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100 comments on “PIKE FISHING: Realistic vs Bright Lures 🔥(CLEAR WATER)

  1. J'adore les nouveaux coloris ils ont l'air top,il me les faudrait pour pêcher dans mes lacs du Tarn(françe) et pourquoi pas les tester en extramadura au mois de mai lors de mon périple espagnol.

  2. Next: Super realistic (like Line thru roach line thru roach and other realistic swimbaits) vs unrealistic baits (shape's) like jerkbaits and spinners spinerbaits

  3. I would like a McPike in my lure box because i do research like you guys on what works the best for different types of pike fishing. And i make my own soft plastic lures too, so it would be awesome to have one as inspiration.

  4. Another great video guys 👍👍👍
    I love wake up on Sunday morning take a cup of coffee ☕️ sitting on the couch and watching KanalGratis 🎣🎣🎣
    The baits are great 👍 I would like to introduce them to Canadian pikes 🎣🎣🎣

  5. Nice video! I could need a few of these McPikes for my first fishing-trip ever to Sweden this year 😁


  6. Nice video guys😉 I would like a Bright one because it's carnival🎭 and I have to decorate my panzy cap as soon as I go fishing😜

  7. I'm going to visit Aland this year so the package of new, fresh Mcpike lures will be absolutely amazing thing for me 😉

  8. those are so sick absolutley love large rubber baits for pike here in ontario canada but cant find those ones anywhere here in the north , would love to try those on my home waters of lake huron!!! great video guys keep it up!!!

  9. I used close to 10 hours in 10m/s wind today on the water, with completely 0 action… Therefore some McPikes would help me next time on the water 🙂

  10. Skulle vært kjempe kult å vunnet McPike da utstyrs utvalget her hjemme er mildt sagt elendig!
    Takk for nok en kjempe film, tusen takk!!!

  11. Would love to have a pack of the bright ones! I love bright lures and I have already planty of them but hey you can't have enough lures! Btw super cool video again guys!! keep on rocking!!!

  12. no wonder you lost almost every fish in the beginning. the way you hold your setup is far from optimum. And try a larger hook for those svarzonkers if you just use one hook. just my 5 cents. great video as always, especially underwater footage is magnificent. TL from austria

  13. Great video. I try on big lures at my lakes without succes. Mayby if i got this ones it will change. And will become a fan of Abu Garcia.

  14. Awesome video, just got all my gear to go pike fishing for the first time and it would be awesome to get either one of the lures! Also just shared your video!

  15. What a bloody pleasure to watch you again together fishing for really fun…Very nice video as usual..Can not wait to see you again..Thanks guys…

  16. I would love to win a realistic color mcpike to test it here in Latvia! Although any mcpike would be nice 🙂 I bet a big ol' mama would love it! :]

  17. Är grön på gäddfiske men tänker gå all in i år så det hade varit sköj med ett tillskott i betesboxen som fungerar!😉🎣🎣🎣

  18. Great video in an astounding place, Åland island is a bucketlist place to visit one day.
    Surely could use a new lure, lost a few lures due to snags as it happens, but these rubber bad boys look like something to take a swim for if a snag happens, cheers.

  19. So great vibe you two have. Really like your channel and especially these challenges. At the moment I'm looking for bigger lures and this video was super cool to know what I want so it will be really nice to have for example the motor oil perch lures in my lure box. 

    Keep on with good work boys!

    Greetings from Slovenia! 🙂

  20. I would love to chuck some of these lures in our deep, dark glacial lochs in Scotland! They look incredible! Please send some my way and I'll do my best to catch a monster from the deep 😁

  21. I was fishing today and this person (he is a fisherman) came up to me and acted really creepy? He touched my thigh and grabbed my hand and put it on his knee and he said I should come on Saturday to fish with him. Should I go? He is really creepy 😶

  22. Awesome video guys really enjoyed that very interesting the colour battle,, would love either colour,, keep up the great work

  23. I want them because I have mostly just bad and old baits.
    And my parents bought a summer cottage in the archipelago at the end of last year where I will spend most of the summer and spring and really want to take my fishing to a new level with these baits.

  24. Watching that rollercoaster of emotions from Mille is 100% what happens to me ALL the time! Great video again guys!

    I would love some of those baits. They would be killer here in canada but the shipping and exchange rate is killer on the wallet

  25. I need these rubber fish to catch the 1m + fish in my new water this year !! And since my water is very clear, these are the right baits for it !!

  26. I don't want these lures as I make my own soft baits so please give them to someone else but I think the baits you used today could both pass for bright lures in my opinion. Realistic vs Bright doesn't cut it all that well because it's a subjective term. You could fish with a clown fish pattern or peackock bass pattern and still be realistic while they both have highly visible colors. The "realistic" baits you used today also have bright orange in the tail section, UV enhanced motor oil color and bright orange throat section, bright orange eyes etc. Next time repeat this challenge with self poured baits with plastisol in only full black color and full chartreuse colors. The word goes that pike really like full black baits in murky waters and in clear waters aswell. While many people believe bright colors work well in murky water. To me that would be the ultimate color test BLACK VS. CHARTREUSE and nothing else. Also when you get that many strikes but you don't get hooksets try smaller lures. It's not the size that matters here but the numbers right.

  27. that was some epic lunch lads. the abu garcia swim baits look awesome. havent seen these in australia but will be perfect for barra and murray cod.

  28. Love you guys, amazing videos as always !!! Keep them coming as it is a delight to watch your videos !!! I would love the motoroil perch ,smoking hot pike . Greetings from UK .

  29. Seem to have better luck with natural here I Wisconsin. Could be a confidence thing as well. Awesome videos and awesome baits.

  30. Great video, would like to know if those baits would be good in Canada? We don’t really have these kind of lures in our region!

  31. Great video as always!!
    I would love to try out this lures, just bought me a new pike rod to compliment my fly fishing for pikes, so need to gear up in the lures 😆

  32. Hello. One more time my weekend was saved by yours video im seek and my children So im in home this week. In this i want to start fishing On baitcasting with large bait. My wather are shalow and green do i like to brigt lure. See you on the next video. Greats from Poland

  33. Honest answer: I would love to get my hands on the motoroil perch casue it's just so awesome good looking lure. Would probably get my new pb om it too.

  34. I have hade a really slow pike hunt last year and really need something that can bring my game up. I think McPike could help me with that.
    Thank you guys for your videos. It's really make my day when a new episode pops up on the phone.

  35. There`s a super clear lake with high fishing pressure near my home. I couldn´t really crack the code for this lake yet, but these super realistic lures might do the trick. I would love to get some of those.

  36. Jag får typ aldrig fisk, och har ganska lite beten, och det skulle vara sjukt nice att testa mc pike, för jag älskar mc perch och andra av swartzonkers beten, och jag behöver bra beten, för det är riktigt segt fiske längs ostkusten

  37. Je voudrais avoir les mac pike pour agrandir mon nombre de leurres dans ma boite de peche et pour pouvoir les tester!
    Merci du concours 😉

  38. Hi from canada. Merci pour tout votre travail ,vos vidéos sont vraiment excellentes. Je n'en manque pas une. Filet et patates miam. Ici au quebec les leurres mc pike etc.. ne sont pas offerts en magasin. J'aimerais bien essayer cela sur les maskinongé du fleuve st laurent. À plus!!

  39. Another great video as always, love the various challenges. I'm from Canada and do not have access to those lures. If I get some it might start a whole new trend for Abu Garcia in north America!

  40. Until recently, I thought it was too big lures for my waters … I want to try with my child. If we were lucky enough to receive from you, I would have to take the snorkeling kit … because losing them would be a heavy blow. Greetings

  41. hej grym video!!! jag har nyss börjat satsat på gäddfiske och håller på att bygga upp min gädduppsättning och dessa skulle passa perfekt. plus att alla vatten jag fiskar i i Jämtland är klarvatten så dessa skulle vara ett stort plus där!

  42. I have never caught a pike or zander before😬 would loved to get some new pike lures😍 Love you Kanalgratis, skit fiske!!🎣🎣

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