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Pistachio Crusted Fish by the BBQ Pit Boys

Pistachio Crusted Fish by the BBQ Pit Boys

(driving rock music) ♫ Gonna smoke me fatty brisket ♫ Got my barbecue shoes on – [Announcer] Welcome to Today we’re gonna grill up some pistachio-crusted fish
fillets on the grill and it’s real easy to do. All right, from my fish monger here I’ve got a nice piece of fresh cod. That’s some good eating right there. Cod fillet, as you know, has
got that buttery mild taste. Real good eating. And here, I’ve got some haddock and here it’s about maybe
a pound and a quarter of haddock, you know all about haddock. Again, a real mild flavored fish. Goes real good with
pistachio crust on top. All right, now here’s
the magic of this recipe. I’ve got a pound of pistachios. And man, I’ll tell you what, you like nuts, you gotta
like these pistachios. They’re some good eating right here. Now what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna shell these pistachios. We’re gonna take the
shell off in other words. Yeah, you know all about that. Now, you can buy these
pistachios already shelled but you know what, you
wanna get them in the shell for full tasty flavor,
you know all about that if you love pistachios. Yeah, it’s like if you’re into coffee, best coffee there is is from fresh beans. While you do this, take the time and shell the pistachios yourself, real good. All right, now first
thing we’re gonna do here is we’re going to marinade
these fillets in some milk. You don’t wanna do it for too long. Maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes at the most. You don’t want to over-soak them. These fillets will soak
up some of the milk and it’s just not right. So we’re gonna set them in this milk bath for, like I said, maybe 10
or 15 minutes at the most. All right, now. Hardest part of this recipe
is shelling these pistachios. It takes forever. But hey, if you’ve got the
time, I’ve got the time. Let’s do it. (calm music) And through of time, these
pistachios have been shelled. And most of them are there. Of course, the pit master
gets on eating these if he wants, man, you know
all about that, right? We’ve got most of the pound in here of shelled pistachios. Now, the next thing we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna melt down some butter. There’s about a stick of butter there, or about eight tablespoons
of sweet butter. While we’re waiting for it to melt down, we wanna go ahead and
crush these pistachios. Want to beat em down into smaller pieces. Kind of makes sense, right? Now if you’ve never had
crusted pistachio fish fillets before, you definitely
gotta check this out. This is some good eating. Now before hitting them with a hammer, we’re gonna add some fresh
ground black peppercorn maybe a half a teaspoon. And here I’ve got some garlic powder. I’m gonna put about a
quarter to a half a teaspoon in there for a little more flavor. Now remember, these pistachios,
they’ve already been salted. Oh man, I’m ready to eat. All right, just take any kind of hammer and whack em. All right, the pistachios
have been pounded out and the butter is just about melted. What we want to do here is we’re gonna pour this butter into this milk marinade. This is gonna help the pistachios and the breadcrumbs we’ll be using
to stick on these fillets. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Man, those butter fillets
smell good, all right. Now we’re gonna bread
these fish fillets here with these crushed pistachios. And we’re gonna use some bread crumbs. For this recipe, we’re gonna be using some panko bread crumbs, you might be familiar with that. Pretty much can get them anywhere and they’re a real coarse breadcrumb. Make a nice crunchy fillet here. Now go ahead and use your
favorite bread crumbs but this here works really good. Just coat it. Keep working at it, it’ll
eventually stick to these fillets. Oh man, getting hungry. Now we’re gonna place these fillets on that black iron pan,
opposite the hot coals. We’re not frying here,
we’re gonna be baking. Smells good already. All right, these fillets
have been breaded. Again, we’re opposite the hot coals. We’ve got about a temperature of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit going on. And here I’m gonna take the
cod and do the same thing. But you don’t need to see that, huh? All right, about 15 minutes has gone by. You can see they’re
coming along real nice. There’s no time on this recipe, all right? You know all about cooking fish. You want to get it until it’s
nice and white on the inside and it flakes real easy, you
don’t want to over cook it. All right. These haddock fillets are done. Oh yeah. Take a look at that. Best way to serve them, along side an order of fries
and some coleslaw on the side. Yeah, take a look at that. And that, crunchy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. I do apologize, but I’m eating
in front of you like this. That’s your pit master privilege. Here’s the cod. Ooh, take a look at that. Perfect. So the next time you’re
looking for a recipe for your barbecue, you
check out

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  1. Looks real good, probably should've crushed the pistachios a little more though, so the stick easier, that way = more flavour YEAH!

  2. really good trick to get the pistachio out if the shell is closed too much:
    Get another pistachio's shell and use it as a lever!
    Stick the tip in and turn. Opens real nice.

  3. sup, eddie? Looking for some attention, eh? Now, THAT'S really annoying..! But ya got it, chump..! Move on, you're boring us. lmao -BBQ Pit Boys

  4. Gonna go out and fish me some cod and try this recipe ! It'll be even better when the fish is real fresh, straight from the sea!

  5. I gotta admit I like cooking fish on flat iron instead of trying to cook it on a grate. Fish sticks to grates way too easy.

  6. in this vid, we used and incandescent photo flood with diffuser, as you can see in the reflection. We also use Home Depot halogen work lights in many of our vids.

  7. I smell your BBQ smoke in the northern woods of our territory, and hear the roar of your bikes. I don't care what your motto, we have had enough. Bring your chains, bring your knives. The Rowdy Reapers are looking for the BBQ boys to step up!

  8. I'll try the pistachios on my salmon. Ought to be interesting. Big problem, however. This is gonna cost me a ton of money, I'll need about 10 lbs. of nuts to wind up with a pound for the fish………………

  9. Vid titles are written for SEO, not for someoneyouknow12..! Ya just learned something, eh? Welcome to the Pit. Lol -BBQ Pit Boys

  10. let the truth be known. Off camera we had another 1/2lb. of pistachios, and plenty of ice cold beers to wash 'em down.! -BBQ Pit Boys

  11. my sweet lord they look nice, its a shame im allergic to seafood cause I was almost licking my screen of the looks of this dish 🙂

  12. Hey Ive got a question for you guys. Do you create these recipes or are they passed down from pitmaster to pitmaster? either way they're great! thanks

  13. hey guys.. love ur vids… anytime i do a low and slow… like ribs etc.. i throw that hickory chunk right on the coals…. and every time… it gives me a burnt taste…the meat is not burnt but the hickory is giving this taste like when ur charcoal is not ready and u go ahead and start cooking… what am i doin wrong?

  14. looks good. I actually just grilled some Parmesean crusted chicken breasts on the grill this evening.Came out awesome. 

  15. that looks so good. convinced me to sub. luv fish luv bbq but I use propane. luv pistachios as well.
    thanks for the recipe. 

  16. 日本人ならピスタチオに「擂り鉢」を使いたくなるけど、それじゃあ駄目なんだな…

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