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PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

PREDATOR POND FISHING!!! | Feeding attempt

Okay, so the peacock bass have been here For about three weeks now I’ve actually taken you guys along for every step of the way from getting them adding them that’s happening to feed them Preparing the tank, etc. Everything that you guys seen is on this tank is the only thing I’ve done so far today I’m gonna try a new method of trying to get them to eat prepared foods but you’ve seen this before the saltwater aquarium with the black volatile lionfish or Volunteen how do you say that? I don’t know anyways, this guy is a wild caught fish He’s never had a feeder in my care. He is only ever had prepared foods even eats from my hands and I’ve had to try to convince him to eat certain foods doing certain different methods one was of course buying a little piece of shrimp To some sewing thread and dragging it through the water simulating some live prey it worked And I think you know where this video is going We’re probably gonna end up fishing in the 1200 gallon tank But I kind of want to feed some of my harder to eat fish first Which we’ve done before but those that don’t know, this is Bruce Did you just look at the camera what I said your name? Let’s try that again for those that don’t know. This is Bruce You’re such a disappointment ok ok ok you hungary little royian come get it little fella get it its right there its right on your head There’s he’s coming up to the gallery soon. I miss him. The Asian Arowana used to be the similar tough to get eating at time same with freshwater rays, but These guys at one point the guys remember buddy I had to at one point feed him with a sewing thread and pull it through the water as well These guys never really had much of a problem They’re really great eaters watch this I always got to feed a pound. Oh great This is always a pretty nerve-racking because they will jump out of the water. Try to eat it it on my hands Let’s try a bit of a handful at once Which the Rays go nuts Or at least one did you feel it hit there they go they could taste it in the water you know, no no no no a Little bit more This method of convincing your fish to eat prepared foods works use it on a multitude of fish Hi if he’s a shrimp Did some thread that you can’t see it’s there. I Know a lot of people out there eat each shrimp delicious Just want to make sure you’ve only tied it to the very tip of it here so it can easily be pulled off Oh, by the way The baby peacock bass are wild caught as well Originally when I got them the seller had mentioned like you’re gonna have to feed them live foods And I thought no I’ve got so many of them that they’re going to entice each other to eat whatever hits the aquarium’s water and that’s a real benefit to having multiples as the the Competitive nature will kick in we’re gonna give them a clump of some shrimp here. See what happens No problem You have to grow me trying to get some it’s over on the other side girl Oh get the bye sir down there Everybody’s out today Yeah, so they eat. No problem Everybody in here is still doing okay when I got them they had some really nice size to them really healthy So I’m not too worried about them not eating for a few weeks. It’s almost completely normal for them. Not to Again, not to too worried. I hope you guys can see under there, but it’s been three weeks. So I mean worst case scenario I’m going to have to feed them live foods. I’m not a huge fan of it I’ve explained twice why making specific videos about them just the risks associated with feeding life However, again, worst case scenario. I’ll have to pick up some feeders quarantine them got load them get them ready to actually be fed Yeah, but we’ll see what happens here. I’m pretty confident. I get them to eat I’m just gonna see if I can bring up a little fishing pole here just so I can get The food into the center of the tank, but it’s stretching over too much I have a good feeling about this check out my fishing pole All right here goes one two three Are they interested? Don’t see any coming Maybe I should turn the flow of the water off Kind of cheating through the water a little bit I’m gonna take the lids off over here Cast my net a little bit further or cast my fishing rod a little bit further where they go Over that corner now, all right Guys, please Might take a while I’m gonna shut off the flow of the water See they’re all over there do you see them? We’re all bunched up into the corner there. I do see a catfish underneath this wood, and he’s pretty big like really big I Wonder if he’s gonna come out You guys see him under there a beast yeah, they’re just all huddled over there probably little scared No response to it at all Did we get the catfish interested? Okay, so there goes the shrimp Catfish is underneath. Where’d he go? What’s under there? Oh there he intercedes tail. All right, so who chewed whiskers? Oh my god, no biggie god, oh He’s so big Look how big he is. I wonder what the other one is He’s in there somewhere We’ll get home How Biggie’s garden oh My god, he tastes it catfish have such good taste receptors. Those whiskers are for feeling and tasting. Oh He’s hungry, where’s the other one did you eat the other one? Is that why you’re so big? Come get it teach the bass to eat You can feel the movement see that It’s gotta be able to feel that movement there He’s getting a little excited He’s looking it’s over here, bro I’ll go throw it to you good He’s over there tasting the bass They’re not food they’re friends Circling all the other one. I think I see is whispers serious he’s in the corner when the glare is killing it, but I Think the other one is actually quite bigger Well, I think I’m gonna wait another week or so try a few more little things but They are getting kind of skinny It looks like I might have to transition them to two prepared foods with live foods We’ll see what happens. I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve. I’m gonna try But if you haven’t watched my video on feeding live foods, this is just you watch it Just you can get a full picture of where I’m coming from link is in the description. Oh you want Everybody getting shrimp, but you is that your problem you want some? Right into the gut oh, there you go you get it good stuff here Come on hook it up If I feed hook I gotta feed Frank and Francine Hey you lovebirds Frank. You want a big piece? You Brooke that’s eating uh something a little smaller Lady find you oh, man Silly girl. Hey go get it. Yeah, see I said sexy Frank. You still eatin that scene was good Here’s one some more of course you do Oh Francine, that’s way too big for you. Sorry. Okay. So that’s about as much as I could deal with the Peacock bass for today I’ve over the past couple weeks at pump the temperature or past week I bumped the temperature up did some water changes, etc these things will typically increase their metabolism make them hungrier, but IIIi think I’m just gonna have to resort to feeders Quarantine them properly gut load them and go from there I’ve tried worms as well worms did work and a few different types of insects just gonna have to use something that’s Got crafts their attention a little easier. I’m guessing Maybe they’re just eating off camera They want to be covered up and have some privacy while they eat or something like that. Maybe I have some self-conscious fish They feel like I’m fat shaming them when I like em, huh, who knows

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  1. I raised WC cichla orinocensis from about 2 inchers until they were close to 14 inches. They are notoriously a pain in the butt to get on prepared foods and it was a nerve racking time to finally get them to eat raw shrimp and tilapia and then eventually massivore pellets. I would suggest quarantined feeders (1 feeder at a time) just to get something in their belly's. Once they associate YOU with food they will hit anything as soon as it hits the water. Good luck and great vids!

  2. FYI: You were NOT casting a net, and you were NOT casting the fishing pole. You WERE casting a fishing LINE. (BTW: "Self-conscious fish?!?!" SERIOUSLY? You REALLY need to get out more, and mingle with/
    talk to other members of your own species…that would be humans, just in case you don't know.)

  3. Thank you so much for making these videos. They really help me and I feel great after watching them – as well as wiser.

  4. Hi Joey a little suggestion for feeding Bruce the Volitans lion fish drop a couple of male guppies in with him and watch the reaction you get ,but if after five minutes they are still in the water you might want to scoop them out , I used to have a marine tank and the lion fish loved the odd guppy once a month as it kept it's natural hunting instincts alive

  5. Pro Tip #31: To entice predators in your tank, use a needle and thread. Using about 30 inches of sewing string, tie a needle on one end and tie a knot on the opposite (terminal) end as well. Skewer the shrimp or other prepared food, pull the string almost all the way through and let it catch on the terminal knot. Go fishing with the needle in your hand, the predator will snatch the food from the terminal knot's tenuous hold. If your offering is soft and heavy, use a bigger terminal knot.

  6. They go to the corner cause you scared them by changing the lighting, the noise level and getting the camera all the way to where they were trying to hide. One of them was about to go get the shrimp right before you changed everything in the watertank. Try to not stress them when you feed them is what I'm saying.

  7. Love your vids, been watching you for years, but Im gonna be totally honest here: I dont agree with keeping Peacock Bass at all. They are a HUGE and highly intelligent fish and I dont feel like they have a place in the home aquarium. That tiny, black-lined, tank is nothing like where they naturally occur. The fact that they are flat out refusing to eat is a huge red flag.

  8. i absaloutly love the tone you have like i can hear the love you have for fish. i act the same way, but my collections a lot less massive

  9. No hate just curious why keep peacock bass? I don’t really think they should be kept in an aquarium jmo. I like your vids and the passion

  10. If you cover the left side and do the String with the shrimp on it The bass was going to go after it . You need to re watch this video And you'll see what I'm talking about One of them was going to strike on it.

  11. I loved peacocks I used to have them in my 55g put some Lilly pads in there and dim the lights then try that I always fed mine guppies and goldfish but they would do WELL with cover they can hide under or plants also just a thought. Keep up the good work thank you

  12. Your great a keeping fish but not great at lure fishing, watch again the first times the fish looked interested you pulled out the shrimp, the pump actually gave it a more realistic action

  13. The Bass seemed really scared when the roof moved. Definately gonna need some lily pads or something to make them feel more secure. Or maybe a small flap to access instead of moving the whole canopy. My fish always get uneasy if they're skyline view changes.

  14. Live is natural,that's why some wont eat ed everything about these fish in tanks is so unnatural,I love Irish I had big tanks but I'm just saying live feeding the b 3s st you never have problem and bbn it's natural to them

  15. Those don't look anything like the peacock bass I catch here in Florida. The ones here look just like the ones in south America with bright green orange and red in them, and very different head and body profile. And can reach 30lbs. The ones in your tank kinda look like jack dempseys or a middle eastern cichlid , not peacock bass. And I've been catching them for 35 years and hold a few 2lb.test line records back in the nineties. I've also kept large mouth, smallmouth and swannee bass too.

  16. I always had good luck fishing for bass with live crickets (even when they weren't interested in anything else)

  17. I found my way here from max the cockatoos videos. Pretty cool stuff. Didnt know people kept 1200 gallon tanks in their house ffs. Good job man, what a cool hobby

  18. 5.03 he was about to pounce if you would have just had a little bit more patience he would have ate.

  19. Once they take live they never want to go back. I don't have fish any more but monoculous were my all time favs. I don't know how I've never seen this channel before. Gunna suss it now

  20. If you haven’t already I would include more shelter/natural hides for your peacock bass to encourage them to be a little more outgoing because right now judging by their behavior they’re all in a sort of “defense mode” where they aren’t as focused on eating as they should be

  21. King!!! Can i have some of your Bass🙌🙌 Im a great fan of your work i love your ponds and aquascape and your fishes but.. the Bass is😍😍

  22. Just wondering. Since you are technically fishing using a line and pole if you need a license?

  23. Using a feeding stick will allow you to simulate the prey being alive. It also allows for feeding of slower fish (bottom feeders, eels, etc.) when a tank also contains aggressive fish (ie. wrasses, trigger fish, grouper, etc.). Just my $0.02, hopefully this info helps some.

  24. howdy and thanks for your videos! I actually lived in Venezuela for 4 years between 1992-1996 and had a unique opportunity to go on a fishing trip to Caniama where me and the boys fished for three different varieties of peacock bass: Tiger-the smallest and most fun fighter, Mariposa-larger, and Royal – over 30 pounds!!! Yours look like Royal markings. The lake where we fished had red belly piranha and black Caimen as well. So very full of major predators. We used artificial lures that were designed to pop on the surface of the water very hard. The surfaceof the lake was very densely covered with algae so you se up is FAR too OPEN for the situation that I observed in the wild. Good luck with the fish!!! I am sooo jealous. I only have one 75 gallon tank that is empty…Oh also the water was super cold and clear- It was so hot that I actually jumped in after the guide went first! (remember the Piranha and black caiman LOL)

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