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Princess Leia Carrie Fisher’s Family

Princess Leia Carrie Fisher’s Family

An actress and a screenwriter Carrie Fisher
grew up in a wealthy family. Her mother was an actress and a young starlet
decided to follow her steps and pursue acting career. At 12, she debuted on a theatre stage in Las
Vegas. In 1973 she took part in a musical and four
year later appeared on a big screen in an episode of Star Wars, where she played one
of the main characters, a Princess Leia Organa. The film had a great success and so, Fisher
took part in three movies becoming more and more popular. The movie star was also known as a writer,
who released a book and helped young writers with publishing of their books. She passed away in 2016, aged 60. Carrie’s mother Debbie wasn’t only a talented
actress but also a musician. She grew up in a poor family but managed to
reach huge success in both personal and professional life. Debbie was married three times with Edwin
being her first husband. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted less
than five years. After that she remarried a man named Harry
Karl and had been with him since 1960 till 1973. The third marriage was to Richard Hamlett
and their union lasted 12 years. Debbie died the next day she heard her daughter
had passed away. According to the doctors, a stroke that happened
to her was a consequence of this sad news. The father Edwin was a pop artist, who devoted
a lot of time to music as well as hosting his own TV show. He had been married to Debbie since 1955 and
up till 1959. After that he started dating Elizabeth Taylor,
who was Debbie’s friend. They even tied the knot but divorced in 1964. Getting older, Edwin started having problems
with hearing, eyesight, back and knees. In 2010, he went through a hip surgery and
died from complications at the age of 82. The famous actress had only one sibling, a
brother Todd, who is an architect by profession. He was married three times. The first time it was to a school girlfriend
Donna Freberg. His second spouse Christi River died from
cancer. And since 2012, he has been happily married
to a third wife Catherine Hickland. There are also two half-sisters born to Edwin
and Connie Stevens. Joely is an actress and she had always been
very close with Carrie. She is married and is a mother to three kids. The second half-sibling is Tricia and unsurprisingly
she is also an actress. She is a loving wife to Bryon Thames and a
caring mom to three children. Fisher first walked down the aisle in 1983
with a famous rock star Paul Simon. His extreme talent got him 16 Grammy awards
and made one of the most successful musical artists ever. The couple met on a set of a movie and started
dating almost immediately. Their relationship lasted for the whole 6
years until they announced of an official marriage. However, less than a year later they were
already divorced. Since 1991 and till 1994, the actress had
been together with a partner Bryan William Lourd. The two ex loves never married but Carrie
often described him as her second husband and was very happy to become a mother with
him. Billie Catherine is a daughter born to Fisher
and Lourd in 1992. It is not surprising that Billie followed
mom’s footsteps and became an actress, who can be seen in Scream Queens, Star Wars, etc.

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