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PIKE FISHING with Lures – Urban Pike 2

PIKE FISHING with Lures – Urban Pike 2

Back on our old stomping ground feels good to be back man , it does doesn’t it you had to get a new rod yea fresh new rod what better place to give it a give it its first trial the town stretch look at that shoe there someone left their 110 bro trust me cant believe how real it looks if i was a Pike i would eat that all good bro, right lets get casting then lets go lets walk down there get the GoPro on start fishing yeah? lets go then oh dear Snagged Bro nice one cheers bro ‘1000 years later….’ its a wheelie bin ain’t it? alright boys there’s fish in here? can you get your snips on there? on the lure bring it closer nice one first catch there is fish in there? yeah yeah you sure? we haven’t caught any today but we… *inaudible* yeah yeah? YouTube its on YouTube, yeah yeah yea man i thought that was a fish i did did ya? that felt like a bite man its a tree ain’t it? naa you weren’t no? naa your hook was just around the thing safe cheers bro missed our turning did ya? well… dude watch yourself considering that erm this boat is annihilating this swim lets go home shall we walk back? are we going to beat this boat there or na? well yeah, the way they’re going yeah moody you are next level every time we’re here i truly believe there is pike all down this bit like in these little pools in the bridge yep! just give it some time, its coming up now nice one boy! first Pike of the season bro, yeah nice 78 cm 78? yeah that’s not bad first Pike looks nice mate took it just on the hang on the hybrid man, always the way mate its so nice to have a Pike in my hands check out the colours on it man s**t son! right, like we did last time lets get you one i feel knackered haven’t even done anything well in bro
first one mate kick it off on the first one probably about 6 pounds? na i’ll give you more than that about 8 maybe?
maybe 8 about 12 yeah?! so we’re just about to finish up for the first session finished on the one Pike, Sean’s still on it trying to get one so shall we call it a day Sean? yeah lets go home
lets go home man safe last cast last cast last cast na i’m only joking come on lets go just arrived at the second location to catch some more Pike hopefully Pike Fishing, Pike Fishing, Pike Fishing Urban Pike Fishing Urban Pike Fishing just carrying on from what we was did the other day really just going to have a little walk around see what we can find yep we are on one pike so far this season we we’re in this stretch in the last video if you haven’t seen that video here’s a link right here soo hopefully we get a few more out see ya soon back down underneath the motorway and we’re going to give it a try here we’ve had some action here in the past so hopefully woohoo yeah boy nice jack nice Pike nice little jack nice i got snagged mate
did ya? told you it was my turn today yeah look at that in its side there oooh savage you reckon thats another Pike? possibly nice little Jack i suppose its meaty, its been eating right lets get this Da’Bush out lets get him back in second Urban Pike so, Da’Bush you got one on the hybrid i got one on Da’Bush this is it mate i reckon that’s it now they’re going to start biting when they bite on Da’Bush they bite on everything I’ve got that lure fatigue that’s like your legs, your mind your body, you know everything starts to go come on lets go oh don’t forget your rod peace whats this? session number 3? yep we’ve had about a week off as well looks fresh tho man big up to the canal and river trust for coming down and cleaning the canal i cant see any crack yet i cant see any needles we’re going to catch some Pike today catch any fish yet mate? not today mate naa not today? trying tho at least you got one ennit? na these are what we use to catch the fish oh so you’ve got to, ill show you how do it first so you’ve got to press this button in and then you just flick it out and keep your thumb there and then you just reel in
I’ve never fished before almost yep and then start reeling in do you like, cook them? naa naa we just release them and that that’s alright then isn’t it? because some people just catch them and eat them yeah yeah na just do it for a bit of fun get out and about you know go new places spend some time in nature even tho we’re in the city yep its come off just had another hit did ya?
yeah man i’m positive yep do you want my longer net mate or are you alright? there you go pal nice one he will not come back for that… no don’t think he will mate didn’t enjoy that just coming near the edge to see if he’s down here that’s different
that’s a good little one so there’s some Pike, active Pike around here ain’t there yeah mate i think that’s a different one it is a different one the other one was bigger yeah that’s a smaller one that is nice tho obviously feeding its not going to bite me? see the rows of the teeth? is he still alive? yeah yeah hes fine, he’ll swim back he’s pacified because I’ve got him by the jaw they’re on the feed did you lose a fish? yeah literally like under there where you’re coming now he’s got it ones following he’s got it, he’s got it, i’m hooked get him Tom! wait there, wait there, wait there did you just rob my fish? *inaudible* what can i do man? what can i do? what can i do? i’m so sorry na its a nice Pike bro well in cheers man thanks for the assist on that one yeah man i warmed it up for ya you did enit safe bro that’s a bigger one that’s a nice one mate its quite long its big ain’t it? yeah its decent man especially for these Urban Pike bro ooooh mate that is defiantly my biggest over these Urban Pike sessions i cant believe you robbed my Pike i think a lot of the credit there has to go to Snagged Bro’s second top fisherman, Tom for the assist on that one wait there’s only two of us look at that heavy you know i’d say it’s 20 pounds 25! lets get this big girl, i’d say its a girl defiantly Female? yeah i’d say so bro yeah will you give me 10 pounds for that or na? that was a close one i just went in i got this in my hand i was like ‘ahh s**t’ two Pike yeah, well no, you had one Pike and you robbed the other one off me yeah hard hard rob it needed to be done tho that lure needed to be in ASAP from that because it would of turned and it would of went and we probably wouldn’t of had it but it was a nice Pike man it was probably about 80cm – 90cm we didn’t have our scales we we’re thinking… we need to hook up some decent scales we’ve got some scales but we think they lie so we don’t bother using them scales lie man, they lie scales lie because Sean’s fish are always lighter than what he thinks it is good session today man nice takes Da’Bush is working today what braid you got on yours? i have got 40 pound J-braid Daiwa mine is 27 i think, or 23 yeah J-Braid i like using the heavier stuff just because of all the trolleys and bikes and we’ve upgraded to making our own wire traces and this is solid its the first one I’ve put on no more buying wire traces na we’ll have to do a video on it yeah yeah we’ll put it in a YouTube video more junk for YouTube more junk for YouTube yeah man we’ve caught some really nice Pike from the town center we’re going to go back there through the winter maybe do some live baiting, dead baiting videos as well if you haven’t seen the video that we done previously go check it out on that stretch same stretch i’ll put the link at the end of the video one of those Pike Pike Urban Pike Urban Pike Fishing Lure Fishing Lure Fishing For Pike On Canals Lure Fishing Pike we’re just getting that in YouTube alright? Canals cementing it in, Canal Fishing Birmingham Birmingham Canal Fishing Brum Town Massive whats this guy doing? how about getting my head in shot? cant help but only get only your head in shot because its about 20,000 pounds yeah so good one that was my favorite joke of today man and I’ve been awake a long time today

100 comments on “PIKE FISHING with Lures – Urban Pike 2

  1. More great content lads. A lot more going on than just the fishing. I reckon you could make a great TV documentary about how the canals have changed.

  2. Haha member of public 'at least you caught one' guy fishing…'no that's the fishing lure we use' jeez you couldn't make it up.

  3. Wow I didn't expect to see big healthy fish in that dirty canal . I subbed your channel ,hope you check out mine also P.S. I got an accent LOL

  4. I did something strange the other day, I took my jighead for a walk, just slowly walked down the bank twitching it. I just wanted to keep moving, and I caught a Perch. Is this a method? Or am I just being an idiot? Worked though, I interested a Pike doing this, but couldn't make it move fast enough, not a great runner you see, and the Pike got bored. I can't tell you how frustrated I was, because it was a good size! I must have spent an hour afterwards trying to catch it will all different lures and probably stupid tactics…the Pike just knew!

  5. Here in Southern Ontario shore fishing for pike is hot in the muggy days of late august, where my go to baits are perch and smallmouth imitating jerkbaits, as well as hot colours like orange, red and yellow. I also catch a lot of pike at this time off tiny yellow grubs whilst fishing for panfish. During brief November-Dec and even Jan warm ups pike come to shore again, in the right weather and given the right luck, even hanging out in embayment's at the edge of the expanding ice shelf – these pike are always hungry for bigger perch imitations, jerkbaits, glidebaits, swimbaits. Then in the earliest thaw, in Feb or March there can sometimes be days where Pike will take Trout imitations near the shore, and this is the secret time to catch a trophy, on a day when the snow is melting off the ground, the ice is open enough to cast into but winter is far from over. The windows for finding good fish are small, and successful fishermen follow the pike out into the lake.
    I wish we had more covered canals like this for summer pike to hang out shallow. Unfortunately the city of Toronto badly mismanaged it's wetland resources and none of the major rivers here are particularly habitable to pike. The advantage of building a fully covered canal should be obvious to any fisherman, but the ministry of natural resource people don't get it. What ends up happening in the city is that there aren't enough tree's and the smaller fish can't catch a break – our waterfront is heavily fished by birds. The city is still working to expand the waterfront and rebuild habitat.
    Of course I can't complain too much that my immediate area doesn't have trophies, since I do live in Canada and we have Northern Manitoba, big pike capital of the world.

  6. The Birmingham canal fishes extreme well on bronze/ Brown coloured lures. Specially on Brown trout lures. Ondex spinners do catch well aswell . Give it a try lads

  7. Damn these narrow boats using the canal are so inconsiderate even though they do pay to use them! Rude, I call it. Why can't they wait till all the anglers have gone home?

  8. Proves how much crap there is in our canal systems and that if they were cleaned or dredged that there probably wouldn't be as much flooding

  9. Snagged bro love your videos keep going I have a video suggestion can you do a video of putting small fish in a bottle and set a GoPro down and watch the reactions of the pike it’s mad 😂 💖

  10. Great stuff, try "playing" your fish a bit more, that's the whole point to tire them so as not to be jumping all over the place when you get them landed.

  11. Loved the vid. Done plenty of the same here in Burnley Lancs. Might I suggest though, if you stand well back from the edge and just have your rod tip near the water, plus fan your casts to cover the whole area in front of you. Do that and I promise you will get more fish. Keep on keepin' on Bro's.

  12. Only watched this because I couldn't believe that any fish would live in that industrial soup, absolutely gob smacked that you actually caught something……….

  13. Aside from the wipe-downs you guys are doing alright looking after the fish. Nice to see you have an unhooking mat with you, too many anglers don't bother with it. I moved to Canada 10yrs back where it's a different style of angling than what I was used to in England. There are a lot of predatory species in my area such as Pike, Longnose Garfish, Muskellunge, Bass, Channel Catfish and Pickerel (kind of like a smaller Zander). I still use the unhooking mats for the release fish as you never know what you're pulling up out of the river. We get large Sturgeon and massive carp too on occasion and I'd hate having to unhook a 30lb carp or 48 inches of angry sturgeon on the bare carpet of the boat.

  14. Brill video lads. Is that the rage warrior 2? Looks like some sort of drop shot variant I have the same one but it’s not quite the same

  15. WHY WHY why do people hook snags then just throw them back in get it out of the water put them behind or anywhere just stop putting them back in the water for other anglers to hook

  16. Great video! I'm termporarily in the Birmingham area for work, I used to do a lot of street fishing in France and Italy where I lived. It would be cool to do something together!

  17. Is that the brige in Witton near the new fosters store at 8:15 mate? And if have you tried the river tame ? There's a nice stretch of the tame going through the industrial estate by gavin way / tameside drive. I've never fished it, but hope you guys could give me some reports on the tame going through brum.

  18. Alright lads which part of town is this…….I now live in Wales and fish the upper severn for pike but would love to get them back home in town centre that would be class

  19. I'm surprised anything survives in that nasty water. Those Pike are so skinny must not be a lot of grub in the canals. Are those the same as our Northern Pike in the USA? I know those are babies compared to the ones we catch up in the Northern USA.

  20. Great video lads, what rod and reels you using? Want to start on the pike fishing but don’t know where to start…


  22. I would have bet good money that any fish in those canals would be a mutant because the water is so polluted I wouldn't even put my foot in it. I watched many magnet fishing videos so I know how bad it is. But nice catches other than the one with the cut they look really healthy uneatable but healthy

  23. I see you took the real looking perch off ?? Was too dark to see ??
    Need the silver flash & Get the roach one next time ?? It's banging
    Perch have big sharp spines '~' & They stick up into the roof of the
    Pikes mouth (At worst it's brain) If they time the attack wrong !! So
    Roach/Silver fish there ain't that risk so they'll slam it every time '-'
    I also like whopper popper/Burt '-' But I need to try fake frog/rat ??

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