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Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel This time I am in the rice field Thank you for your support, who already likes, who already commented, thank you very much That already subscribed, thank you very much And please help For Support Not Supported, By Click Subscribe and Turn on the Bell For Today I Forgot to Record, It Is Not Possible For Greetings And this is the field There are around the edges of the pool Hope it’s easy here We Can Be Big Again Like … The Yesterday Well, this one,, Many are usually here Hopefully we can get a lot And can be big This Is Still In Water Ordinary The Speed ​​of the Strikes is Fairly Old For example, in the field like this The Problem Is Eel, Don’t Know How It’s Smart or How It Is Why hasn’t it been eaten Usually there is in the middle So Not Beyond Usually if in the middle Big We Usual Use Bait Thousand fish in rice fields For example, for swimming we use frog child bait Or worms Weather is pretty cloudy So Impossible I Continuously In the Rice Field I have to go home This is the Last Trial Once in a while Get Direct Let’s go on Come on Steady Relax, look at viewers Also brought directly Come on out Coy Let’s go on Well like that Now get the eel Great Big Viewers

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