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Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

– Hello, I’m John, I’m a private investigator
here in Los Angeles, and today it’s my job to determine which two of these six individuals are currently romantically linked. No job is ever easy, but I
think I’m up to the task. (lively jazz music) – We’ll start in the end here. How bout these two? – C’mon honey. – Honey? Okay, interesting. So how does everybody else react to that? Is something I would look out for. Cause if you weren’t dating, and you were feigning something, and you’re significant other
were still on the lineup, there may be a flash of jealousy, a flash of suspicion coming from somebody. Anyway, what’s your name? – Megan. – Megan, hi. And you? – Victor. – Victor, good to meet you. Victor, where you from? – San Jose, California. – San Jose? Yeah, okay. How long you been down in LA? – Two years, right? Yeah, two years. – Alright, Megan where are you from? Here, LA. – LA? City of? – Agoura Hills. – Okay, so not LA. – I mean it’s technically LA County. – Technically LA County? – Yeah. – Okay. What do you like to do on the weekends? What do you do for fun? – Mostly Netflix. – Yeah and chill. – So you’re having sex. (laughs) – So out of the house, what do you do? What do you do for fun? – I like to climb a lot. Sometimes we go hiking. – So what are some of the
favorite places you’ve climbed? – I am not much of a climber. I’ll do the hike, and then I
just kind of sit and watch. – So “we” climb? – Sometimes I’ll take her climbing, but she’s a little scared. – Okay, okay. Stories are not matching up here with the climbing.
(laughing) – Where’d you guys meet? – Here. Two years ago, when I first
started the fellowship, she was here already as my mentor. – Met at work. A mentor? Wow. Okay I think we can move along here. Megan, why don’t I ask you to step aside, if you don’t mind. Would you mind coming down here please? – Yeah, of course. – So Megan and Victor certainly want me to think they’re dating. What’s your name? – Ehis. E-H-I-S, I’ll make it easy for you. – Thank Ehis. Where are you from? – I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. – Oh, what part? – Boston. – City of? – Yes, no county. – Okay, yeah. What neighborhood? – West Roxbury. – Okay. How long have you lived in LA? – Like two years, yeah. – Okay. And Victor’s lived here
for two years or so. Alright, interesting. What part of town do you live in? – I live in Studio City. – Studio City? Okay.
– Yes. – And where do you hike? – I hike in Runyon, I go
to the West side sometimes, I go to Malibu, I do the
Hollywood sign pretty often. Just cause a lot of friends come to visit and they wanna see the sign, and I’m like, “Sure, let’s go.” – Okay. You sort of half repeated the question, and then you were very verbose. You told me why you go
to certain hiking trails. – Well like because the
Hollywood sign is like, I feel like no one in LA
does the Hollywood sign more than once, but I’ve
done it several times. – I feel like you’re scrambling,
you’re kind of drowning. I didn’t even ask a question– – I’m sorry, I was just
giving information. – I’m just giving you a hard time. Alright. What else do you do for fun? – I go to the movies, I
hang out with friends, I like to eat a lot. – Okay. – So I go and eat. – Where do you go to eat? – I go to Sawtelle for– – Okay and what restaurants
are around Sawtelle? – There’s Tsujita that’s really good. Right the ramen place? – Oh, yeah. I love ramen. – I don’t go there very often, so. – Damn, you’re good. And where do you live Victor? – Koreatown. – K-town, okay. K-town to Studio City, that’s a haul. Why don’t I ask you to step down please? What’s your name? – I’m Jake, how’s it going? – Jake, good, thank you. Where are you from, originally? – I am from here. I’m from Encino. – Okay, thank you for being specific. What’s your line of work? – Film stuff. I used to be like a
independent film producer for super low budget stuff. But now, I just kind
of freelance my skills here and there. – Okay, gotcha. Jake, what do you do… for fun? – I play a lot of video games. I smoke a bunch of weed. – You’re kind of into that
leisure culture a little bit, if I could be so bold to– – I’m an indoor cat, yeah. – To label it, yeah okay. And we’ve got a Hollywood sign hiker. Let’s have our next– – Hi, I’m Lexi.
– Contestant. – Hi Lexi. Where do you work? – I’m a nanny. – A nanny? – Yeah. – Okay, and where do you live? – In Santa Monica. – Okay. And where are you from Lexi? – I’m outside Atlanta. – How long you been in LA? – Like six months now. – And Jake, you’re from
and grew up in Encino, but where are you living currently? – I am in Encino with my grandma. – In Encino, okay gotcha. You’re still there. So what do you do for fun Lexi? – I work a lot, I cook, obviously. (laughs) – I don’t know, I like to cook, and like Netflix and chill also. – Alright. So you’re a bit of a
homebody yourself huh? – I mean I try not to
be, but probably yeah. – Okay. So what do you like to
cook for the most part? What’s your specialty? Give me like your top three. – I love Crock-Pot stuff. So I love chili,
– Okay. – Bolognese, I also make a salmon. – Oh wow. Crock-Pot salmon. – No, no, not in the Crock-Pot. Like outside of the Crock-Pot. – Did you go to undergrad anywhere? – USC. – Oh. So you lived in Santa Monica
for six months, but you’re– – I went back to Atlanta,
I went to New York too. – Okay, alright, gotcha. I get the feeling you’re trying to project to me that you two are a couple. – Why would you say that? – You said, “I like to
cook (laughs) obviously.” Victor and Megan
certainly want me to think that they’re dating as well. Alright Jake, I appreciate your time. I think I’m done for the time being. Will you step down please? – Hi Lexi. – Hey Asia. – Oh they know each other. Okay. And what’s your name? – Asia, like the continent. – Asia, okay. Where are you from? – Florida. – How long you been in LA? – Going on three years. – Okay. So where were you before Santa Monica? – New York. – Okay, for how long? – Four and a half years. – Okay. – I was in New York for five years. – Were you?
– Yeah. – Seems like something a relationship would know about one another. Don’t you think? – Maybe, I don’t know. I wouldn’t wanna project anything. – Would you consider yourself a foodie? – Yeah I would. Even though I’m like,
trying to be vegan now. – Oh okay. – It’s hard. – So chili’s and bologneses, probably wouldn’t fit in
with a vegan lifestyle. – I love chili though. Like I could make an
exception every now and then. – Okay what about Crock-Pot salmon? (laughs) – But she makes it
outside of the Crock-Pot. – Oh okay. – You have a lot of notes here. – I don’t think I have enough notes. Jake, how do you like being a vegetarian? – I am not a vegetarian. – The Crock-Pot is really, I think that’s the key to the whole thing. – It probably is. – Okay alright, let’s switch it up. Ehis would you join us again? – I need like a map of the city here, basically is what I really need. So we got Asia down there, Ehis is up there, Jake, got Lexi down here, Victor
you’re over in K-town, kinda right? And Megan tell me again,
where you’re living? – North Hollywood. – You’re NoHo, okay. Oh so you and Ehis live
somewhat close together. I need you over here. Asia, thank you. I may need to call on you later. And what do you like to eat, did I ask you that already, Megan? – You didn’t. – It really comes down to the stomach. (laughs) – What’s your favorite type of food? – Italian. – Italian? Okay. Didn’t Asia just say she likes Italian? – I love Italian. – If two people like Italian food– they must be dating.
– They must be dating. – Just to be fair, what is
your favorite type of food? – Potatoes. – Even in the guideline of like, it could be Italian, or Greek, or Mexican. – You can have Italian potatoes, you can have Mexican potatoes, you can have Greek potatoes. – Okay, cool. Alright this is interesting. You guys do live close to one another. Jake, why don’t you join us please? – Yeah. – Let’s see here. So you’re also Valley,
you’re in the Valley area, a little bit together. – To be fair, I think she’s… I think Agoura is Thousand
Oaks or Ventura, sorry. Not LA County. – But she lives in No… Oh, oh I get it. – So you’re just going out of your way to let me know that she was wrong. – It’s more like to tell
her that she’s wrong. – How does that make you feel? – I don’t (bleep) care. (laughs) – Can I venture my first guess here? Okay well I’m just gonna
come right out and, say it. Ask it. Megan and Jake, are you
presently romantically linked? – Why do you think that? – I’ll ask the questions. That’s a nod and a
handshake and a question. – I’m real sweaty, but enjoy that. – You’re dating? – Yes. – Congratulations, you’re a lovely couple. – But we want to know, how long? Since the french fries,
before the french fries? – [John] I need the
other four and I need… I need Crock-Pot Lexi back (mumbles). – [Jake] That was good! – How long? I don’t know. I’m John, I’m a private investigator, and I solved the mystery of whose dating.

100 comments on “Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

  1. Dude. Couples really do look like one another, I guess. I had a feeling it was them from the very beginning cus they looked similar. Weird. 🤔

  2. A lot of armchair detectives in these comments. "Yeh bruh I knew the minute I saw them".
    ( x ) Doubt

  3. I knew when Jake said he played a lot of video games, because he answered without hesitation and it immediately reminded me that when Megan said "mostly Netflix" as her first answer. Idk, those two hobbies kind of fit together.

  4. Tbh during the part with the first two, I saw the way the guy in the Hawaiian shirt was kinda pursing his lips while they were talking and I was like “him and red shirt girl are together, I’m calling it” and look at that 👀

  5. ok… so I read the description box in hopes for credits. Now they are in fact there, but I don't see a link to cut anywhere? I know nothing is original anymore, and it's not like the person who produced this didn't put any work/effort in it. But still, lineups like these are kind of a trademark by cut, right? I just wish there would be more honesty.

  6. I skimmed this because the questions do not matter. A couple tend to watch their partner speak at a much higher frequency. One person talks and they turn their head to this. It happens naturally

  7. You could totally tell they were dating, at 36 seconds he looks at her when there's a "flash of jealousy" lolol.

  8. I could tell who the couple was at the beginning after the guy got jealous (then denied immediately with his shaking head) when she called him "honey"

  9. i knew they were dating in the first minute, because Jake made a face at her and they locked eyes many time after that, it was obvious

  10. I have no idea how he guessed it. Tbh I thought the foodie and the salmon women were dating. The other stories didn't really fit for me. I only assumed (at the end) the "real" couple were together because of the chemistry that just boomed out of no where and the familiarity with the teasing.

  11. As soon as the indoor cat went into mansplaining to the mentor about where she lives, that was the giveaway. He exerted dominion and control..

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