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Prawns 🍤 Oysters & Salmon Catch n Cook 🔥 on the fire Shrimp cooking EP.374

Prawns 🍤 Oysters & Salmon Catch n Cook 🔥 on the fire Shrimp cooking EP.374

Hi everyone, It’s Andy from Andy’s fishing here. I’m doing the
intro halfway through the movie so, I know what you’re gonna get and it’s
pretty cool. I’ve already caught my prawns I’ll show you
how I got those okay guys one so now you have really nice sized ones there and
I’ll show you how to catch one of these you know ice yeah a threadfin salmon
and the rest you’ll just have to wait and see Mr crocodile. Nice shallow spot here see if there’s
any prawns in it like my prawns. What was that that was something the little
salmon swim into the outside of the net. that I think it’s a blue summer yeah a
little blue salmon he’s good now I’m gonna try and find some prawns I’m going
the shallows maybe where there’s some leaf litter some something for them to
eat they um they probably won’t be out in the open where there’s just just
muddy Bank I’m always looking around just checking
out what I can see there’s some crocodile footprints before and all
these little divots here are made by threadfin salmon or crabs and the crabs
bury into the holes and I mean actually bang their noses in when
they’re trying to eat the long cast that kind of worked. Yeah there’s
definitely prawns in here okay we have prawns and want to have little prawns
that’s what we’re talking about yeah we Quite a few quite a few oh I’m liking
this come back come back don’t go over there all right almost got away all
right I’m gonna I gotta get to work here hmm
normally I’d be fishing these drains For Barramundi and jacks
but if I can get prawns I’ll get Prawns. Prawns are one of my favourite types of
seafood and yeah well hopefully we get some crabs later on. that’s not a bad side that sure yeah
there’s one for one coming that’s definitely one there
oh and there’s a fish, little barramundi oh here you go little barramundi don’t
swim through that there we go huh nice little guy off you go hey he’s
good but there are some nice ones you need and I think we’ve got another
little barramundi we have it’s good to see healthy little barramundi in here
let’s get rid of you all right yeah you get Bigger nice what’s up big one go here
it usually these wow that’s like someone you get the size of that that is a big
prawn. Okay caught a whole bunch of Prawns. muddy business but the results from this
will be very nice this is why I don’t get Froning very often just a big mess
of mud will clean it out so let’s have a look at the ones we got this thing
there’s one really nice big one in there some of them good but this is the
biggest one from from that cast look at that that’s a nice-sized fraud it’s
probably about 15 yeah so to catch my fish portion of the smorgasbord I’m
gonna use a 4 inch bomb shared by Boom baits. This is a lime chartreuse with a
ball sinker and a little weedless hook at you seeing some Nikes being six foot
ten to 20 pounds spin rod and a Black Hawk – mm eco – real very nice little
combo this red light and yeah nice to cast all day long Oh a little one. Under sized Blue salmon. I actually might be might be legal
let’s have a look so blue salmon need to be 40s he stopped for around yep he’s 41
alright and he’s not a really big fish but you can see the hooks going into his
eye so some we’re not good for him so yeah we’ll take him home he’s only
just legal what do you want but rather than let him go wanton I just waiting
and that’s some yeah another AA component of our smorgasbord these
things I’m thanks a lot along out of water
yeah just bleeding and make school makes for the meat is nice and white when I
eating later on it’s time to check the crab pots I’ve been in for about six
hours now so I’m really hoping there’s a nice mud crab in there don’t lie
you are undersized I’m sure well we have one crab I’ll have a look at you you
might be okay what’s it just measuring just under he’s under by about three
millimeters mmm guy yeah I’ll let you go hmm don’t forget buddy ah I’m the sauces
on the sauce right so let’s see how many prawns we’ve got here we go
oh there’s my bonanno’s I like my ladies always have bananas
let’s see that’s about oh I have a two kilos they’re tides low enough let’s go
and apply some oysters prawns fish oysters let’s go
I thank the boat and I’m looking for some oysters these are all there’s
plenty of oysters there but they’re all very small let’s keep looking
got my backpack with me and yeah you’re gonna make a little fire and hopefully
I’ll have a very nice smorgasbord of fisherman’s basket you can see the paper
voices like every one of these is an oyster but you can see how small they
are so I’m gonna try and find some bigger
ones I don’t have to go these are all very very small I mean I could could eat
them but yeah let’s try find some bigger ones first I’ve walked about a kilometer
now and it’s all these little oysters here but oh crap maybe yeah that bits
loose I grabbed that some can make a fire the law was build afar right we might as
well put a voice to feet all right it’s gonna get cooked all right guys I won’t
take long at all despite all that clanging banging before I didn’t bring a
plate so I’m gonna find use one of these palm fronds and make my own plate what I
would really like now is a drink of coconut milk and there is the coconut
even got a nice little fork on the end let’s see if I can reach that we should
be able to get that then go on down and this milk in it yes we have it yeah
one coconut Cheers what’s going she’s cooking right that
fires ready to start boiling the water for the prawns yeah pretty good don’t
just put that thought out of here let that boil animal spread the prawns on
see there’s an opposite right like I said I’ve never done this before but
I’ll give it a shot okay I got a system now I’m gonna do every second one and
that what is actually just to that boil so just tuck this in here make it nice
and night there you go there’s more plate beautiful yeah I’ve only got a few
of them I don’t want to eat the whole lot I’m gonna take the rest time I have
enough for dinner oh that should be nice yeah yeah definitely
do you like meat there and boiling for about two minutes now let’s just give it
a stir I think they’re almost done yeah I reckon they’re done today that we have
a self draining plate don’t like that that looks like an oyster right yeah
sometimes you a little bit hard to see cuz they’re all like I mean this whole
thing is just Easter’s everywhere it definitely will
make a video with bigger oysters but when this is all you’ve got
I’m happy mmm sweeter they salty and sweet enough there we go and then like
in a couple of episodes ago I’ve got some chips just gonna crush them up I’ve
already fileted the fish I don’t like to fill it fish in every episode it gets
boring for some people so I’m just gonna get the fish if you want it you want to
see me fillet a fish I’m have a look at a couple episodes back I’ll put the
fish in there and just give you nicely coated in those broken up chips and this
is extremely delicious way of cooking fish and extremely simple – actually the
oils nice and warm here oh yeah oh yes I might get a little bit
hot first couple of pieces should be ready to turn Wow look at the golden
crumb on that look at that that actually looks like
KFC crumb which it tastes better they eat some more oysters while like cooking
and just too inviting so delicious and either when they’re really small
like like that that’s that’s tiny it’s still tastes good mmm the smoky flavor
in that one I think they just about darkness just take the other side look
at that it’s so much fun and it just looks more delicious yep crispy golden
brown batted fish how good does that all look the oysters are a little bit of a
file but we’ll get a few out of that the fish looks amazing I mean have a look at
that you’re a crummy nasaan that let’s have a taste this is swimming around not very long
ago Belair almost forgot something the
Thousand Island dressing it’s um yeah tangy tomato mayonnaise II and here’s a
little shell uh prepared oh yeah perfect little bowl for my sauce
all right let’s get into these prawns good nothing better than fresh seafood
on the beach let’s show off there normally you’d plunge these in cold
water but I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way down to the water again
that’s how let’s eat that you know that does that look delicious I
think that looks delicious and that dressing just um yeah it makes
the prawn it’s just delicious this is nice to put the fish in there
crumb fishing some sauce beautiful good hey guys I’m gonna keep
eating this if you haven’t subscribed already you should yeah I do weekly
videos every Tuesday and if you’re on my homepage there’s a little bell icon on
that side of the screen I think I might put a little screenshot up just here if
you want to get notified when my videos are live or when they get published
press that Bell icon and let let YouTube know that you want to know my videos are
getting published because youtube doesn’t always tell everybody and a lot
of people are missing out I think I also alluded in previous episode that I was
going to go overseas and that’s finally happening so I’m gonna try and catch up
with so finger catching more fishing monster Mike tall fisherman Jay they’re
all in Miami I’m gonna try and catfish it with those guys do collaborations
have some fun and hopefully get some some good episodes to you guys so yeah
keep an eye out for those very very soon the last couple of collaborations I’ve
done with that Timmy turtle and rocket kit Rodney heaps of fun and it’s stuff I
wouldn’t normally do and that makes it exciting for me which makes it exciting
for you I think so going over season filming is gonna be a hoot so yeah
definitely subscribe hit that notification button and keep watching
every Tuesday you you

100 comments on “Prawns 🍤 Oysters & Salmon Catch n Cook 🔥 on the fire Shrimp cooking EP.374

  1. Every time I stop and slip my tounge in because your food looks so good and you're such a good cook keep up the amazing videos

  2. Go to the Phils. Andy, lots of islands to go island-hopping to and try doing some catch and cook videos for healthy living.👍

  3. Hey mate what’s a tell tail sign when the prawns are done? Always wanted to catch and cook but I don’t want to screw it up and end a life for no benefit

  4. well now im hungry i should probably stop binge watching your videos but im at work and its dead so ill keep watching.

  5. Hey Andy you need to oil your jaw you were really freaking while you were eating the prawns and fish st all. Still love your videos, when are you coming to calif, the fish in the delta are amazing!!!

  6. G’day Andy! Just discovered your fantastic videos on coastal foraging and bush cooking in OZ last week …and am now happily addicted! 😉 Wish you could check out our Baja peninsula sometime; great place to do much the same type of thing. 😉

  7. Yeah Andy I live in Proserpine two the weather I think was half good yesterday but anyway can’t wait to see your next video

  8. Hey Andy , I just love your style of adventure …. settings always on secluded beach catch and cooks freshly caught seafood . And your cooking always look so yummy.
    I’m dying for the opportunity to do the same one day.
    Btw: Pretty rough move on getting that palm branch for your plate , I’m glad you are ok…. and was how you broke your Camara mount ? 😒

  9. Man i am so glad I found this channel! This is exactly what I love to watch from time to time, fresh catch and cook without the drama stuff!

  10. I love your videos you take a lot of time filming and editing. One trick maybe when you’re using your cast net put a small tarp on the front of your boat to empty the net out on. Cheers

  11. Best thing about places like Darwin in Australia, food is abundant in the wild and at anytime you can catch your own food

  12. Great videos' Andy. I would love to go foraging with you one day. I can't help wondering how many sailors cringe at the sight of a banana on a boat. Some sea fishermen might kick a person off their boat for bringing one aboard.

  13. Cook crab and prawn on that coconut meat and milk then add curry powder and red hot pepper.
    Add butter if you want to.
    Its called ginataan and its a tropical delicacy.

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