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Primitive technology – Catch big fish and cooking fish for lunch – Eating delicious

Primitive technology – Catch big fish and cooking fish for lunch – Eating delicious

Primitive technology – Catch big fish and cooking fish for lunch – Eating delicious

100 comments on “Primitive technology – Catch big fish and cooking fish for lunch – Eating delicious

  1. If only life was still this simple in the westernized countries…NOPE. DEBT. YA NEED DEBT TO SURVIVE BRO..CENTRAL BANKS ARE LIFE BRO.

  2. Your broken legs healed in 12 hours? It's a miracle! Wait, no it's not. Your tried to scam your audience and were called out on it. Shame on you. Shame.

  3. Both your legs and 3 ribs healed in less than 12 hours after completely shattering them in a fall in yesterday's post, scamming people to send you money? It's a freaking miracle. Omegalul

  4. I see your 'broken legs' from yesterday have healed up nicely, oh and that your post about it is deleted. Got anything to say for yourself buddy?

  5. What about falling off the cliff and breaking both legs and 3 ribs. Why did you lie man you could have just asked for the money and been truthful

  6. i was looking through the comments and have been seeing all the “ broke legs and broken ribs scam” but what if that did happen and this is just an old video, idk im just trying to give him the benifit of the doubt but if he did scam its really fucked.

  7. I’m curious. Could anyone tell me the backstory of these guys? Like do they live in a regular area and just go do this or do they live like this and record it.

  8. SCAM? Ok so long story short he posted a post on YouTube community and facebook with an image of a guy in a body cast claiming it was him and he fell off a cliff and broke both legs and some ribs leading to permanent leg damage and to donate to his Go fund me, I cried when I saw the post. About 12 hours later the post was gone and many people called him out because the image he claimed was him in a body cast was actually a Google image. Later he re uploaded it without the picture and the donation link was to a PayPal rather than a reliable donation-for-medical that requires proof of injury such as GoFundMe. And he wasn't hacked he's standing by his post. Scam or truth? You decide

  9. That's not primitive at all with a crossbow. Suppose to use your surroundings not some thing that. Helps you ya got a get a stick thin yet able to spear or throw threw a fish not something that's been used for century's

  10. Ok? Can someone explain the whole thing? People are saying this guy got hacked and/or people are saying he didn't and is just saying that to cover him. I don't get it though.

  11. Hahahaha he went from 1.2 mil to 1 mil ha sucks to be you that’s what ur broke ass gets for tryna scam I also unsubscribed lmao 😂✌🏽

  12. If you want good non fake content, I suggest Primitive Technology. He doesn't wiggle a dead fish pretending he just caught it.
    The dude there also won't try to scam you for money (according to the comments on this video)

  13. everyone is mad at the boy in the vdo how about the person behind the camera ?? how do we know no one is taking advantage here!?do you know what im saying ?

  14. How can so many people not understand that his videos could have been filmed and released at different time?. You can see a big scar on one of this guys legs in one video so i don't think there is a question of whether or not it happened.

  15. Ενώ είσαι πολύ καλός στις κατασκευές, γιατί ψήνεις το ψάρι επάνω στις φλόγες? Το τρόφιμο μαυρίζει και ψήνεται εξωτερικά και μέσα είναι ωμό. Τι κάνουμε? Ξεχωρίζουμε από τη φωτιά κόκκινα κάρβουνα που δεν καπνίζουν και εκεί ψήνουμε όλα τα τρόφιμα.

  16. Oh come on…… obviously fake! No way was such a large fish like that, in the fast, little shallow stream. Also sorry, but doubt very much you had skill to hit a moving fish with a crossbow! Why couldn't you just spear it?? Much easier and is how real prehistoric men would have done it, rather than trying to show off with a crossbow…….fake as FCK.

  17. Where does he charge his phone or battiries and speaking of which where is his editing computers or that kinda stuff???

  18. Hi Sue Young, I heard about your accident and OMG he has fish in his hair at 5:26….Your not a primitive survivalist, your just a power point looking scamming bear grills wanna be. If you want money I’ll send you some, but first I wanna see u eat donkey dick with a side serving of shit…..fukn scamming cock breath piece of shit

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