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Pier fishing: What is stealing your bait?

Pier fishing: What is stealing your bait?

Picture this: You’re at a great fishing spot, you’ve got bait on your line, you and your buddies are having a great time– But you cant catch $#*%!!! Something keeps stealing your bait! *crunching, munching* Something is pickin’ these apart… and we can’t catch ’em! So what do we do? What we do is… we try harder! Ha, and longer! Solomon’s Island is a great place to fish and crab because it sits right on the Chesapeake Bay. We went there for the famous Maryland Blue Crab, but we couldn’t catch anything. (You see that crab?) Now get the net, get the net! Ahh! Oh! Nooo! When we watched the footage at home, we realized that our bait attracted all sorts of weird underwater creatures. We also noticed that there were a bunch of little, small, Northern Pufferfish enjoying a free meal of free chicken necks. These chicken necks actually attracted a whole bunch different kind of little strange fish. Like magnets, the schools of spot and other fish were attracted to the bait. This guy caught a spade fish in his crab trap! So, one of the weirdest fish that we saw that day was called the Sea Robin, and the Sea Robin is a very strange looking fish with tentacle-like legs, really big spikes, and fins like wings, where it can actually fly out over the water, but the Sea Robin is actually a bottom-feeder! We also saw a herd of beautiful cownose rays, which weren’t really interested in our chicken necks… but the weirdest fish that we saw was a fish called the Toadfish, and this is a really slimy, gross-looking, um, squishy fish that was, actually, not eating the chicken necks, but instead it was standing on top, it was floating on top of the chicken necks, waiting for little fish to come by so it would eat the little fish. So, it wasn’t interested in eating the chicken neck, it was interested in guarding the chicken neck and surprising fish, and eating them. The Toadfish could have been what was keeping the crabs away, honestly, We wound up losing all of our chicken necks that day and had to stop fishing because we were out of bait. The pufferfish, I guess, just outsmarted us that day, and I wanna know from you guys, have any of you ever been outsmarted by fish? Well, I know for a fact that fish have outsmarted me actually, they outsmart me almost every time I go fishing. One time I hooked on to a snakehead, it was a big snakehead, shook it off right at the boat, and looks at me for a good five seconds before it just swims off. Just saying, like, “haha, f*#% you.” We’re going to bleep that out… Thank you guys for watching! Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe below because we post the every single week for you guys to watch! The Senko Skipper channel connects all sorts of fishing, fishing from around the world for you lovely people to share and watch. Thank you! We’ll see you next week in Florida! See you guys next week in Florida! That was so lame… ha ha ha! 🙂

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  1. i have been fooled by many fish down here in australia! We get a few species of puffer fish down here that always steal your bait haha

  2. When crabbing from a pier or cement wall, use a trap with bait tied to it by clothes hanger wire, pushed through the meat and bone. The trap must allow crabs to easily enter, but not leave. Start with an initial session of one hour to determine the time needed to attract crabs.
    If a trap is prohibited by law, use thick twine attached to clothes hanger wire, with the wire pushed through chicken leg meat & bone. Lower the baited line only 2 to 3 feet under water. Do NOT present the bait on the bottom. Maintain hold of the line, slowly pulling it to the surface ONLY WHEN you feel the bait being attacked or as it is pulled away from your point. It may take several tries to master being able to keep the crab on the line. When the bait, with the feeding crab, is about 1 foot from the surface, lower a long-handled fishing net to scoop under the crab, while continuing to retrieve the line. The longer the crab feeds, its awareness of the fishing net's proximaty lessens. In the 36 years of using this method, when a crab releases the bait, it will attempt to sink straight down, not realizing it is in a net.

  3. Always nice seeing a tourist coming to our bay for our famous crabs! After you catch em you should coat em in old bay snd boil em. And it's better and more fun to use a bunch of single lunes with necks on em that you pull in, the traps don't give the same experience of crabbing.

  4. I've been outsmarted by a northern pike I had him hooked pulling drag and I get to the dock my friend reaches in for him and he breaks off by biting though the line.

  5. I had a Sea Robin in my marine aquarium for @ 10 years. It was one of my best pet fish ever and would feed from my hand and allow me to pet it.

  6. if you can't catch a crab in a place that's famous for them it's time to stop. are you so daft you believe the earth to be of infinite resource. the more people who fish the Less fish to go around, it's common sense.

  7. Thank U for sharing your fishing videos ~ I love deep sea fishing but haven't been since 2008 due to a motorcycle accident ~ Keep up the great videos

  8. Using a crappy crab trap. Get one that doesn’t open up like that and one that requires the crab to crawl inside through holes on the sides. Also, sometimes the best bait is the other random stuff you wind up pulling up. Cut up the fish and use them as bait.

  9. Next time you go out to crab, try buying a can of fish cat food, pop a couple holes in it then drop it down, it will attract crabs for miles. The oils that are in the cat food are heavy so they just flow along the bottom and the crabs head straight for it! Takes about 14 hours or longer for the oil to dissipate. Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!

  10. Interesting fact: the famous “Chesapeake bay crab” you buy in stores and restaurants is actually caught off the coast of Florida and Georgia. Chesapeake bay is so polluted, that the crabs are toxic and would make us sick if we ate them.

  11. use a rubber band next time. that holds crab on a hook too real good for redfish, they love crab.
    for crabs shad fish make a good bait they put off a oil that attracts crabs. and are cheap and easy to catch

  12. I would not be so happy when standing on YouTube and saying "we're outsmarted by a fish.." .. but cudos for you admitting that you are not smarter than a fish (for those that didn't notice that in the first 2 minutes of the video).

  13. I would try using a closed crab pot. Crab go in but can't get out. Could stop other fish from getting your bait

  14. Senko Skipper
    i grew up on the west coast of florida, and the most common culprits were the gulf toadfish and the blue striped grunt

  15. eh, your trap is broken, why did the doors fall to the side. You need a legit crab trap, we catch blue crabs all the time here in Louisiana

  16. In freshwater, bluegill outsmart me. I'm going for cat or bass, bluegills come out as pack and rip my worm off from my hook. They outsmart me because when I catch them, I return them anyways. Lol (so at the end, they got fed and let goed so they win)

  17. I use a bait box in my traps. Keeps bait longer as any sea creature really can't pull the whole thing out and walk away with a meal. They can only get what comes through the holes.

  18. Everywhere in the world bait robbers exist. It's not uncommon. Use better methods for catch/capture. Nets are always good, but not legal everywhere.

  19. Wow I grew up in Bmore and am pretty knowledgeable about the bay. I never knew we had Rays in there that's great!

  20. Used to catch a lot of Oyster Toadfish down here in Tidewater, Virginia. Was always afraid to take them off the hook because of their

  21. Tie a little piece of net just big enough for your bait and then tie the little piece of net with some wire to your cage I'll promise you they will not be able to steal your bait then…try it and see

  22. Why don't you just eat those delicious chicken necks and leave the fish and crabs in the water! Haha j/k… But you know what else tastes just like lobster tails? Lobster tails! so lame

  23. Good job wow awesome footage bud I’m hooked dads piranha support and stoped avthumb watched

  24. If u want to catch crab and not be outsmarted and even catch fish maybe use a double ring crab cast net

  25. bro I like to watch you and your friend. Also like when you have your family on this show. But you keep it real you say what a lot of people will say and that's right there is what it's all about realness.

  26. I crab all the time on the Calif. / Oregon coast. I use the type of crab pot that the crabs get in and can't find their way out, letting it "soak" on the bottom from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. There are two types of crab I get, that is Dungeness Crab & Rock Crab. For bait I usually go to a near by fish cleaning station and get so fish heads. Tuna & Salmon work best. The only problem we have are the Seals. They have been known to rip a crab pot wide open just to get the fish heads.

  27. every time i go fishing for baby bluefish they seem like they have the brain of a human with a brain the size of mount rushmore

  28. Northern pufferfish and eel usually steal my bait. I actually caught eel and pufferfish in a basket style crab trap

  29. Well this might work. I know it works a little bit in CA, but if the weirdo fish are thrashing on your crab bait go ahead and catch one of them and use them as crab bait. In CA the pacific staghorn(sculpin) is what steals the bait from the crab nets. With them as bait (along with chicken or salmon head) they seem to ward off other sculpin from the nets. The crabs don't seem to care so they just eat it along with the other bait. Also try putting you chicken in bait boxes. The fish cannot get to it, but the crabs are a bit more persistent and will hang onto the bait box.

  30. i was trying to get some bream but this fucking cat fish kept going at us i was so pissed i noiced it was a cat fish because i put my bait in the shallow waters and just watched for a good 5 min and i saw the dick head

  31. I live in Australia and in my "city" we have "bluecrabs" and northern pufferfish, we use different nets but they're similar usually we pull them up fast so nothing can escape also we use a mesh to hold the bait do nothing can take it but the crabs are stupid enough to stick around if they can just reach some of it with their claws.

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