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Ponzu Sauce Recipe

Ponzu Sauce Recipe

Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux. Today I’m going to teach you how to make Ponzu Sauce, which is basically
a citrus based soy sauce which goes with everything. You can add this to meat, vegetables, fish.
It’s just great because it delivers such a great flavor profile. It adds tarts, saltiness,
sourness, and sweetness all into one and a great balance. It’s a very simple sauce
to make, but here’s how to make it – let’s go.
Alright so you start by taking some Kombu, dried seaweed, and you place it in the bottom
of your bowl. You add 200ml of soy sauce, pour it over like this. And then 200ml of
freshly squeezed lemon juice. Just spend the time squeezing these and then pour it in,
great stuff. Now 200ml of Dashi stock. I just made this, too. You can check out the video
of how to make this by clicking on the top left corner of your screen. Then followed
by 200ml of rice vinegar, and lastly 100ml of Mirin which is a sweet Japanese rice wine.
It just adds that little extra something. Just leave this for 24-hours inside a fridge
and after that take the Kombu out, and then you place it in a jar and you can keep in
the fridge for, I’d say at least a month. Okay, so this is it. After 24-hours you just
strain it out and you take the Kombu out, just like this, and you keep this in the fridge,
in the jar, for one two months easily. What you have here is basically just rice vinegar,
soy sauce, and lemon juice which last very long in the fridge especially when you don’t
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26 comments on “Ponzu Sauce Recipe

  1. Ik bekijk je filmpjes al heel lang, en het ziet er altijd super lekker uit!
    Super sausje en ik ga het zeker een keertje maken. Keep the video's coming!
    Groetjes uit België

  2. I have been making your teriyaki sauce religiously since I first saw it. This will make an interesting alternative! I didn't see your dashi stock video yet, but don't you use kombu for that? Can you use the used kombu for this?

  3. I've made this and the flavor of the vinegar is so strong, I don't really know if I messed up or if it's supposed to be like that.

  4. Calamari Fritters with ponzu. I used the wasabi/ soy sauce foam technique but with ponzu! It took a bit to get it right and it was wonderful!!l

  5. I had an amazing teppanyaki lunch yesterday and I specifically requested for ponzu sauce. Now I'm learning how to make the sauce, I find some ingredients like konbu, aren't easy to come by. Are there substitutes for these Japanese ingredients that are similar in flavor?

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