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what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing you my top 6 most pissed off fish these
are my top 6 most pissed off fish you should have known better based on their
name in the first place and that kept them all the water cooler more fish goes
do what happened here my top six most pissed off fish but number six most
pissed off fish and Jack Dempsey alright look I’m gonna cut you guys a little bit
of slack because you may not been a history major like me and do not
understand who Jack Dempsey was in the first place – let me enlighten you Jack
Dempsey was a world champion heavyweight boxer from 1919 to 1926 that’s right for
seven years he was the World Heavyweight Champion as a kid Jack Dempsey used to
roll into bars and say I can’t sing and I can’t dance but I can lick any sob in
here he was in pick fights and bet on himself and one of his early fights he
fought a guy named George Copeland George Copeland outweighed him by 20
pounds George Coleman told the ref I might kill that skinny kid Jack Dempsey
knocked him down seven times in the first round twice in the second then the
refs stopped the fight this was back before ref stopped fights he was gonna
kill him Jack Dempsey you want to keep a fish named after a heavyweight champion
boxer knock yourself out Jack Dempsey whenever six most pissed off pitchers
should have known better but number five most pissed off fish should have known
better just based on same it’s called an alligator gar alligator gar sand after
an alligator yeah you know alligators they’re prehistoric Andale been around
as long as dinosaurs they periodically eat children and a lot of stupid dogs
down in Florida yeah and you want to keep a fish named after an alligator
seriously alligator I know I’m gonna get this
alligator gar I’m gonna put in a 55-gallon so it can barely turn around
I’m gonna be your goldfish all day and no one that I don’t know what happened
go soon it ate all my fish yeah alligator gar reportedly gets 6 feet
long you take this fish home eat all your fishing you wonder why didn’t eat
all my fish cuz alligator gar acted like an alligator number four most pissed-off fish talk
about the Oscar fish every single one of us has seen Sesame Street who knows you
Oscar the Grouch’s Oscar the Grouch’s a pissed-off guy lives in a trash can they
wanted to play a game everybody’s Li again you want to keep a fish named
after Oscar the Grouch fish is pissed off it’s also gangster
rearranges your entire tank and eats all other fish Oscar fish what number four
most pissed-off fish one of the 350 pissed option no better just based on
say I’m talking about the wolf fish yeah I’ve collected these fish with my
own two bare hands down in Peru we have to hurry up and eat them before day
eight I don’t want a wolf is never a fairy tales as a kid
what’s the animal eats little piggies house tomato hey a wolf
what’s the animal these little piggies house made of sticks a walk what animal
eats Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother a wolf and you want to buy a
fish and put it in your tank it’s name into something could potentially eat
your grandmother wolf fish my number three most pissed off fish one number
two most pissed off fish no better keeping the first plate it’s called the
green terror as in like scream and terror
yeah green tears look sweet I’m gonna give you that but green tears will
terrorize everything else in your tank they’re going to be a terror in your
aquarium green terror my number two fish shoulda known better to keep in the
first place what number one most pissed off fish this is easy it’s the Red Devil
named after the devil the opposite of God ruler of the underworld in all
things evil yes you want to keep a fish named after Satan himself here’s a video
of a Red Devil actually attacking its owner I had to go through five videos
until I finally found a video but this fish was actually not being kept by
itself in its own Satan cage quits Adelie was being kept with a gangster
pleco red devil my number one most pissed off fish drop me a comment on
your most pissed off fish tank on


  1. 30 plus years ago I had two 2 inch oscars in a 55 below a 55 community tank. You know guppies, plays, tetras, and assorted other small fish. Left for a 30 day deployment with my squadron to the carrier. Came back, see no oscar in the lower tank, ask wife what happened she say one died so the other looked lonely so she put it in the upper tank. Only fish left were Australien Rainbow and a few others that either hid or were faster and a 4 inch oscar!

  2. Oscars aren't that bad. I've kept multiple pairs with other fish in a 75 gallon no problem. I also fed them pellets and not live food. You don't need to be a history major to know who jack Dempsey is.

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  4. Lol.. I keep most of these fish. I have never had a want to keep other types. Although, I don't do much community stuff with them for obvious reasons. I do have a 150 with 2 Jack D's and 2 Green Terrors, and I have had no issues for 5 years now. The tank is pretty spread out with plenty of hiding spots, so it's cohesive. My Flowerhonrn has her own 4 ft.110 gallon, my Red Devil has his own 90 gallon. They actually get along and have bred, but they were basically raised together. I love my Americans. I have to say though.. the meanest fish I have ever owned was an Arrowhead Puffer.

  5. this is a bs list it's all based on the individual fish not the name I've had oscars, green terrors, midas, red devils, dovi, none of them were ever mean in my tanks

  6. Great video. I would agree with you on the number one. My red devil will swim towards my hand when it’s in the tank at 100mph. I would have put the dovii in there somewhere too.

  7. The black nasty is the only fish you missing that is one pissed-off son of a bitch when it's fully grown. For real.

  8. You missed the Dovii..! Wolf cichlid.. I've worked at many aquarium stores and at each store there was always some idiot who thought it would be all "BADASS" to own a Dovii… then months later when it got to over a foot with canine teeth trying to bite the hand that feeds them, they want us to take it back… Sheer idiots..!

  9. he's obviously never had the parachromis and amphilopus species these cichlids would kill a green terror or jack Dempsey

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  11. Most pissed off fish Iv ever seen that a friend owned was a channel catfish that my friend caught from a creek and put in his backyard pond. It ate everything he put in the pond. He even eventually terrorized his prized common carp named Jeff to the point that he died of being overly stressed. AND JEFF WAS OVER 60LBS MORE THEN HIM!!!

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  16. Used to have a 90 gallon aquarium with a Dempsey, green terror, and an oscar. They literally fought each other 24/7 until only the jack Dempsey was left, even then the bastard still seemed pissed and attempted to jump out of the tank multiple times. I can only guess that this was an attempt at my own life. True story

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  18. I have a breeding pair of Jack's and rivs in together and hey guess what they are always pissed off lol

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  25. I think u r most pissed off than the fish dude.😆😆😆love your video tho.very educational info & u r very funny.

  26. And yes most of them are ciclids. You forgot the flowerhorn that you need to keep it alone in a barebottom tank but its actually a good pet fish.

  27. HA HA, I guess i'm a year late but I like the video. Made me laugh, partly because I have Jack Dempsey's and Oscars together but it's a well balances pissed off relationship.

  28. I have one red devil in one 55gal tank now, I am thinking he could be midas cichlid. They look very close. Do you know if they are the Same level aggressive ?

  29. Jack Dempsey’s were my second tank. My bf got me a 40 gallon and 6 Jacks for Xmas one year. Within 6 days, I was down to 2, and at 10 days only one was left. I was eventually able to keep a blood parrot with him, and had a large pleco I’d grown from an itty bitty. But after 5 years the blood parrot finally became lunch.

    Guess feeding him feeder fish might have confused him about his tank mate… 🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. Green terrors are actually sweet. I have a johannii thats always pissed off and beats up fish twice his size just because he was bored

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