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Plan Your Visit to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile (What NOT to Miss)

Plan Your Visit to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile (What NOT to Miss)

hey there today I am sharing what not to
miss when you plan your visit to the Pioneer Woman mercantile based on Ree
Drummond’s Food Network show the Pioneer Woman we visited in 2019 and I’m going
to share 44 things to not miss at the lodge at Ree’s restaurant the mercantile
around Pawhuska Oklahoma when you are planning your visit to the mercantile
here are 44 things not to miss number one is do not miss that lunch is the
busiest time at the restaurant inside the Pioneer Woman mercantile I have
heard that during the summer the lunchtime wait can be an hour and a half
I took my mom my mother-in-law and her sister to Pawhuska and we ate dinner
at the Mercantile and we had zero weight we also saw Ladd
Drummond he walked from the kitchen to a table inside the mercantile that shows
you right there that the food at the Merc is amazing number two on the list
is do not miss the Osage County Historical Society Museum the Drummond
ranch the Pioneer Woman mercantile as well as Pawhuska are all in Osage County
Oklahoma number three on the list is do not forget to check the Pioneer Woman
mercantile website or Facebook page they will list on their upcoming events like
authors or chefs to special events on their Facebook page especially and then
all of the shops and things I suggest doing in my list of 45 things to not
miss are almost likely going to be on a Facebook page only because having a
website is so expensive a lot of these smaller businesses only have a Facebook
page for you while you’re doing your research on your planning number four on
the list is do not miss the merchandise that is under the shelves of The Merc
shop you have the shelves in the mercantile and then underneath our
drawers and other shelves maybe with additional merchandise the things there
are so cute and to me they’re less expensive than they were
my local Walmart here in Texas the mercantile restaurant and the Merc shop
area is all one big building so while you are waiting for your seat you can
shop around the Merc number 5 is do not miss a cowboy Josh’s house when you
visit Ree Drummond’s Lodge look on the step on the deck and look
towards the east and right below you is going to be cowboy Josh’s house and his
cute little kids and his dogs also when you are standing on the lodge deck
looking East look at your four o’clock into the houses that have the red roof
that is where the Drummond’s live according to the guy in the lodge
talking to everybody I think it’s just one house that has a red roof and do you
say roof our roofs number six on the list is do not miss the murals around
the city one of them is by City Hall and then one is near bucking flamingos if
you see the big foot give yourself a sticker number 7 is do not think you
will be walking around a lot when you visit Pawhuska it’s basically about four
five blocks I think it seemed very walkable and bathrooms were aplenty
that was my main concern when I was planning our visit number eight is do
not miss the inside of Charlie’s sweet shop when we had the best chicken parm
ever at the Merc we were too full to have dessert there we had dessert in the
Merc and I’ll tell you about that later but I’ve heard the decor is totally cute
and their ice cream is like over the top delicious and creative and it’s named
after the Drummond basset hound number nine is when you get your free ticket
from the Merc to visit the Drummond Lodge do not miss the wineglass that is
above the mantel that has all of the cowboy boots on it inside the lodge I
learned that from the postcard jar blog or postcard jar com I’ll link it below
and she said that that is the old brand of the former family who lived in that
Lodge number ten is do not miss the guest rooms in the lodge now the
Drummond’s had this lodge for guests who to stay there are bathrooms in each room
but there is also a public bathroom behind the super narrow refrigerator in
Reis kitchen at the lodge that is public my husband’s aunt did not realize that
the bathroom was back there so she ventured down the hallway to all of the
bedrooms and used one of those bathrooms and if you do happen to do that and you
see that the door on the bathroom is foggy it doesn’t mean that it is opaque
my mom could totally see through the foggy door when she was going to the
bathroom number eleven is do not miss Ruiz pantry in the lodge it really is
super organized and you can see that some of the bottles are half full half
empty let me know in the poll if you have been to the Pioneer Woman
mercantile or if you are planning your visit on this YouTube channel I do share
travel tips based on my perspective as a pilot wife of 17 years and I’m going to
share tips that are gonna help you travel the globe without a worry in the
world if you have not watched any of my other videos please click Subscribe or
the bell that will let you know when I do upload a free video but we’ve just
got a puppy a week and a half ago so I am taking a break after this video goes
I think it’s getting better but he is a lot of work number 12 is do not miss the
kitchen table when you walk in the lodge just touch it rub your hand down it is
so soft it’s almost boilie it’s so soft I just wanted to take a nap on it it’s
so easy to walk right past it and go to the kitchen and take pictures of where
she films her Food Network show the painter woman just reach out and touch
it sit a spell listen to the man or the woman who is there that day telling
stories about the ranch or Osage County they give lots of meaningful
behind-the-scenes stories for you number 13 is the bakery and coffee house above
the mercantile restaurant and sha are attached via stairs inside and it is way
less crowded than the downstairs grab a book take your laptop get some work done
if you’re on vacation there or grab one of there
delicious pastries the rice krispies treats with fruity pebbles on top grab a
cowboy coffee which is one of the ones that she designed and sit in the
comfortable Oklahoma worn-out leather sofas the cute pretty turquoise and
floral fabric just enjoy a little time up there and number 14 is do not miss
the samples in the bakery they had snickerdoodles samples and they were
about the size of a Girl Scout cookies so that’s not just a little chunk of a
cookie it’s a sample number 15 is remembered to tour the boarding house
you need to call ahead and ask them what time of day the best time would be for
you to go tour a room or a couple of the rooms and when you do you’re it’s
probably gonna be during cleaning times so just look take some pictures and it’s
such a nice service that they do for all of us visitors there’s a pharmacy
bedroom it has little old timey candies and sodas there’s a I think it’s boudoir
which is really fancy decor and do not miss the cowboy ducky it’s so cute
number 17 is do not miss the original floor tile when you walk into the
boarding house and do not miss that original staircase to the mercantile
it’s right there inside the boardinghouse section number 18 is do
not miss paint class through the boardinghouse just call and see the I
believe they are only on Thursday nice but call and see where they are and when
they’re taking place that night number 19 is do not miss the bin Johnson Museum
it’s like a block behind the mercantile and that is a lot of roping and Rodeo
history like Reba McEntire’s brother and dad won some national rodeos I believe
our world champion rodeos world they were world champion rodeos things
champions and they call ahead to see if you fit the bill for riding the
mechanical bull that’s in there number 20 is when you are going to the
mercantile the restaurant and the shop do not miss the welcome sign outside the
front doors of the mercantile I recommend doing a foot shot where you
put your feet around the Sun we haven’t another
picture of my very first youtube video when we visited fixer-uppers magnolia at
the silos we have our feet around a welcome sign and number 21 is do not
miss the very cute mercantile sign at night their fluorescent old-timey colors
like an old drugstore Sun would be number 22 is do not miss the Chamber of
Commerce the Gallic postcard jar calm said to ask for Reba
they were just randomly closed one afternoon when we were there and there
were some Boy Scout men and a government worker who were supposed to be doing a
video but they were just closed for then so if it’s randomly open or not randomly
closed poke your head in there and ask for Reba and she’ll give you information
about this first house that was built in Pawhuska number 23 is when you plan your
visit to Pawhuska you’re going to draw from the tulsa airport most likely the
first thing you’re going to see when you enter Pawhuska is a blinking light at
that blinking light is handy something you store go in there for a 71 cent soda
you can choose your ice but a travel tip is if you go back for happy hour between
four and five o’clock and believe they are half price
so you’re 71 cent soda is now gonna be 35 cents and they give free refills
number 24 is do not miss the salt and pepper shakers at the mercantile they
are so creative my favorite one was the Marie Antoinette one there’s the mermaid
one really super cute my mom got me these paper plates from the mercantile
that look like paper plates but they’re really plastic a hard plastic just
really cute different gifts that you can get people who have everything and if
you do have someone who has everything a number 25 on the list is do not miss the
message bracelets they are sixteen dollars but one of the messages says
don’t squat with your spurs on number 26 is do not miss the other tour guide
company besides roaming the osage tour the bus was very very hot when we were
there mid-september we started out at 95 degrees and went down to 93 inside the
bus then back up to 98 and after our
hour-and-a-half tour it was 99 degrees inside the bus it can be open air but it
was like 95 degrees outside it’s just the bus isn’t that great as well as the
guide we had did not seem to appreciate REE Drummond bringing all of these
people to his town like he said he didn’t even care to watch the show and
as a tour guide if a lot of your audience is coming because of this show
by REE Drummond you would think he would have at least watched one of them but he
said he had never watched a show and yes we are going on that tour and this other
one called the Pawhuska guide because we want to know about the osage tour like I
wanted to give me and my guests an overview of Osage County and there is
rich history like the first FBI case was there in Pawhuska there was a Tiffany’s
store there there was a rolls-royce dealership a long time ago because of
the oil industry booming metropolis of Pawhuska I guess anyway it’s a great
idea to take a tour but I suggest Pawhuska guide not roaming the Osage
number 27 is do not miss the balcony at night on p-town pizza and their adult
beverages the description behind the drinks as well as the food at the
mercantile are so creative and they sound like REE is really reading them to
you I got the home schooler that the rim was dipped in Smarties and then it had a
candy necklace looped draped over the rim of it very very creative and a nice
place to just sit at night we didn’t want to go back to our room at 7 o’clock
at night and not do anything and that was one thing that was open number 28 is
do not miss the kids section at the very end of the mercantile and number 29 is
do not forget to stay in a bed-and-breakfast that simple huh Scott
they are a plenty I did not even think about looking for a bed-and-breakfast
when I was trying to find us a place to stay there the postcard jar blog gave an
overview of where to stay and I chose the Grandview
because they had one night that was open there is also the triangle building
which has been renovated and called the frontier hotel and it is across the
street from the Merc but there are just a few that are right downtown near the
Merc as well as all around and it’s a small little town area so don’t think
you’re gonna be twenty minutes away from Pawhuska if you stay at a
bed-and-breakfast number 30 is do not miss the swinging bridge you don’t have
to walk across it I didn’t but if you stand outside of the front doors of the
mercantile and you look for some trees you will see it it’s about two blocks
away from the center of town number 31 is do not miss the osage visitors center
it is also at the blinking light and you will not miss the artful bison or
Buffalo that’s right out front of the visitors center we did not go there and
I wish that I would have right when we got there let me know if you say buffalo
or bison number 32 is if you like church history you may want to call for a tour
because you must call for a tour at the Immaculate Conception Church to see
their stained glass that was ordered prior to World War two buried during
World War two and then shipped over to Pawhuska number 33 is do not miss little
chef little chef adventures is a subscription
box for kids and it’s meals that they can prepare and it is by Reese food
stylist and while her former fruit stylist and the former owners of the
Grand View Inn who were still owners when we were there they’re giving it
away in October of 2019 or selling it kind of and they are a homeschooling
family as well as a chef she’s a certified licensed chef and anyway just
great don’t miss it number 34 is do not miss the welcome to
my husky son that has bison all over the top you drive under it to go to the tall
grass prairie Preserve if you’re in your car in between the mercantile and the
triangle building or the frontier hotel just keep going to where you see that
really steep hill and that’s where the sun’s gonna be it’ll be great for a
quick picture just pull over to the side if you keep going up the hill all the
way till it dead-ends gravel road you will be on the tall
grass prairie preserve you will see a herd of buffalo or more they’re out
there you’re also going to see blue tipped tall grass which can get up to
six feet tall and their roots are about 18 feet long number thirty-five of what
not to miss when you are planning your trip to the mercantile is the sunset
when you leave the mercantile you’re going to drive west on that road that
main street that’s how a sixty and you’re gonna go towards the wind
turbines you’d go past the Drummond ranch son pass the turnoff for the drum
and lodge and then you’re going to head toward those turbines anywhere where you
can pull off to the Sun and see the sunset number thirty-six is do not miss
the dressing room on your way up the stairs inside the mercantile to the
bakery I bought this t-shirt and I’m so glad I tried it on it’s a size medium
it’s true to size they have lots of t-shirts and different clothing kimonos
kind of the coloring and style of REE Drummond and you can also try on her
brand-new denim jeans number 37 is if you are saying at the boardinghouse do
not miss the wine and cheese hour that they have during happy hour how nice is
that the balcony out there is so cozy and fancy it looks right over the street
to the P Town Pizza balcony that I talked about earlier and then also if
you’re staying there you get complimentary baked goods and coffee
from the mercantile number 38 is do not miss Reese photography everywhere don’t
just think because you’re in the mercantile or in the boardinghouse or
somewhere that you’re going to see just artwork on the walls it a lot of it is
her photographs number 39 is when you plan your visit to the lodge right when
you walk in do not miss Reese mixing bowl it’s the glass mixing bowl and the
painted mixer like stand mixer so cute I missed it walking in and then when I was
leaving I think someone hadn’t put it on the counter so it might be
below that main island or the sad island right when you walk in the lodge one tip
about the lodge is that they are redoing the outside decking in October of 2019
so you’ll have a brand new deck if you haven’t gone there yet and then also for
the mercantile in February they are redoing the floors of the restaurant
I think only in the restaurant so just check the website and the Facebook page
number 40 on my list is do not plan on taking your nicest car to visit the
lodge the potholes on those gravel roads are about as big as Osage County number
41 is don’t miss acting like you’re on read Drummond’s Food Network show the
Pioneer Woman take pictures in her kitchen the refrigerator on her TV show
in that kitchen is a lot less narrow than it looks on TV I could not wait
when I was planning my visit to the Pioneer Woman mercantile I could not
wait to say welcome to my frontier welcome to my frontier number 42 is do
not miss the grand view in the bed-and-breakfast where we stayed
Latimer II lived there for three years during their early years of marriage and
there is also history about the third floor there was a sonogram picture found
up there there was an old check with a stamp on it because that’s how people
could mail things way back when you didn’t have needn’t envelope it has a
huge grand porch when our owners have been owning it they rented it out to
Food Network crew for about 15 weeks out of the year number 43 on my list is if
you are flying in or out of Tulsa Oklahoma do not miss the Blue Rose cafe
it has shaded beautiful lots of seating on a deck overlooking the Arkansas River
great place for lunch I recommend the fried fish tacos
phenomenal even if you have to sit inside it’s still a cold restaurant and
easy and beautiful views for you number 44 on the list is do not miss the chance
to wear cute cowgirl boots or REE Drummond like clothing Midwest clothing
I have a link for this it’s free people it’s a really big top that
see throw so you need a tank top I wore this on the airplane I don’t have a link
for this just it’s just a chance to theme dress okay my last tip of what not
to miss when you were planning your visit to the Pioneer Woman mercantile is
to order all the food the side items vegetables macaroni and cheese I think
the side items are all $3 the tea is 25 cents my friend way back in like 2005
had a cookbook in her kitchen and asked have you ever heard of the Pioneer Woman
she has a blog and I was like what’s a blog she made us read Drummond’s all of
cheesy bread that’s there at the mercantile I might do a video about the
food that we ate at the mercantile I mean the chicken parm half order was
probably 8 by 5 ok for your planning purposes our number one favorite item on
the whole entire menu and we ordered almost everything for two meals our
favorite thing was the chocolate cream pie do it even if your stuff to the max
and have a lovely awesome honky Tonk time when you visit Pawhuska and say hey
to the Pioneer Woman if you see her

24 comments on “Plan Your Visit to The Pioneer Woman Mercantile (What NOT to Miss)

  1. That's awesome!! Thank you for sharing this with the world! I live 45 min from there…I drive through Pawhuska every time I go to visit my parents!

  2. I always wanted to take my sister. Great vlog!!!! I hope next summer I can take her. When is the best time to go there?

  3. What a great, fun video. Thank you. And I was planning on asking you about the puppy! Just give the baby lots of love and you can’t go wrong.💕🐾💕🐾

  4. What an outstanding review of what to do! I really hope Ree Drummond watches this….she'd be proud…Thanks for the heads up about the not so good tour company! Hope you won't be gone to long! Thanks for sharing this awesome review!

  5. My husband surprised me with a quick trip to Pawhuska . We will go again. He enjoyed the ranching, wide open range land and small town vibe along with the history. I loved all the Pioneer Woman stuff. The food is divine. They serve large portions, remember this is not a snooty place…the area is friendly, cowboy, ranch, down home type of folks. As with any place that has celebrities there will be detractors. Yes, we saw family at the Mercantile restaurant. They were friendly and were happy to take photos. The Drummonds have been in the area for generations with a lot of history tied to their family…just ask. Just go.

  6. Great video Laurie! Visiting the Merc is in my bucket list. Now I really want to go. Also did you do a video from when you visited Magnolia Farms? Would love to visit there as well. Hope you are having fun with your new puppy 🐶😀

  7. What a great review! I love that you mentioned some things about the Osage Indians. 🙂 I'm Osage and a 6th generation from an original Allottee (the original 2k indians) when they struck oil on the reservation. There IS so much rich history there! At one time the Osage Indians were considered the wealthiest people in the world (thus the Tiffany's in a small town!) because of the quarterly allotment checks for oil. There were families back in the 20's that were receiving over $100k every quarter for mom, then another $100k every quarter for dad and, when their parents passed away, their quarterly checks were split equally among the children! That's a lot of money back in the day! The FBI case is becoming a movie because of the swindling lawyer who worked for "white men" who would marry young Indian girls that received an allotment check, and hopefully her parents' as well, then those Indian girls because committing suicide…… by shooting themselves with shotguns in the back of the head a couple of times. 🙁 It was all found out that there was a scheme between the lawyer and the husbands to get their hands on those checks! You can read more about it in Killers of the Flower Moon.

  8. Kitchen aide makes the pioneer woman's designs including that blender.

    By the way if you ever travel to florida with your dog, go to Fort Desoto beach near Tampa. It is so much better than New Symerna Beach. Also Disney world now offers daytime dog sitting and a dog resort

  9. I went in May 2019 and it was awesome. Ladd dropped by the Lodge with Walter the basset hound and we got to chat with him. Such a great family and the ranch is amazing.

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    P.S.foggy shower window?does that mean someone was in the shower?😲
    Maybe that guide liked that film "Osage County"🐎
    Your earrings are beautiful.
    A Mercantile food video would be yummy!

  12. buffalo do not roam in the American West. Instead, they are indigenous to South Asia (water buffalo) and Africa (Cape buffalo), while bison are found in North America and parts of Europe. … Bison are the hipsters of the two animals, sporting thick beards. Buffalo are beardless.

  13. This summer (last Aug) we also went to Ok to the Mercantile and had dinner early evening..It was a long wait…The best thing was the biscuits & the bake good.. Please get the Ice Tea 25 cent…Downtown see sighting was good.. We also went to to pizza place also on one of the days there.. There no room available until 2021 at the Ree Inn..The ranch tour was also so nice to see, after watching it on TV…We stayed At Bar Dew Valley Inn a B & B…OMG it was so nice..About a 20 min drive to town…

  14. OMG!!! I’ve been to the Mercantile, but I must go back after seeing this video! I missed so much! I did meet Ree and Ladd. She signed all my cookbooks and we took pictures together. I live in Osage County so it’s a short trip for me!

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