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Pumpkin Seed Oil: Benefits

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Benefits

The health benefits of pumpkin seed oil. 1. Pumpkin seed oil has some wonderful health
benefits for the human body. This is mostly made in Austria and Slovenia. 2. This is particularly brilliant for men who
suffer with an enlarged prostate or BPH. This can be a common problem for men over
the age of 50. Taking this often can reduce the size of the
prostate. 3. It is also excellent for women who are in
the menopause, as it reduces hot flashes, headaches and joint pain. 4. Some of the components in this oil have antioxidant
effects. This supports the trillions of cells in your
body and protects them from many types of damage. 5. It has been scientifically proven to support
cancer patient’s health, and can reduce the risk of breast cancer in older women. 6. Those who are undergoing radiotherapy may
find it helpful, as it can work to prevent intestinal damage. 7. The oil contains a compound called cucurbita
maxima. This has been shown to improve memory and
help to treat social anxiety disorder. 8. If you have trouble sleeping, taking this
may also help with this, as it contains tryptophan. 9. It can act as a diuretic and flush the liver,
kidneys and bladder of toxins. 10. Another excellent property of this oil is
in treating hair loss for men. The zinc content boosts testosterone levels,
balancing the hormones and stimulating hair growth. 11. It has been shown to lower cholesterol, therefore
helping to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. 12. It is made by roasting pumpkin seeds and then
using a cold pressed method to extract the oil. 13. It can be added to salad dressings, but is
often quite bitter. You can purchase this in pill or capsule form
from many health foods stores. 14. It has a nutty flavour, and is usually a dark
colour depending on the thickness. The darker the colour, the more bitter the
taste. 15. Be sure to store your pumpkin seed oil in
a cool dark place, otherwise it can go off very quickly and no longer contain its nutritional
content. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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10 comments on “Pumpkin Seed Oil: Benefits

  1. be sure to check out the most potent seed oils ever….

  2. Pumpkin seed oil is not bitter at all, it has a very delicate, pleasant taste, imho the best tasting oil there is. At least the original Steyr Austrian oil, which is very dark green, almost black in color.

  3. Pumpkin oil is consumed in more country then austria and slovenia
    It is shame that people use pumpkin for they own agenda
    Pumpkin oil is healthy
    Like pumpkin in general
    People from all world enjoy these
    Beautiful and healthy plant

  4. If you are poor, and ride the city bus ? WAL MART now sells Pumpkin Oil Seed, Coconut Oil, in the cooking oil isle, but it is ALL refined, so go to the Pharmacy isle, instead, for the Unrefined, Flax Seed, or Coconut Oil. or Chi Seed Oil, for a healthy life, don't drink soda"s, and the only fruit juice you can drink, with NO sugar added, or any thing else, is R. D. KNUDSEN. For raw, unrefined oils, see

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