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Play With Your Food Episode 4 – Tailgating with Chicken Tacos

Play With Your Food Episode 4 – Tailgating with Chicken Tacos

Hi everyone, I’m Marc Dunham, chef for the Atherton Hotel and Ranchers Club. I’m standing outside of Boone Pickens Stadium because today we’re talking about tailgating. I love tailgating. All the energy, the family and friends, all the fun and the good food. I don’t like to be stuck at the pit all day. So I’ll show you some easy tacos today that’ll give you plenty of time to spend with your friends and still have some really good food. So grab your tongs and spatulas and get ready to grill right here on Play With Your Food. [music] Alright I’m joined today by one of my favorite people here on campus, OSU’s First Cowgirl Ann Hargis. Hi Ann. Hey Marc how are you. I’ve been looking forward to this all day. Good I’ve been looking forward to seeing you. Let me ask you something, what’s one of your favorite things about tailgating? Of course I love the spirit. I love the people, I love the smell, I love the colors and the energy. Everyone’s so hopeful it’s going to be a great day and so it usually is. It does makes for a good day. So we’ve got some tasty treats today. I brought some local produce because I know that you like local produce. We’ve got some tomatoes there and some onions and some jalapenos. What’s your favorite thing about buying local. I’m wondering when it’s picked. You know good and well this is local, and so tastier and fresher. It probably just came out of the garden this morning. It actually got delivered this morning. Yeah I love dealing with local produce because we’re supporting the economy and it tastes better. What you’re working on right now is a little salsa for the tasty chicken tacos we’re doing. You’re going to finish up a really rough salsa of pico de gallo. Yes it’s going to be rough and quick. I’m going to go ahead and get started on the chicken. Ok good. So what we’ve got here are some chicken breasts. Now one of the things that I always tell people when they’re dealing with chicken is try to buy it with the skin on. Skin on will help you do a couple of things. When you put it on the grill it’ll keep all the heat on the skin so even if you did get close to burning it, all you’re burning is the skin which you’re going to take off anyway. It’s also going to help keep the chicken nice and moist. On the chicken itself we have a very simple rub of paprika, a little bit of chili powder and a little bit of cumin. Now I’ll put a little bit of salt on the chicken because you always have to season the meat. With regards to the grill, it’s always good to have your coals started a little bit early. Don’t try to put all your meat on when the flames jumping up because that’ll do nothing but burn. Get your coals started and let them cook for 30 or 45 minutes so that they get nice and what they call the ember going. After that, couple of other points about grilling I’d like to make. Make sure that when you’re putting any kind of chicken or fish down that you wipe the grill down with a little bit oil. What I did right before we started was I took a little bit of canola oil, which is expensive, put it on a towel that you can keep on your grill and just wiped all along where I was going to put the chicken. You can do that with chicken or fish. Beef you tend not to have a problem because it’s got so much fat. So just wipe that grill nice and good. So while this chicken is cooking we’re going to get some of these peppers on. These are local peppers as well. Now if you don’t have access or don’t go to the Farmer’s market, you can use regular bell peppers. You can just put these guys on. The are already partly cooked. Put these guys on to heat up. You don’t have to add any oil or anything because these guys won’t stick at all. Skins on those? The skin is on these. You can leave the skin on or you can leave it off. It’s really up to you. Depends on what kind of flavors you like. If there’s a lot of charring I just take a towel and wipe it off and chop them up. And it’s nice and simple. How we doing over there? I think it’s good. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I love those colors. That’s one of my favorite salsas. Are these the knives you use at the Ranchers Club? We use similar knives. Every cook has their own knives. Are these your personal knives? No those aren’t. We’re just going to add those tomatoes. We’ve got tomatoes in the bowl, a little bit of red onion. We’ve got a little bit of jalapeno, a little bit of cilantro and she’s just going to go back and add a squirt of lime juice and some salt. Mix that up and that’ll go right on top of the tacos. This recipe is so quick and so easy, that’s partly why I like because I can break away and go have some fun. It’s healthy too. I like that. Alright so I’m going to pull a couple peppers off and we’ll wipe those down and get them chopped up. Marc what is this? That is colby jack cheddar cheese from a gentleman that makes it in Kingfisher. So our cheese is from Kingfisher and the produce is probably about 25 miles around here. So everything we’re eating is local, minus the chicken, the chicken had to come from somewhere else. So the chicken wasn’t locally hatched? No it wasn’t. It’s one of the things we’re working on. Is it organic? The chicken is organic, but it’s not local. That’s one of the things I’m continuing to work on his sourcing local products for just about everything we’ve got. We’ve got about 60 or 65% of our products that are local right now. We’ve got the bell peppers roasted. After you take the seeds out you can just literally wipe the skin off. And after the scan comes off we’ll clean up the cutting board a little bit and go back and slice it. That’s done. I’ll wipe this up a little bit. You’re done before I am. Well I’m not sure. However you want to cut these is fine. I like to cut them into thin strips. Ok so now we’ve got the peppers sliced. I’m going to pull some chicken off that I put on just a couple minutes before we started, in the same method. How’s it taste? It’s perfect, but you taste it. You can’t mess it up when you’ve got such fresh produce, it’s good by itself. Oh it is delicious. I love all the onion too. This is the beauty about these tacos, once the chicken is done and the salsa is done and your peppers are roasted, you’re basically done. All you do is go back in and chop up the chicken. Do I get first taste? Yes you do. We’ve got some tortillas already warm. Is there anything special about those? No not really. They’re flour tortillas. I usually like to make fresh flour torillas, but I don’t know that many people that will make a batch of fresh tortillas before tailgating. So what I wanted to do is make something that everybody had access to, especially from the local store. And in fact, if you don’t have a whole lot of money to get started on grilling, just to make the point I picked up this grill at a local store for $30 and put it together this morning. So you don’t have to have the biggest, baddest grills to do all this stuff. Real simple. Put chicken down and a little cheese on top of that. And you can use whatever kind of cheese you like. I just like the fact that this is local and delicious. A little bit of the peppers. And then some of your lovely salsa right there and that is about it. So you want the salsa before you wrap it? We’ll eat them just like this. We’ll wrap them up. Oh I can’t wait. Grab and stuff it all down there. See I’m from Texas so I grew up eating a lot of tacos. Well Ann thanks for coming out, let’s taste our tacos. Marc my pleasure. You know that’s a good sign when stuff’s coming out, when you get it all over your hands. Would you like a towel? She’s got one. Well that’s all for today guys. Thanks for joining us. We look forward to seeing you next week on Play With Your Food.

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