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Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

hi welcome to the north west carp and
anglers diary fishing blog I’ve just caught this lovely 14 pound common now I would never have caught this fish without the sunglasses I’m wearing and that’s the subject of
this episode polarizing sunglasses for fishing so I’m going to slip this fellow
back and I’m going to take you through the different coloured lenses we have and why
we use them lets get him back okay so this is the north west carp and anglers
diary guide to polarizing sunglasses I’ve got three pairs of these they are
probably one of the most important items of tackle I’ve got they’re the first thing I put on when I get out of the car because despite what tackle companies tell you
and sell you at the end of the day if you don’t find those fish you’re not going
to catch them and location is absolutely everything
it’s a 98% location 1% bait 1% rig so you’ve got to find those fish and these
are extremely important for helping you because you take the glare off the water
and allow you to see down so if you’ve got a ripple on the water and the fish are a couple of feet down providing the waters clear enough these will enable you to
spot them you would never see them with a naked eye that’s for sure so
polarizing sunglasses extremely important okay so let’s take a look at
the colour of the lenses and the different jobs they do
okay so lens colour is really important when you buy a new pair of
sunglasses I’ve got three different colours here and these are the three I
use I’ve had plenty more sunglasses than this over the years I’ve sat on quite a
few of them these are the three I have at the moment now dark coloured lenses
they’re black or dark grey they are really really good for bright sunny days
so you if you’ve’re out for the day you haven’t got a cloud in the sky clear
blue sun beating down really really bright they are the best glasses for you
they will block out a lot of light and enable you to see down into the water so dark coloured glasses really good for bright sunny days okay amber lenses they do look a bit yellowish but we call them amber and these let a lot of light
in so they’re really good in dark conditions so if you’re fishing in the
evenings it’s getting towards dark or dusk or you’ve got a really dark dull and
overcast day then these will let that little bit of extra light in they’ll
still take the glare off the water but they’ll enable you to see better in
those conditions okay so amber lenses for dull and
overcast days and the last set have got these are brown lenses they’re halfway
between the two so the brown lens it won’t block out as much light as the
dark coloured lenses and it won’t let in this much light as the amber lenses but
overall as an intermediate pair they are kind of halfway between the two so if
you wanted just one pair of sunglasses the brown ones would be the one to go for they’re actually really really good and I spend most of my time wearing the
brown ones to be honest they are absolutely spot-on but the others
like I said they’re for bright sunny days or dark dull days and i’ll alter depending on the conditions but these are a good intermediate pair very very well
worth having okay so they’re the colour of the lenses and there is one other aspect of these as well if you’re a lure angler
and you’re constantly or to fly angler and you’ve got a lure going past your
face all the time and constantly casting there’s a safety aspect for these as
well you put them on and you’re not going to get a treble hook in your eye
you know so I’m sure we’ve all seen the videos on there on youtube or on
facebook that go around social media where someone’s got a treble through the eye
and it’s had to be gone right through honestly they make me cringe errm don’t
let it happen to you remember the safety aspect and if you’re lure fishing really
you should be wearing a pair anyway and if you’re not looking for the fish
put them on for the safety aspect well worth doing and could save yourself a
serious injury to your eyes okay so sunglasses they are one of the
most important items to tackle you’ll ever own you know you can’t catch the
fish if they’re not there and you’ve got to find them no amount of fancy tackle will
help you with that you know you’ve got to get out there and look
yourself and these are one of the best aids to helping you okay so that’s it
for now thanks for watching I’ll be along with another video soon errm hit
the subscribe button for me please and I’ll see you in another video tight
lines and take care of yourself

7 comments on “Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

  1. nice informative vide mate taught me stuff i didnt know bout lenses. picked pair up this year for first time saved me so much time both spotting carp and areas that look great but thick with weed a few feet beneath surface. wouldnt be without them! nice vid again mate thanks for sharing

  2. See extended description for links to the right coloured sunglasses covered by this video. Also, click the link to read the written article on my blog.
    Click here for some Brown Lens Glasses>>>.

  3. I've been watching all your videos the past few days Mark and I really like your videos man, I especially like the videos when you are catching lovely fish especially the catfish, made me want a catfish now! I've subscribed too mate keep up the good work should have a fish sometime I'm local, also check out my YouTube channel mate please subscribe 🙂

  4. Polarized sunglasses definitely help fishing! keep up the content and if you have a chance, please give my channel a look, I would greatly appreciate it!

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