its storming I typically catch 5-10 more crabs than I normally would, I think maybe because they go to the shallow ends to get what gets stirred up. or to seek shelter.

  28. I have great results fishing with light LED or hanging lantern under the bridge caught hundreds of crappies each night. Green light attached all fish crappie, bass, sauger, gar etc. best result LED 2ft under water and hang lantern right on top of the water. Bc you will able to see the fish swim in circles like aquatic NASCAR. I stop fish in day time bc of the results. I caught 10-30 time more fish night time with light than fishing day time. For me fishing is only slow the next day after the big rain due to muddy water, PH level, and barometric pressure.

  29. I was a little crazy when I was younger. Right before hurricane Andrew I mean as it was actually comeing into south Miami . I was 20 + miles north on a west Fort Lauderdale lake fishing with the wind a whistling . I swear I could not throw a bait in the water without getting a strike within seconds . I fished clear up until the wind was so strong I could not get the boat back to the side of the lake the car and trailer were . I ended up having to call someone to come get Me and my fish . And just had to leave the boat on that side of the lake till after the hurricane had passed. All true.

  30. hi I from Indonesia and interested to make some research about your thing's.. Can i contact the inventors? thx 🙂

  31. in a storm if you fish the direction the wind is blowing into shore you're gonna catch fish.. the wind will blow bait fish closer to land especially small ones that's the only reason fishing in a storm has any affect on large fish man

  32. I have a green light I use. Cost me $15.00 plus the car batterie I use to power it. Love it. It works!!!!!

  33. Do you guys just sport fish, or do you actually eat/keep some of your catches? Most of the time you seem to release 'em.

  34. You can just hang a lantern over top of the water and it will attract all sorts of fish and crabs. But it'd be interesting to see how he built that

  35. This man loves persh fish. It makes him happy or something unique about that persh

  36. Lightning striking my pole when I walked away then got a 5lb channelcatfish when I came back. Rod and reel were toast but the fish was tasty

  37. You guys are g's for going out there in the storm I never fished in the storm before but now I might try.

  38. Sometimes the green light attracts way to much baitfish then you can't catch anything because there is a million bait fish in the area for the bass or whatever

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