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Poached Salmon With Dill And Avocado Mayo: Bridal Bites S01E2/8

Poached Salmon With Dill And Avocado Mayo: Bridal Bites S01E2/8

Hello and welcome back to Bridal Bites. This
week we are making this mouth watering poached salmon with dill and avocado mayo.
[music] So here I have got three kilograms of salmon.
It has been gutted, cleaned, and scaled, and it is on a oiled piece of foil. In the cavity
I am going to put some dill. And then put four bay leaves in, and then
I have got one onion thinly sliced. Pour over six tablespoons of wine and season
with some salt. And some pepper. Loosely bring the foil around the salmon and
seal well to make a parcel and pop it in the oven for two hours on 150 degrees. So while
the salmon is cooking we are going to crack on with our avocado mayonnaise. To start,
add the flesh of three avocados to a food processor. Then you need to add the zest of one lemon. And then add the juice. And then add two hundred grams of mayonnaise. Add a little bit of salt and pepper and then
you blitz it all together. And that is perfect now as it is. Then you need to remove your blade because
we are going to mix the rest by hand. I am just going to chop up the dill and add that
to the mix. So de-seed your cucumber. And chop it up. Add that to the mix and give it a stir. Pop it into a nice bowl. Garnish with a little
bit of the dill then pop it in the fridge ready for our salmon later. So the salmon
has been left to cool for ten minutes and now it is ready to be skinned. So I am just
using a fish knife but you can use any knife that you have at home. Slide it underneath
the skin and just lift up gently. And there we have it. We garnished ours with lemon and
watercress and do not forget your avocado dip. Thanks so much much for watching. Make
sure you subscribe if you like this video and we will bring you another delicious dish
next week.

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  1. You make it look so easy. I've never made poached salmon before. I hope mine turns out and looks as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.

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