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Pulled Pork Street Tacos with Zesty Lime Crema | BBQ&A | Southern Living

Pulled Pork Street Tacos with Zesty Lime Crema | BBQ&A | Southern Living

And if you’ve got some leftover barbecue, go ahead and make some tacos. Although I do think this is worthy of day one. Oh, you do, okay.
This is pretty good. Well, let’s see; we’re gonna test it out. (laughs) (mid-tempo rock music) Hey y’all, I’m Sid Evans, editor in chief of Southern Living. I’m here with Megan Day from Burnt Finger BBQ in Kansas City, and we’re about to make some barbecue tacos. So how are we gonna do this, Megan? Well, first and foremost, we’ve gotta check that meat. Boston butt on there, maybe five, six pounds. And this is true to our style of barbecue is to have it, at this point, wrapped up in foil. Oh, yeah, that is so ready.
We know it’s looking good. We’re gonna close this back down. As you can see, there’s some great smoke. I wanna set that bark a little bit more on it, and we’ve got a little bit of work to do to get these tacos ready. This is an additional sauce for the taco; it’s a crema. Start with a 16 ounce of sour cream, some granulated garlic, some salt, and two limes juiced. And just to give it a little bit of extra color, we’re gonna do a little zest Oh, nice.
within it, and especially in a taco. So you’ve got that richness and the tang. All right, so this has been cooking for About 10 hours, yes.
about 10 hours. So what temperature you looking for? We’re looking for an internal temperature of exactly 202, and here’s the ultimate test. Can this bone– Slide right out? Oh, look at that. There it is. That just comes right outta there. There’s a specific muscle that I’m looking for as a chef’s choice, the best; it’s called the money muscle. And it’s on the opposite side of that blade bone. It’s gonna be some of the most tender marbled meat and– And do we get to put this in the tacos? We are gonna put this in the taco. Okay, now tell me how you get this great-looking bark on the outside.
Yeah. We spent a lot of time developing a rub. It’s gonna help in giving us that beautiful, rich, mahogany color because you really do eat with your eyes, and it makes it look stunning. We have a white corn tortilla. I actually have to drive to the Kansas side of Kansas City in order to get these amazing tortillas. Do you go to a Mexican grocery store? There is a store that has just amazing array of Mexican items, and this is one of ’em. They make these fresh everyday. It’s white corn with lime water and salt. But we don’t wanna just do this. We need to give it a little bit of love on the fire, add a little bit of color to it, and get it ready for the meat. And I’m gonna do them one at a time, and it really does make a difference so that you can protect them ’cause you don’t want to burn them. You just want to kiss them with a little bit of fire. Super fast.
Super fast. I wanna make sure that you get a little bit of bark in there as well. I want you to taste some of that. I think we wanna start with some onions. Okay.
Right? Yep, these are a quick pickle. Got some cilantro, we’ve got a little bit of jalapeno. Do you like heat? I do. And these happen to be cherry tomatoes, so I think they’re even a little more sweet. Now we wanna add a little bit of our crema. That’s correct. Just a dollop will do. Shall we?
Yes. We got our tacos ready to go. I’m about to dig into this, but, before I do, so tell me what we got going on here. Brisket and burnt ends with a little bit of our pulled pork. So I’ve heard about burnt ends a lot. I’ve never had burnt ends. So tell me what is it.
(Megan claps) I get to give you your first burnt end? Yes! (laughs)
Ah! How cool. A burnt end is the point of a brisket. So you get a packer brisket, and you’re gonna have the point end and the flat. This is the point meat, the deckle. The brisket’s gonna be the flat slices. So it’s a very rich meat, but we put–
It is so good, but it’s so– It’s like marshmallows. It’s so tender. All right, so now let’s get on to the tacos. All right, so can we just dig into this? Yeah. When you put all of those together, ’cause you’ve got the fattiness of your pork, you’ve got that just nice hit, zing, from that onion, and then that crema is like this smooth ride. And it’s one of those that people can really come to the table and enjoy it. They can add the toppings that they wanna add, so, again, barbecue is an experience. And when you take that and bring in something that is a little bit different, people, I think, really appreciate that. Yeah. You obviously love barbecue.
Yes. Tell me how you got into this. I got tired of watching my husband have fun. (both laugh) It was an exciting time when Jason and I had first met each other. And we were getting married, and he said I wanna do competition barbecue. And so we got back from our honeymoon, and, three days later, he went to his first barbecue contest, and hooked from that point forward. I said gosh, I’m kind of interested in doing this. And so I started picking up some of the ancillary categories. So when you go to a competition, there’s a side dish or a dessert or even a margarita competition. And I started winning, and I got that taste of true victory. Jason and I realized, if we wanted to continue to barbecue, we couldn’t depend on those friends to always be able to be available to do competitions ’cause we were wanting to do 20 competitions a year or more. And so teamed up as husband and wife to take that on, and that’s when everything really started poppin’. When there’s 500 competitors and you place first in chicken with a perfect score and get to go up on that stage and hoist up that trophy, there’s really no feeling like that, to know that you did it, you knocked it out of the park.
And you just wanna go back and do it again. And again and again and again. Tell me, what’s it like being a woman in barbecue and especially in competition barbecue? Sure. There’s a lot of women. We just aren’t on the front edge. We’re not being seen. We’re not willing to come in front of the camera. And so that feels really good to know that people are starting to recognize that we really do need to step out in front of the camera a little bit more and tell our stories. People will ask me often what’s it like to be in a man’s world and when you’re cooking. And I will throw that right back to them and say ask that guy what it’s like to have a girl beat him. Last question.
Yeah. Your last on meal on Earth would be what? A burnt end fried rice. That sounds like a great last meal. Yes.
(Sid laughs) All right, well, so Megan, we have a tradition here at BBQ&A, and we’re gonna have you sign the barbecue board. You up for that?
I’m up for that! Okay.
Oh my gosh! Let’s do it. (laughs)
Awesome, thank you. There you go. That’s a wrap. Thank you so much.
Thanks for coming to BBQ&A. Thank you.
(Sid laughs) (upbeat country rock music)

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  1. Kansas City!!! Kansas City??? This is Southern Living, right?? Why not Memphis, Texas or North Carolina bbq??? KC is midwest!!

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