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Pig Face Tacos, Oysters, and Bourbon: Chef’s Night Out in the Mile High City

Pig Face Tacos, Oysters, and Bourbon: Chef’s Night Out in the Mile High City

we would see Italian opera to us it’s Denver I’m Justin Brunson Denver Colorado owner executive chef of old major restaurant masterpiece delicatessen and Denver bacon company we got tagged contemporary farm Al’s because we’re really passion about using local animals and vegetables and ingredients and we are a little bit country around here we like our biscuits we like our fried chicken we’re like our big cuts of meat I always wanted to build a big city style restaurant in Denver and I think we did that here 100% I mean a whole animal butchery Shaku turi fermentation huge baking program like we’re doing what it takes to be one of the best restaurants United States I mean it takes all these guys 60 70 hours a week to make this happen there’s no shortcuts in the food or the bar program or the bill down like this is a full-service establishment here and I’m just really proud to be able to bring that stemmer so the shot could replay here at old major we do five meet items it’s a great play like almost everybody that comes in the restaurant gets one the first piece of charcuterie we’re going to slice it’s going to be our house-made calibre AJ the flavor of this is star anis and sweet vermouth on the second is Coppa couple comes from the neck Buffalo the pig our third product is a dr. akuto this is our and dua and do is a spicy spreadable salami from Calabria this is our version of it so we just take a big scoop of that put it on a piece of toast this pate is work liver and pickled kicks all wrapped in lard it’s pretty sexy the old major shock URI flake I’m a meathead I love the craft of butchery and shot cooter II and sausage making and yeah I’m a meathead man we’re calling it a liver and onions stuff La Grande onion dish inspired by the Jewish culture 100% I never had foie gras till I was 21 years old it changed my life I serve huge portions Geneva Gras eat a portion of foie gras where you’re like whoa it was actually invented by the slaves from the Egyptians which works its use so goes thinking like how can we do a Jewish foie gras dish so our dish here is agrodolce red cabbage with a lock on top of it three slices of house cured and smoked beef tongue pastrami we go fat six ounce piece of foie gras sunny-side up quail egg on top of it then we finish it off with a French onion Demi gloss really rich this dish really needs the acid from the the agrodolce cabbage to make it nice nice liver and onions like old-school new-school the history behind it like love Justin run say hey what’s up man I’m a social person in I love restaurant business I love my friends thank you guys so much to take a night off work to get down here man it’s gonna be a good time we go out a lot bobak back there chef Kona that’s my brother from another mother back there so Thomas golden great friend of mine I’ve actually known him since we were 4 years old and each out wonderful friend of mine as well super wonderful and hopefully safe night watching see ya go Hawks our first stop is evening we’re gonna go to mercantile and see our buddy Alex Seidel 5280 chef of the universe he is up this year for nomination for the James Beard Award and I hope that wins for the southwest go outside now you’re the man I love mercantile the food’s great the service is great the environments great he owes its home and like imagine if your brother was a chef that’s how I feel about hawks mercantile is a concept that was born basically from the farm Colorado’s first and only artisanal sheep here we make a lot of cheese a weariest pigs we do a lot of produce we do a lot of pickling a lot of canning preservation you know we do everything from scratch what’s the girls we got there there was shops sitting there you know what we’re like so they’re back yeah hey chin chin what kind of rib eyes it freaks down oh they do a great job sitting in a bar is great with sitting a food bar like that the way that restaurant set up where you can set up the counter and order food it’s just awesome there’s magical things happening in here it’s like a little baby orgasm everybody oh wow that’s great what do we have here chef got a little maple leaf arms just a little lentil freezing yogi housemate cooking pickle squash really that’s rice money watch this hit some money I think my favorite dish was roasted bone marrow related on top with the short rib jam and blood oranges I’m a bone marrow horror and of course I mean who doesn’t look fat that’s great it’s an epic dish it looks beautiful – that’s exactly what you were asking for our warriors it’s exactly one of our favorite I think it deposit is with the smoked potato in the in yellow taste with the pickled cabbage very European German flavors really just gotta hit my soul so I think I was a great dish as well my grandma she makes the best pasta jump open up happen to be Tabasco thanks so much for having us man we’re on our way to car driver Matt thanks for having us brother it’s definitely one of Denver’s best restaurants hmm delicious so we’re going a cart driver it’s in this beautiful building it’s made out of shipping containers so it’s one shipping container at 600 square feet they make the best pizza in Denver hands down so we’d love to come here after work the juices flowing Oh your sappy up over the bar a barrage versus soluta just two things that we do really really well we love the flavor of the oyster with the pizza it doesn’t you Goku no fresh horseradish we’re gonna ship crispy guys bye dear yes put it yeah what we have here is our clam peace in our pepper seeds uh this is legit that clam pizza is banging fresh clams with Charlie a little reduction of clams sock and clean money it’s awesome look at these eyes look at these beautiful beautiful blue eyes I love Kelly’s feets I’ve always loved Kelly’s pizza his eyes are beautiful but it’s pieces better let’s do this let’s go to the falling rock Tap House boo boo boo bah boys you’ve ever actually been captive in old tradition don’t tip cows you break the ribs and they die yeah I’ve been Hawaii where we like we you like hunt boars it was you don’t electricity and so I grew up on a farm you don’t go to your neighbor’s house and push this cow over break his ribs or kill oh you don’t do it also ran the back big on biggest prevalent ranches in the world your beer doing best Tap House in the country let’s the falling rock Tap House you go there 11:30 12:00 o’clock at night it’s all restaurant people in there I think it’s 72 on tap then they have like 400 bottles but it’s that sense of Denver community at the falling rocks half house it’s beautiful thank you guys so much falling rock tap bass we’re going to old major for late night love you guys when he has a best jump in the world is what time what is the difference between a boner and a Camaro I don’t have a pretty big creepy pig head tacos for me my staff and my good friends let’s do this walks in the restaurant boys are getting done the front of house is getting done we’re gonna drink some beers they make some pig face taka we uh Suvi some pig heads cumin chilies garlic bagged em soo beat’em 190 degrees for 12 hours and then all we had to do was drop them down on the fryer I wasn’t sure if the fryer was gonna overflow or not thank god it did it it was first time I ever did that I’ve never done that before I just made sighs hey chefs Conan’s making guacamole table size like a wall haha oh we have bottles of whiskey for the kitchen all right let’s do this yeah make that happen boys some about late night smashing tacos it’s one of the best things the world late-night tacos are the jam yours awesome man a little Taco Time the whiskey time it was perfect it was a great ending for the night

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  1. why people eat fois i don't know; i eat fucking loads of chicken and beef, eggs, most of what comes from an animal but the way that fois gras is made is despicable imo

  2. I remember when I was working in Denver and heard about him downing a whole bottle of Fernet then going online and drunkenly berating his patrons.. Dude is a piece.

  3. First off I watch a lot of Munchies videos and usually the first thing in the comments is some douschelord calling the chef or people in the video a "Hipster" who gives a shit if they're hipsters your a judgemental dousche asshole, they're hipsters who gives a rat's ass.

  4. "I've known him since we were 4 years old" why not just say your entire life lol… do you really remember the day you met when you were 4? who cares just say all my life

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