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Plant-based lunch suggestion, Kris Carr’s Save the Tuna Salad: healthy, vegan and oil-free

Hi there! So in this episode I am going to share with you one of my favorite dishes I happen to be really hungry, so not only am I preparing it for myself, but I thought that I’d show you how to prepare it while I’m at it. It’s called Save the Tuna Salad on Rye and it’s developed by Chad Sarno and Kris Carr. They’re both totally awesome. So in this episode. I’m gonna tell you about them, I’m going to show you how to prepare the dish, and I’m also going to do a nutritional comparison between this plant-based “tuna” salad and a traditional tuna salad. If that sounds good to you, then keep watching. I’m Diana Goldman and you’re watching Beantown Kitchen where plant-based dishes are shared that you and your body will love. So the recipe that I’m going to prepare for you comes from this cookbook which I love called Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Chad Sarno and Kris Carr. So Chad Sarno is a fantastic chef and he’s also the VP of Education for the Rouxbe Online Cooking School. I did do that program. I loved it. If your interest in plant-based cooking and you really want to up your kitchen game, I highly recommend this program. Kris Carr is a multiple New York Times bestselling author. She’s a wellness advocate. She’s super smart, super inspiring and the woman has some serious positive mental attitude. Definitely check out her website and while you’re at it watch the trailer for her film Crazy Sexy Cancer. These are the ingredients, all prepped and ready, for the Save the Tuna Salad. for a bit of an ocean flavor you have the option of adding some kelp granules. To find the complete recipe go to the recipe section of Kris Carr’s website. Okay so I prepped my ingredients ahead of time and then this comes together pretty quickly. The first thing that I’m going to do is blend together: (or I should say, process together) in my food processor these sunflower seeds, which have been soaking already. Then I’m going to add the almonds which have been soaking oops i don’t want to leave anything behind Then I’m going to process these until they are finely ground. I’ll let this go for a little while Then I’m going to stop it And I’ll just use this spatula to scrape down the side so that we don’t have any large pieces We’re looking to really finely ground it and not leave any large chunks behind. Kind of want to think about a tuna sort of a texture. And I’m going to give it one more whirl Excellent! There we go. Hmmm…can you see it? I might need another camera next time. So I’m going to just transfer this into a bowl and see if I can manage not to have the blade fall into the bowl. It’s always kind-of the tricky part, right, with a food processor? And then once I’ve done that I’m going to add my other ingredients. I think I got just about everything out of here. (Dishes clanking sound) That was loud! And then what I’m going to do is add to this mixture… celery, which has been chopped up already some dill and I have some fresh dill. You could also use a dry dill, you don’t necessarily need to use fresh dill. I happen to have fresh dill because I catered a party recently and I made some plant-based spanakopita, and I have some fresh dill, so I’ll add this chopped fresh dill some chopped red onions, pickles This is dried oregano, you could also use fresh oregano. The quanitites differ if you are using fresh vs dry some salt here some freshly ground black pepper Fresh squeezed lemon juice and some sweetness with some agave I’m going to give this a nice mix. And then really, my “tuna” salad is all set to go. Okay, so it’s all done. This is really delicious. I tried it, it’s a little bit sweet from the agave It’s got some crunch from the pickles, from the onions. It’s got a wonderful dill flavor It’s really really good Now I’m ready to make the sandwich. I toasted two pieces of whole grain rye bread Then I’m going to spread on them some avocado, some dijon mustard the “save the tuna salad” sliced tomatoes, and lettuce. (music) Yum! It’s a beautiful sandwich and as I said I’m really hungry So good Such a wonderful mix of flavors So filling So healthy I just love this and that was not hard to prepare Now I’m going to do a nutritional comparison between the Save the Tuna Salad and a traditional tuna salad The traditional one has 50% more calories and 50% less calcium The plant-based tuna salad has no cholesterol as plant foods simply don’t contain cholesterol And when it comes protein it’s a myth that more protein is better The average American diet based on animal products is too high in protein. This can lead to kidney disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and kidney stones. To learn more about this check out these two films: Forks Over Knives and What the Health So if you like the look of this recipe then definitely give it a try and let me know in the comments how you like it If you enjoyed this video give it a “thumbs up” and subscribe to my channel Thank you so much for watching A plant-based diet is great for the planet, great for the animals and great for you! Lots of love to you! (music)

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