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Puffer fish – deadly meal [ENG SUB]

Puffer fish – deadly meal [ENG SUB]

Poisonous fish is one of the biggest delicacies in the world. The Puffer fish is a prized dish in Asian countries, and only licensed chefs having the chance of cooking it. The reason, when cooked incorrectly, the dish can kill a person. How such dangerous dish is prepared, tells us Kristiyan Popov. Fugu according to the Japanese Bog-eo according to the Koreans Heitun according to the Chinese The puffer fish is a tempting dish for all Asians, but only certified chefs can cook it. Puffer fish is 1000 times toxic compared to cyanide Аntidote to this fish’s poison is not invented yet. Only 100 milligrams of it’s poison can kill over 30 people. Besides for humans, the fish is also interesting for the animals, but not as food, as a drug. Dolphins often suck the fish without killing it to get in trance. Safe for dolphins, but dangerous for humans, that’s why it took Chef Kwon Oh Sun years to get his license. Most crucial part of preparation is detoxification. Most toxic part of the puffer are the ovary, liver, and intestines. So, we focus on those parts and we also remove its eyes and the blood. We specifically cook the skin and its flesh. Because of the high risk, The Puffer fish is a prohibited food for the Japanese emperor. Unless all the poison is removed, death occurs within 15 minutes of eating it. Some puffers are poisonous even in their meat and flesh. There are instances where people are fishing and they eat the puffer without proper detoxification. And that’s where accidents happen. It also happens in restaurants where they don’t specialize in puffer. Pretty looking, a real beast on the board. The Puffer fish never gives up easily. Puffers have sharp teeth and sometimes employees are bit. This one time the puffer bit one of the employees but he also smacked the puffer. The meals with this fish reach $200 per dish and are various types. We are most well-known for the soup. Another representative dish is sashimi and seasoned skin Puffers have a lot of collagen and little fat. And its skin is rich in collagen. In Asian countries, there is a popular proverb describing this delicacy like this “Whoever tried this fish is stupid, and who didn’t – also” For “Hello Bulgaria” from Busan, South Korea – Kristiyan Popov

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