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Pink Salmon Fishing

Pink Salmon Fishing

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher
I’m your host Bill Spicer on this week’s show we’re fishing the north shore of
Lake Superior in Algoma country we’re gonna start in wah-wah and fish the
rivers all the way back to Sioux sainte-marie it’s going to be a great
show so stay with us we’ll be right back today the new fly fisher crew is fishing
on the shore of Lake Superior we travel along Highway 17 starting just outside
of Wawa on the Mishima cotton river then the old woman river then the Sand River
and we finish up at the rapids of su st. Marie joining me today as guest co-host
is Jon babbling Jon has spent many fish-filled days exploring a north shore
of Lake Superior our first river is the Misha piccata
never just outside of Wawa the rivers name means big Bluffs in Ojibwe and
refers to the large hills located near the river’s mouth it didn’t take long
for the action to start that one hit that was a good hit again
just swinging it through dead drift egg patterns and that’s what we’re trying to
find is an aggressive response and this guy is pre beat up but not beat up
enough to hit like I’ll tell you look that yeah let’s hold them up right here pretty
beat up I’m spawning around there it goes
yeah fall time in Algoma country can’t beat it
check my rigging after catching a fish they scrape across rocks just run your
fingers along the line like that feel any nicks change your knot or change
your tippet the flies that that you must have when you come to Algoma country are
good solid selection of egg flies I prefer a chartreuse pink and orange as
as staple colors for egg patterns in a variety of shades I often bring a
selection of cactus flies with some sparkle color to them and a selection of
smaller micro eggs for fussier fish also I bring along a good selection of large
flies big Closer minnows and bigger spat urns in bright colors preferably
chartreuse and blue and darker purple a good selection of nymphs is also an
important set of flies to have I prefer hares urn imps in all of and in the
traditional tan color along with wooly buggers and an assortment of small space
flies when fishing the st. Mary’s Rapids but again the males seem to be the ones
they’re aggressive today I have yet to hit a hand so which is good I don’t want
to hit the hands I want to leave them where they are but this guy here ate it
right up we go there you go little guy come on
you can do it there we go one now one of the simple patterns we all learned when
we first started tying flies a wooly worm a black body
you got a hackle Palmer through to make a look like a legs and a bit of a red
tail now as soon as I switched over from the egg fly to this they turned on this
is it must I rotate them more than the eggs do so woolly worms this is about a
size and yes uh yes uh oh yeah this is such a
deadly method just your indicator split shot either egg patterns or in this case
a woolly worm which is it which is a stone fly invitation Oh get out of them
rocks get out of them rocks okay there he is there you note here closer to there we go got him now again aggressive
male it looks like I just had him – will he worm
and there you go nice aggressive mail getting back in the water anywhere you go he’ll sulk there for a
bit the nice thing about fishing the North
Shore of superior and fishing all the rivers under the highways is I’ve been
here an hour and a half to seeing how many fish I’ve taken now we’re going to
move on to the next River and see what we get is it’s a big surprise every time
you move oh just one there are two setups we use today the
first is a floating line to a nine-foot leader with 16 inches of six pound
fluorocarbon tippet attached and then the fly split shot is added just above
the knot connecting the leader in the tippet the second is the same as the
first only we add a strike indicator at two times the depth of the water the next river we visited was the old
woman River and it was just 20 minutes down the road from the Michigan River
we immediately found one large pot of fish but the water is low and extremely
clear this meant the fishings going to be tough if you can see the fish clearly
this means they can also see you slight is to it
that would lead me to believe that something is picked it up and I’m
staying on this side of the pod just below them somewhat just to start out
right and downstream of them because what I’d hope is that we can hook a few
on the edges of the pod before you get right into it before we get right into
it bhishan big job Bell feels like a tail yeah that is the one problem when you
got that many fish oh that’s very good that’s it right there bill there you got him that time I seen you
pull him oh yeah good man there we go you know you’ve got
him right at the end of the tail at the at the end of the the pod there yeah it
took the last fish yeah he took the nymph to bail he taken in okay took the
nymph right in the nose small bright pink it’s amazing how strong they are
for their size absolutely they did they’re wonderful fish oh and you’re all
I just had one on this isn’t it this is an incredibly strong fish for his size
it’s hard to believe this is a quite a fast action seven eight weight rod in
about a nine foot six length for a fish that size to put a bend on it right in
the nose very very typical east shore of Lake Superior Algoma country pink salmon I’ll go of my country pink salmon just
200 yards from the highway we better let him go so he can go on to make more
pings the farther we traveled upstream the
lower the water got it was getting late in the day so we decided to travel to
the next River along the highway which is a sand the conditions on the sand were
extremely low so after a short time we decided to call it a day and head back
to her cottage to plan for the next day it’s usain Marie after a good night’s sleep
John and I were eager to get to the Sioux Rapids we thanked her host and
headed down highway 17 to Susan hurry we checked into our next cabin and then
headed to the rapids while we’ve been along highway 17
the fishings been tough so where do you go when the fishing gets tough back to a
favorite haunt now we’re on the sink Mary’s Rapids now and people that have
watched our show before know this is one of my favorite spots to fish I’m back an
old reliable hole we’re gonna try it for a little while here and John says he
knows some other holes on the rapids that maybe I don’t know about so I’m
really excited about this we have a pile of fish in front of us so this should be
good there you go get yourself a meal this time
oh and he’s gonna go for a run all right all right now look at that that’s yeah
and you might have to go for a run because if he goes any farther well big
shit up I see that a bigger chin again love that whoa oh that’s too bad
well that’s the way it is that’s that’s that’s part of the gig just part of the
game but shows you how pugnacious they can be they’re good fighters aren’t they
ridiculously strong for their size and a whole lot of fun now John up here this dish year we run
into a lot of Pink’s but other years you can run into Chinooks and co-host what
recommendation would you give for the folks at home on rods and reels well as
a minimum 9 to 10 foot 7 weight is a good place to start
I prefer certainly in the fall you can run into a lot of wind and definitely a
1/8 weight or even heavier is not overkill for these fish you’re still
going to have a great time landing the smaller Pink’s and and not wear them out
and if you do get a big Chinook or coho or even a steelhead there’s a much
better chance that you’re going to be successful in landing that fish quickly
and releasing it as smoothly as possible what about reels as far as reels are
concerned now I like the large Arbor but is that necessary it’s not really
necessary I certainly prefer a large Arbor because sometimes the fish do turn
and run to you and when they do it’s nice to be able to pick up a lot of line
but having said that I’ve used traditional level line drills up here
too just with plenty of success right great smooth drags though that’s the
case the the Chinook set and these Pink’s will run your drag on you we
found that out absolutely smooth dragon and ideally a rim that you can pump okay when when fishing migratory fish
especially in rivers like the st. Marys River where there’s a lot of current and
a lot of rocks the most important thing to do is to try and get a drag free
drift as possible a lot of mending and focus on the tip of the line or the
indicator being as careful as possible that if there’s even a hint of movement
for whatever reason set the best success comes when when you think there may be a
fish it doesn’t matter if there’s a bit of a rock you can pick up again and set
cost again concentrate underline that’s it what’s that this on good man ah so what I did there
I mend it over mend it over mend it over made sure that I had good slack in the
line and when when I saw even the tip of the line just make a slight curve I set
the hook oh good hen another good hand boy we’ve taken a good number of hens
today just a nice little hand fairly fresh there we go chartreuse cactus fly Algoma
country pink salmon love it the pigs here the Sioux are much larger
than the ark further up in the north why I don’t know but they seem to be larger
and again another male and you got to get in control him if you don’t they’ll
be in that fast water and gone on you so believe it there they’re small but they
really really fight hard getting control get my net ready again and can you go there buddy one after the
other and the st. Mary’s Rapids I get a big meal I’m implying side pressure I think he’s just about done sort of
dwarfs mine that’s for sure wowie that’s a big fish that is a big big pink can
you get old yeah I can dynamite there we go double-header you
got to like it coming to the soup Wow how beauty Wow yours yours
absolutely look wonderfully wonderfully big way mine goes this trip has been
great as an all along the North Shore probably the most beautiful area of the
min of my life you think you’re on the Canada’s west coast when you’re going to
North Shore Superior and then you end up in Old Faithful the rapids of six to st.
Marie oh just incredible gotta love it another good pink salmon and I got another hand and it’s another
good hand and another hand but away she goes hey
then John can go and fight his fish I want you to swap this one into the net
it’s a good well it’s a good one is it okay I’ll get my net you got a great big
tail on him big powerful tail I just don’t want to bang him up against the
rocks now look at that oh look at that hey how does that cactus
egg pattern that you got beautiful Oh big big nice big tank
look at that T big male oh yeah man oh man we’re sort of beat him up today you’ve got to make your next trip to the
North Shore of Superion Algoma country for more information on today’s show and
other shows in our series visit us on the web at embark for
videos like the one you just saw in more subscribe to our channel you don’t want
to miss our weekly uploads of educational videos exciting trips and
much more

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