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PLECOS – TOP 10 Aquarium PLECO FISH, Bristlenose, Zebra Plecos

PLECOS – TOP 10 Aquarium PLECO FISH, Bristlenose, Zebra Plecos

what’s up fish tank people dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how’s
everybody doing I hope you’re doing well we’ve talked about some thug fish we’ve
talked about some pissed-off fish today we’re talking about the plecos three
quick things first let me start off by saying I haven’t actually kept a lot of
these plecos though I have been around a lot of people who have kept them so I’m
gonna need your help in the comments on your thoughts feelings or experiences
keeping a lot of these plecos second not all pluckers are the same not all plecos
diets are the same and nothing pisses me off more than when someone says oh good
old you might are almost going to the park oh where do we go dodgy know your
lack of maintenance is not taking care of your tank getting out is your problem
not the pleco don’t go passing your fish tank problems on to some pleco because
you don’t do the work and third i don’t keep a lot of these fish because I like
fish that actually come and greet me and ask me how my day was going plecos
aren’t exactly the first one out say hurry dude how was it going today and
finally for all you scientific fish tank nerds out there that want to get
specific on the actual species name I am lumping the generic term plecos together
to include hip kin turist ancestress have cosmas etc we’re just talking
plecos in general as a blanket term with that said my number 10 pleco in my top ten
favorite plecos I am talking about the bushy nose pleco look if I was a fish
swimming above this fish and I looked down and saw this fish with its big
freak thing on the front of its face coming out I wouldn’t go anywhere near
it the bushy nose pleco hence the name with a thing on the front
I’ve actually got a couple of bushy nosed plecos that are real small in the
220 220 is not behind me it doesn’t matter if it was because you wouldn’t be
able to see the fish regardless apparently these fish breed like crazy
although I haven’t ever actually done it apparently all you need is a pluck okay
I know they breed like crazy because every time I go to a fish tank
convention there’s always somebody in their room selling a giant bag of bushy
nosed pleco offspring and if you do happen to run across this type of person
pick up this fish why should you pick up this fish it’s
simple unlike a lot of the plecos and I’m about to talk about the bushy nosed
pleco to both my personal experience and the experience of others is not going to
eat and devour your plants it actually is a hardcore algae eater so the bushy
nosed pleco looks sweet and will actually eat algae and not the actual
plants in your tank bushy knows click on my 10 maybe should have been hired my
number 10 best plecos my top 10 favorite pleco fish I’m talking about the rubber
nose pleco aka the Bulldog pleco aka one of the fattest pound-for-pound algae
eating plecos you’re ever gonna see my number 8 my top 10 favorite plecos
I’m talking about the Royal pleco this is my reaction unscripted when I saw
Royal pleco when I was out in Colorado earlier this year
post I’ve never kept a royal plaque up a man that’s like cool fish good for you
man that royal plug was awesome I’ve never
kept one rate for a baby green dragon dude no kidding
that’s a deal and a half you won that deal yeah yeah easily wow that’s a
beautiful fish and that’s a fish I need to get I’ve never kept the Royal plaque
I need to borrow the Royal pleco has an awesome color pattern in and of itself
without even looking at its eye but then mother nature decided to add a really
sweet bright orange eye to this fish just making it fabulous the Royal pleco
was first discovered in 1877 I’m a history major that’s a little bit after
the Civil War and what that means is that the Royal pleco has been a baller
for over a hundred and forty years Royal pleco if anybody’s keeping a royal pleco
out there please drop me some comments on its behavior temperament food and
does it eat plants I hear it doesn’t but I want your comments on the Royal pleco
oh my goodness if you see a royal pleco in the shops pick it up and buy it
royal pleco my number eight favorite flex my favorite plecos I’m talking
about the green dragon let go I saw this fish in two places my man Bob growlers
house out in Colorado back in the day and at the fish tank legend the sage of
live bears mr. Greg sage out in Colorado and he was actually breeding and selling
these on his website select aquatics Greg had an extensive collection of
these fish and actually was breeding them like crazy this is actually footage
from his YouTube channel and click links around here and check out his youtube
channel but I love the long fins love the dark color when I saw him they’re
actually darker than this footage right here but green dragon plecos whoa don’t
get as big as some of the larger plecos either and I believe they’re plants safe
but I could be wrong on that let me know in the comments if they are actually a
plant eater or not green dragon go my number seven favored in my top ten
plecos pleco folks you have to check out the gold nugget pleco my dude spencer
had this fish back in the day in college used to take his dank nuggets and look
at his gold nugget pleco oh my goodness like the best yellow i’ve ever seen on a
pleco if I’m wrong please correct me on that the gold nugget pleco I believe the
gold nugget pluckin correct me if I’m wrong on this folks in the comments I
believe the gold nugget pleco actually requires a little bit of meat in its
diet this fish is like 69 bucks on live
aquarium worth every penny in my humble opinion my only problem with it is you
don’t really see it that much but when you do bam golden nugget pleco in your
face number five and plecos talking about the pink ancestress pleco oh my
goodness this one is hard for me to talk about folks because I actually acquired
some of this fish from my man Chuck Braemar he was kind enough to give me
like three or four of them and I had them in my 220 for quite a long time
the pink ancestress pleco was bred with a bunch of calicos that kind of
developed this pink and they just kept he kept breeding and breeding and
breeding him and they’ve people have finally bred the pink like pink looking
pleco love this fish was actually a little more active than most ancestors
that I’ve seen in the past I actually had this fish in the 220 I had about
three of them somewhere the calico variety and some of the ones that were
just plain pink totally loved it good little algae eater pound-for-pound now
it was this big in a 220 so I wasn’t doing that much work sadly these fish
died a tragic death when the chlorine levels were spiked by my city even
though I was dosing Dee Clara wasn’t dosing enough and I found them laying on
their sides pink ancestors pleco drop me a comment if you’re keeping the bangers
are easy to breed to pick ancestors pluck oh my number five of my top five
like old my number four in my top ten favorite
plecos of all time I don’t need to talk about this fish look at this fish
this fish is sick little Mike D from Imperial he’ll talk about this fish oh
my goodness I love red on plecos this fish dominates oh my goodness you guys
have some wicked spines on so these are actually a mediating
Cliquot so they have eat algae so what do you feed it
well we feed it a lot of like frozen shrimps the frozen Brian muscles is what
they like meeting there while they crack the shells with latif latif to design
survive crackers and shells and eat the insides of them so like scallops would
be freshwater mussels and usually that they die it on what is it what’s their
temperament like what do they sleep with like what are you get what do you put
them way they go with any types of you know just shake the whole home we’re
sick ones yeah well South American fish so okay
like I recommend people keeping South American fish yourself American dry
right so like you wouldn’t want to throw in in a tank with the African cichlids
right but is he gonna eat me on nah you wouldn’t eat me on the too hard to catch
so you could put them in a bigger community tank
they usually feed in the wild on dead stuff or shells or stuff like that so I
mean I think these guys are eating just regular sinking pellets
a little easy to maintain and a real trophy prize nice now they
will fight with other you know because yeah the other one that I have in there
is all beat up in this guy over oh yeah cuz they just competing for my number
three favorites like oh my top 10 favorite plaque I was on a species
Sunday I’m talking about the zebra pleco now look I believe this fish just got a
little bit cooler because if I’m not mistaken it’s illegal to import now so
the zebra pleco is now harder to get harder to breathe you can see the
footage here and listen to my man Dean talk about this when I was out in
Seattle love the black and white just hardcore contrast on this fish I’m not
sure like I’m trying to hypothesize on this with you all maybe you can drop me
a comment on the zebra pleco like what is the biological advantage of being
black and white and look like that in the wild I feel like this fish is at a
disadvantage of this but drop me a comment on the zebra pleco if you’ve
read them if you’ve seen them for sale what their cost in the whole deal
love me some zebra pleco I mean l46 is so the yeah the holy grails of zebra
plecos it’s my third time having us first time I had him back in the 80s
when they first came in the Hobby okay I got him all the way up to spawning size
and we moved to Ohio so we sold the whole fishery and these are probably
about six months been reading yes and my number two with my top 10
favorite plecos goes like this back in about 2003 I was down at Ohio University
I made my return to aquariums with a 29 gallon cichlid tank in that tank I added
brush Rd convict cichlids manna Quincy sickles and a peacock cichlid that
ultimately had one eye and guess who I added at the bottom of the tank that’s
right hippopotamus Claw cosmas a straight-up
regular gangster pleco the plain-jane 249 variety of a cosmos that you see at
your local pet store that’s right I had that fish and guess what last year I
finally got a call from my dad personal phone call from my pops to let me know
that Pete the pleco that he had been keeping for over 14 years finally passed
away the plain-jane always there for you’re always available available in
Peru in Peru this fish is considered a delicacy if it has its egg sacs
available come on number two favorite pleco I’m talking about the plain Jane
simple pleco you can get for 249 but why did that pleco live for 14 years well
it’s simple my pleco theory a Blackman theory is this plecos are like that
giant quiet dude at the bar that’s huge but wouldn’t hurt a fly unless you
messed with them and I believe that Pete’s 14 year existing ones because of
just this when you drop a plugin when the tank it’s like nice on the bottom is
his now playing Jay and fastest pluck oh my number two favorite pluck and my number one my top 10 favorite
plugs I don’t even know what my number one favorite is there’s so many
different varieties so do me a favor you pick the number one pleco drop me a
comment on what pleco you think is the best there’s so many varieties l-series
there’s too many to list so drop me a comment on what pleco you think is the
best hit the like button subscribe button share button and tank on your
pleco people later

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  9. At least my green dragon pleco beat out Matt's Royal pleco. I will have to rub that in that the royal was number 8 and my green dragon was 7.

  10. +Dustin's Fish Tank
    green drags are actually a variant of your #10, the Bushy nose/Bristlenose pleco, the ancistrus

  11. Some of the other zebras are nice… L199, yellow zebra pleco is gorgeous as is L129, the columbian zebra pleco. Both way cheaper than 46's and a great way to get your eye in if you plan to try L046 in the future.
    Personal favorite though is L260, Queen Arabesque. All Plecos I've just mentioned are mainly carnivorous and won't touch plants.

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  13. Seriously Common pleco number 2? The Common pleco is one of the most infamous fish in the entire hobby!

  14. Actually I have 2 common plecos. And they seem to love me. They follow me when I walk around the pond. And I put my hand in the water and they swim right into my hand. I can pick them up out the water. Not for long before they want back in.

  15. I went to petsmart today thinking there would only be a plecostomus and there was an albino bushy pleco and a normal bushy pleco and a clown pleco and a zebra pleco lol

  16. I love Blue Phantoms and Green Phantoms and they are ridiculously stupid rare in Australia but still I'm aiming to get one someday

  17. I love plecos so much I had to comment on this video. I have four bristlenose/bushynose plecos, one standard colour, a super red, and two blue eyed lemons. I lost my adult male blue eyed lemon a couple of months ago, still miss him, that's how amazing these little guys personalities are. Most people say they rarely see their plecos, mine are always out and about, munching away and minding their own business. In the six years I've had these little guys, I've never managed to get them to breed, the adult male tried his hardest, but the ladies seem to prefer to eat. I also have a green phantom, another great pleco, with a huge personality. None of my pleco eat my plants, but the green phantom loves to throw tantrums whenever I go into the tank to clean, his favourite place to throw a tantrum is in the middle of my plants. I get up every morning to find new plants floating on the top of the water, it's driving me nuts, but I can't help laughing at him.

  18. I love my rhino pleco! I vote them as the best of the best! Mine is super active, looks awesome with his ridges and nose flaps, and has befriended my apple snail. For what is supposed to be a shy fish, he is extremely photogenic.

  19. I’ve got golden nugget .butterfly pleco . Green phantom honeycomb pleco bull dog pleco albino bristle nose pleco magnum pleco snow ball pleco gold spotted pleco and I’m waitin on blue phantom and blue eyed red tailed pleco cumin from pet shop

  20. Generally, Plecostomus are a hardy fish. Night time you’ll see the most action, keep up on your stress coat dosing when doing any sort of water change. They WILL EAT DEAD FISH THAT HIT THE BOTTOM! But they are a chill, non-aggressive species needing they’re own space and well oxygenated water. Buy them small, they’ll get huge and live long lives if you’re pet receives good care. Goes well with just about any community and other hardy fish.

  21. Ive always admired gold nuggets, mega clowns, etc, but honestly nothing makes me happier than just a generic ancistrus. And clown plecos, they are pretty cool too.

  22. So. I have a 20 gallon long tank. Long but kinda shallow. Right now its mainly a betta some low plants and some norman lampeye killis. Im wondering if i should get a pleco and if so what kind stays small but looks cool. Ive seen a few longfinned bristle nose at my local fish store. But idk how big they get and if its a fish imma needa rehome. Im not gonna bother buying it. I have one tank atm. Amd its all im gonna have.

  23. I have an albino bottlenose pleco and he is the sweetest aglea eater I have ever met. He is only a year old and he still is quite small, they only stay small. Highly recommend!

  24. L401 baby, just ordered one yesterday and he or she is arriving tomorrow! Did my research ahead of time, these guys tend to be a little more carnivorous than some plecos. Got a dense planted tank with wood and rocks and decent flow for this guy and I will probably only see his expensive beauty at night hahahaha

  25. I love Plecos thanks so much for this vid. I so want a zebra and a royal but I have never seen them in Australia… I’ve kept the common a couple of times though and I one day will get a tank or pond big enough for them to get full grown

  26. 8:20 when he's talking about them cracking open mussels with their teeth and that mystery snail falls on his nose lol nooooooooooooo

  27. I really like the snowball pleco L201 they have such beautiful markings the brilliant white spots against the pure black body is just stunning This should deffo be at #1

  28. I love plecos but i cant even keep the small ones as I only have a 20 gallon already stocked with 2 kribs and 2 corydoras

  29. In South East Asia, we have the long fin blue eyed ancistrus. I have a pair of them . I also have a blue eyed long fin golden common pleco. Gorgeous when plecos have those blue eyes and long fins

  30. Pleco number 2 was invaded Jakarta dirty river and they survived until now, fyi if u keep this pleco in your tank you Will arested and need to pay until $100,000 for fine

  31. Omg!!!!! Having Raekwon/wu tang clan music was a super dope touch to the video!!!!!

    I enjoyed the video and the information provided!!!!!!!

  32. Personally I’ve loved the starlight bristlenose
    Currently raising a male in my 120 main community tank and he is beautiful!!

  33. I have a common Pleco for like 5 years now. Recently upgraded his tank to a 65 Gallon from a 29. He so happy now. Love my Pleco.

  34. The gold nugget is insane but overall i love the long fin albino pleco. Their about $10 small and add a lot of color to a planted tank. Their also pretty readily available in the hobby.

  35. other beautiful plecos you should check on are imperial tiger pleco,acanthicus adonis,flash pleco,dracula pleco,golden vampire pleco,mega clown,snowball pleco, starlight bristlenose pleco,butterfly pleco,snow leopard pleco

  36. Get a female not men plus she is lovely very friendly plus has grown big i love her i named her had a 16 years wow a a bristlenose 11 years ago my bristlenose breed had 3 had 1 male 2 females and I had lots of babies they are loverly had to find home for the babies and I do care didn't have the room keep them all sadly for in a bungalow because of the arthritis I got i has kept 1 i feel they are lovely to keep they keep the tank clean to . Clown pleck is good also.

  37. I have had a common pleco before but it produced a lot of waste, is that the same for all pleco?(Im mostly asking about the bristle nose pleco) My pleco was such a pain, he pooped so much that the bottom of the tank would be covered in poop. It i was pretty hard keeping the tank clean but he did a good job on the algae the walls were almost always clean lol

  38. I'd have to vote for leopard frog but didn't see any mention of them mine is stunning though a bit shy so far

  39. Hello Cory,
    Ive have a question. Just bought a golden nugget pleco for my 90 gallon. When searching online i find very different information about it like size, care etc. I read that they are very hard to keep and grow large (according to my fishstore only about 8 inches) but online they some say 10 to 12 +… could you help me out with some of your experiences? Thanks a lot!

  40. Royal pleco's are great in the petshops since they are sold so small. But when they grow to their full size they are about 2 feet long.

  41. Royal Pleco-Had “Patricio” since 1999. Thank God. I picked him from a small pet shop in Fajardo, Puerto Rico for $20.00. I’m officially celebrating his 20th Birthday next week. I estimate that he was less than a year old in early 1999 when I purchased him.

  42. #1 Pleco – The Blue Eye Pleco. Owned in 1998. I donated to my pet store Show Room in Pensacola, FL because I was being transferred overseas. They shop kept it for years!

  43. Black & White breaks up the general outline of the fish when being looked at by predator fish. Zebra's , Tigers

  44. I’ve got a common pleco in my 75 litre for a holding tank doesn’t eat plants and doesn’t bother my fish

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