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Princess Leia | Original Song Carrie Fisher Tribute

Princess Leia | Original Song Carrie Fisher Tribute

A Tribute to Carrie Fisher Princess, you were one of a kind. You lit up my childhood with your fearless mind You’re more than a pretty face, you were born to be wild! Though the darkness it awaits you, you will never be defiled Oh Leia (aaaaaaa-aaaaaa) Your bravery, it stays reflected in those Who shared with you your story and then watched it unfold General, your dedication inspires Born of royalty but hard work’s what made us admire you Oh Leia (aaaaaaa-aaaaaa) I thank you, for sharing your hope with me You’ll never know your impact spread through more than one Gaaaaalaaaaxyyyyy Oh Leia (aaaa-aaa) Oh Leia (aaaaa) Princess, oh you were one of a kind Jedi powers m8 (init) Hide-n-Seek powers *SLURP HIDE* I am one with the force The force is with me and I’m one with the force The force with me I’m one with the force boop

20 comments on “Princess Leia | Original Song Carrie Fisher Tribute

  1. Before 2016 is officially over I wanted to share this tribute for Carrie Fisher. I'm forever thankful to her for playing Princess Leia, the woman who showed me while growing up that Princess' could be just as badass as superheroes or action men.
    A beauty with a strong mind and commendable sense of dedication and motivation both in real life and in character, Carrie Fisher will not be forgotten.
    I hope this song can act as a good tribute for her, it's the best I could do to express how I feel.
    Lyrics in the description or turn on subtitles 🙂
    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Let's hope it's a better one.

  2. Beautiful tribute. Carrie touched all our hearts with her honesty and positivity. You share those qualities Yasmin 🙂

  3. Listen to the mp3 version over on soundcloud:

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