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Pure Michigan: Salmon Fishing

Pure Michigan: Salmon Fishing

Ludington is one of the best places on the
Great Lakes to go fishing. We have all kinds of fishing here, but certainly we focus on
the Great Lakes fishing for chinook salmon, coho salmon, lake trout, brown trout, steelhead.
It’s just absolutely fabulous here. I can’t tell you how many people we have introduced
to fishing here in Michigan. This port is very unique because of where
it’s located. We have two points and we have several major rivers that are a tribute to all
the fish, that’s like a magnet. We’re gonna go out today we’ve got some people
from out of town coming to fish with us. We’re looking at going out and catching some salmon…
chinook salmon. And there’s silvers which are coho salmon. The good thing is, though, is that the fishing right now has been pretty decent even in the cold weather, but the fish
are running big this year. We’ve been getting them in the 20 lb. class and probably by August
sometime we’ll have several fish over the 30 lb. class. Our fishing usually starts in the April period
and it’s good right through September or October. Primetime is probably the middle of July through
August, when the fish are close to port and they’re really big and it’s “who’s got who?”
Probably the most fulfilling for me, you can just see that bonding taking place. It’s just
a wonderful experience. A wonderful way to bring that together and do things with your
kids. We’re gonna get down some deep lines and try
to get some of these fish that are hugging the bottom. That’s what’s going on, they’re
just sitting down real tight. Fish on! Screamin’! Peelin’ line! Little hectic, a little chaos. Fish just crossing
lines. I mean these things are just absolute fighters.
I’m running out of line. We’re bringing ’em in right now. You know one of the things I really enjoy
about fishing is being out here really early in the morning and seeing the whole world come alive.
Watching that sun come up over the horizon, smelling the water, feeling the breeze on
your face, there’s just nothing like it anywhere in the world as far as I’m concerned. You
know I think that anybody in the Midwest, anywhere around the United States, if they
don’t have fishing in Michigan on their bucket list, they need to revise it.

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