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Progressive Insurance Defending Killer, Claims Comedian Matt Fisher

Progressive Insurance Defending Killer, Claims Comedian Matt Fisher

and that fisher uh… is putting
progressive insurance on blast because he is saying that they’re defending the
man who killed his sister in a car accident back in july our state univ
twenty ten now would end up happening is on his sister was driving shoes crossing
a new section at a green light uh… however somebody across the intersection
at a red light so they collided and as a result of sister katie dot and who crashed into her i did not have
insurance so progresses paid somebody to katie at katie’s family after what
happened however uh… since the other man does not insure progressive was supposed to pay his
share of and it turns out that they didn’t want to do that now in maryland you cannot sue uh…
insurance company iastate refuse to compensate you you have to sue the
person who was unsure and if that person is found negligent then the insurance
company kese however as soon as it finally got to
that point and the family c progressive started representing the man
who killed his sister stop their here lou this she’s been paying progress of her whole
life insurer she dies in an accident the guy says it
was my fault except tutor progress in this what you pay them for all this time they
flipped over the other side and they daria we represent the guy who
killed so that we don’t have to pay your fam but look at how samir bounds of reason
on how anymore of these corporations are but apparently they are art anything that i understand it or dry in
front of progress against the democratic causes was to be a huge progressive at center but that’s my point about corporations have morals it doesn’t matter who found
it doesn’t matter who run sent it you don’t try to maximize every single
dollar you will be fired he will be replaced by another robot who will go to
maximize profits even with some also ruthlessly even as somebody who gave you
all the money to protect them and then you turn around and use criminal rapidly
died use with her family were it doesn’t matter their anymore only sheen’s who’s
the core design crush you intake every single cent out
of your pocket that’s one thing to have corporations
like we all understand the need for corporations is alone thing for them to
wall our lives and they’ve done this was looking out
for possible present the citizens is that what it’s done is hand over our
government these machines now tax insult to injury at aftermath
fischer wrote about this honest tumbler account of course people start criticizing
progressive and they started treating to progresses at twenty page ad to
basically tell them ill call them out on what’s happening and what did they do they had this
rediculous generic response how to deal with it and they have a picture of flow
of the progress of spokesperson grinning next to it and to everyone they would
take the same thing this is a tragic case and we sympathize our sympathies go
out to mister fisher and his family for the payment they’ve gone through and
that’s it and this is their way of handling this situation we’ve got it’s p_r_ statement uh… and
uh… machinists fitted out and every time you
resist this order will spell it out again and it will have a smiling person
next to it side for your tragic pain that we have
cause by continuing to sd be on the other side of the court days i
guess the they’re not human beings my friend mit
romney as he’s at all over their the people boyfriend if they are they’re the most in warsaw
was a bit as you have received your life they’re not their machines don’t trust
them don’t turn our government over to them so when they knew you is that it’s only
to be used by them

15 comments on “Progressive Insurance Defending Killer, Claims Comedian Matt Fisher

  1. no idea actually.. that day I just got up after sleeping for 10 hours, saw this news, and called them and cancelled.. and yeah.. kind of got tired of their ads as well…

  2. That is a cop out though Cenk, CEO's could defend themselves by saying that the damage caused by the unpopularity of such actions would cost the company MORE, and he or she would be right. "Customers will drop our coverage for fear of us doing this to them if we do this." That would be all they would have to say.

  3. I am a child labor employee at Hershey and I am telling you that these foreign exchange students are paid more than I am for jobs that are easier than mine so I would complain if I were them especially considering most all of them are russian and are much better off freedom wise here.

  4. My car was car stolen on 11/19/12, and unfortunately, assigned Progressive Adjuster, Kristin Shipps. Not only is MS Shipps unsympathetic, self-aggrandizing, condescending, patronizing, and uptight, she is unhelpful, nasty, disrespectful, ill-mannered., and verbally abusive.

    Kristin Shipps thinks she is flo.

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