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Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On Toy Review (2018) – Fisher Price

Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On Toy Review (2018) – Fisher Price

Power Wheels has been around since the
mid-1980s usually consisting of 4-wheel battery powered cars for kids their
newest creations called the wild thing a two-wheeled driven single seater hello
everyone my name is Andy and welcome back to cap tech the two side wheels are
large hollow plastic wheels similar to the rest of the vehicles out there but
feature a center rubber stripe going down the middle the tire to provide
extra traction and the rear wheel is a plastic caster that spins around like
normal to help keep its balance it’s powered by the same kind of 12-volt
batteries the rest of the vehicles hidden immediately under the seat along
with all the different speed controls and you use the two buttons that are
underneath the seat to adjust the different speed settings there’s four
different speeds to pick from going between two miles an hour and five miles
an hour which are indicated at the front by a blinking blue light to let you know
which one you have this just kind of help you child
ease into the different speed settings and the button under the seat also acts
as a safety mechanism it won’t allow you to power the vehicle unless you’re
sitting down so if your child is missing around with it and not sitting in it
they can toggle the handles back and forth all they want to and it’s not
going to go anywhere unless they’re seated on it which will
push down the safety button and it has a standard velcro seatbelt like all the
rest of them which is quite important because if you just let go the handles
it comes to immediate stop and if you’re not buckled in it could make you lose
your balance but it has a front facing wheelie bar so if it does have to tip
forward really fast from then coming to an abrupt halt it doesn’t lean too far
forward so it won’t throw them out each of the wheels has their own independent
controller so if you move just one handle it’s only going to move just one
wheel as a safety feature it’s got a built-in delay in the control so you
can’t just wiggle it back and forth in jerk it all over the place you have to
hold it the direction you want it to go for a second before it’ll actually go
now that’s a good safety feature but it does get kind of annoying when your
child’s trying to roll with it they decide that we want to change directions
and go backwards and now there’s a slight delay between them getting
control of it again ankle and where they want to but on the higher speed settings
this slight delay can also make the turning a little bit less smooth too
because it kind of has a bit of a jerk to it while it’s releasing one of the
wheels to spin around the other direction so it can be a little bit
jarring a minor complaint that my nine-year-old had with this was the
height of the back of the seat as you can see right here it doesn’t go very
far up is back and so when he’s sitting in it leaned all the way back in order
to be to power the chair it kind of sits real
low on his lower back and it’s not as comfortable with him leaning all the way
back against it and for the most part when both the handles are pushed at the
same time the vehicle does grow in a pretty straight line but if both wheels
don’t spin at the same time sometimes it can kind of curve off to the side and of
course there could be a problem if you live in an area that you don’t have a
large cul-de-sac to drive around in and you’re confined to strictly small
driveways and sidewalks but the wild thing does have plenty of power so it
can easily go through grass leaves gravel dirt and wherever your child may
want to take an off road without risk of slowing down but overall my son loves it
now he’s not and he’s having a great time with it it is geared between the
ages of five and ten and a maximum of a hundred pounds so he easily fits in it
unfortunately I don’t get to play in it but he has a really good fun time with
it now it does have a bit of a learning curve of course at the higher speeds
we’re trying to get it to actually turn with a little bit of smoothness to it
without being so jerky and of course trying to be able to park it back in the
garage takes some time and effort too but he likes just hopping in it and
spinning right in circles so there you have it that is my review of the wild
thing a really fun toys just has a little bit of a learning curve it’s nice
to see a different approach to the Power Wheels brand I’m gonna put a link to
this on Amazon in the video description down below of course if you wanted to go
check it out if you have any questions drop in the
comment section down below and I’ll see if I can help you out if you did find
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to you later

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  2. If I had one of those as a kid I would get a suit, shave my head and call myself Charles.

  3. Question:: Is the Power Wheel Wild Thing from Mattel the same machine as the one from Fisher Price?
    I am so confused. Please help. ❤️

  4. Hello! Great review….clear, articulate and concise. Could you please tell us the diameter of the wild thing from wheel to wheel? It looks compact but I would like to know its size before purchasing because we have limited storage space. Thank you

  5. Nice review. Can I ask how long the battery seems to last between charging….how long it takes to charge….and how long youve now had it and if you've encountered any issues? Thanks in advance

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